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Union calls 24-hour warning strike from Thursday in German ports 2022-06-22 [Saltwire]

The dangers of app-based delivery work 2022-05-22 [Deutsche Welle]

Ver.di reiterates Demand for Public Welfare Orientation in the Health Sector 2022-05-21 [PSI]

Following EU data request, Amazon workers strike over transparency issues 2022-05-05 [UNI]

Amazon workers strike over pay, data protection 2022-05-03 [Deutsche Welle]

May Day marches draw attention to Ukraine 2022-05-02 [Deutsche Welle]

Feminists and squatters kick off early May Day protests in Berlin 2022-05-01 [Deutsche Welle]

BWI goes to Germany for a study visit on digitalisation and work design 2022-04-22 [BWI]

BWI goes to Germany for a study visit on digitalisation and work design 2022-04-20 [BWI]

Steelworkers show wartime solidarity 2022-04-12 [IndustriALL]

Unions and Employers in Germany Launch job Portal for Refugees in the Culture, Film and Media Sectors 2022-04-01 [UNI Global Union]

Workers at Deutsche Bank's Postbank clinch pay deal after months of wrangling 2022-03-23 [Saltwire]

Airport passengers face disruption due to security staff strikes 2022-03-14 [The Local]

#WomenSpeak: Sharing care work 2022-02-11 [BWI]

Airbus Defuses German Strike Threat as Deal Is Reached 2022-02-01 [Bloomberg]

New website to inform journalists about their employer protections 2022-01-27 [EFJ]

Tesla gets new neighbor as Germany’s IG Metall union builds office near Giga Berlin 2022-01-04 [Teslarati]

Ground Staff Strike Prompts Flight Cancellations in Frankfurt 2021-12-23 [Aviation Pros]

In Berlin, Overworked Hospital Staff Went on Strike for a Month — and Won 2021-12-22 [Jacobin]

MFRR expresses concern over rising attacks against journalists covering protests 2021-12-20 [EFJ]

Union calls for strikes at Airbus 2021-12-01 [Saltwire]

German public sector workers seal 2.8% pay hike 2021-11-29 [Reuters]

Germany is giving nearly two million workers a 25% pay rise 2021-11-25 [CNN]

German union calls on Amazon workers to go on strike on 'Black Friday' 2021-11-25 [Regina Leader-Post]

Construction workers have a new CBA 2021-11-25 [BWI]

Union fears new Tesla works council will be top heavy 2021-11-25 [Saltwire]

Union urges Amazon workers to strike on 'Black Friday' 2021-11-25 [Saltwire]

Tesla employees in Germany plan works council 2021-11-24 [Saltwire]

Bosch workers protest against factory closures, job cuts 2021-11-20 [Saltwire]

German union calls for strikes at seven Amazon sites 2021-10-31 [Reuters]

Amazon strike signed, sealed, delivered by German union Verdi 2021-11-01 [Verdict]

A big German union fights to preserve national pay standards 2021-11-04 [The Economist]

Union Organizes Strikes at Seven Amazon Sites 2021-11-02 [IT World]

Union calls for strikes at seven Amazon sites 2021-11-01 [Yahoo]

IG Metall demands wage increases, launches “warning strikes” 2021-10-27 [BWI]

As Nationwide Strike Loomed, 900,000 German Workers Settle With Construction Employers 2021-10-19 [ENR]

Rising German inflation calls for 'noticeable wage gains', union chief says 2021-10-14 [Saltwire]

Stellantis looks at splitting off plants, unions criticise furlough plans 2021-10-08 [Saltwire]

Construction workers threaten nationwide strike for higher wages 2021-10-07 [Saltwire]

German workers strike for higher pay as eurozone inflation surges 2021-10-01 [Financial Times]

Defending the right to a collective agreement in Germany’s banking sector 2021-09-29 [UNI Global Union]

IG Metall workers strike over Airbus' plans for certain production subsidiaries 2021-09-20 [CAPA]

Thousands of medics protest in Berlin, launching open-ended strike over conditions at city hospitals 2021-09-10 [The Herald]

Train company seeks injunction to end drivers' strike 2021-09-02 [AP]

Migrant workers can now become trade unionists even before entering Germany 2021-09-01 [BWI]

Migrant workers can now become trade unionists even before entering Germany 2021-08-31 [BWI]

Health-care workers protest against mandatory vaccines 2021-08-27 [CTV]

YouTubers of the world, unite! – what happens when a grassroots, international creators’ movement and a traditional trade union join forces? 2021-08-24 [Equal Times]

Rail strike: Union extends action to passenger trains 2021-08-23 [Deutsche Welle]

Amazon workers in Germany strike on ‘Prime Day’ 2021-08-22 [FinTechZoom]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

1-06-1919 Rosa Luxemburg's body was found and identified after an autopsy at the Charité hospital in Berlin, five months after being murdered at the orders of the Social Democratic government and flung into Berlin's Landwehr Canal. [more]

16-06-1953 Riots in East Germany. Workers demand the lowering of production quotas and free elections. The Soviet and East German repression leaves fifty people dead and several thousand wounded. [more]

17-06-1953 A strike by East German construction workers expands to include 50,000 anti-government demonstrators. [more]

28-06-1984 Agreement on the 38:30 week in metallurgy, which will fall to 35 hours in 1990. [more]