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Cabin crew union demands Lufthansa bailout safeguards jobs 2020-05-22 [The National Post]

Victory for press freedom in Germany: Global mass surveillance ruled unconstitutional 2020-05-21 [EFJ]

German-speaking education unions raise concerns over digital deficit exposed by COVID-19 2020-05-18 [Education International]

Outbreak at German slaughterhouse reveals migrants' plight 2020-05-13 [WACH]

Under lockdown, Germany’s PEGIDA goes to YouTube 2020-05-07 [Opendemocracy]

EFJ condemns physical attack on ZDF camera crew after filming demonstration in Berlin 2020-05-06 [EFJ]

In Germany, the radical right is hit hard by the virus 2020-05-01 [Opendemocracy]

GPs strip to protest against lack of protective equipment in coronavirus fight 2020-04-28 [The New Daily]

Unions fight to protect trainees 2020-04-15 [BWI]

Borrello on the impact of COVID-19 in Germany 2020-03-31 [PFA]

Union calls for gender perspective to be included in digital education 2020-03-15 [EI]

IG BAU starts national negotiations 2020-02-29 [BWI]

Thyssenkrupp workers will fight for jobs, sites in elevator deal 2020-02-05 [Canada.com]

Fresenius avoids taxes just like Amazon and Google 2020-01-23 [UNI]

CICTAR Report Reveals Tax Trickery of German Health-multinational Fresenius 2020-01-23 [PSI]

Eurowings cancels over 150 flights amid strikes 2019-12-31 [TRT World]

Bitter Lufthansa-union row goes beyond worker demands 2019-12-30 [Deutsche Welle]

Lufthansa Union Calls for Three-Day Strike at Germanwings 2019-12-28 [Bloomberg]

Union promises new Lufthansa strike ‘in the coming days’ 2019-12-27 [The Media HQ]

Union threatens fresh Lufthansa strikes after holidays 2019-12-23 [Deutsche Welle]

Union calls more pre-Christmas Amazon strikes 2019-12-18 [NASDAQ]

German union calls for pre-Christmas Amazon strike 2019-12-16 [Reuters]

Union calls for pre-Christmas Amazon strike 2019-12-16 [IT News]

Fire brigade president steps down amid far-right row 2019-12-16 [Deutsche Welle]

Steps forward with DHL 2019-12-09 [UNI Global Union]

Workers demand job guarantees and clear strategy from thyssenkrupp 2019-12-04 [IndustriALL]

2,200 German Amazon workers go on strike at the start of Black Friday as part of long-running battle for better pay and conditions 2019-12-01 [Daily Mail]

Amazon workers stage strike on Black Friday 2019-11-30 [AP]

German auto workers demand Just Transition 2019-11-28 [IndustriALL]

DJV-NRW Journalists’ Congress: Europe needs journalism 2019-11-28 [EFJ]

Successful International Certificate Program will enter second year soon 2019-11-27 [Europäische Akademie der Arbeit]

German union leader compares Israel to Nazi master race, forced to resign 2019-11-26 [Jerusalem Post]

Union calls strike by security staff at Berlin airports 2019-11-24 [Stock Daily Dish]

UFO Union Issues Fresh Threat Of Lufthansa Strikes 2019-11-21 [Simple Flying]

German supermarket Lidl joins ACT 2019-11-19 [IndustriALL]

Lufthansa, union agree to arbitration in dispute 2019-11-16 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Workers urge HeidelbergCement to start a proper social dialogue 2019-11-14 [IndustriALL]

Lufthansa, cabin crew union avert new strikes 2019-11-13 [Deutsche Welle]

Meeting on the implementation of the IFA with Wilkhahn 2019-11-10 [BWI]

Lufthansa cabin crew strike officially ends 2019-11-09 [Deutsche Welle]

1,300 Lufthansa flights cancelled as courts approve strike 2019-11-07 [Deutsche Welle]

1,300 Lufthansa flights cancelled as courts approve strike 2019-11-07 [Deutsche Welle]

Leading union demands concessions in Thyssenkrupp elevator sale 2019-10-28 [The Chronicle-Herald]

Osram labor representatives reaffirm opposition to AMS takeover offer 2019-10-20 [Reuters]

Lufthansa cabin crew union stages all-day strike at smaller airlines 2019-10-20 [Canada.com]

Lufthansa Accused of Trying to Frighten Flight Attendants into Submission Over Strike Action 2019-10-18 [Paddle Your Own Kanoo]

Lufthansa cabin crew to strike at Germany's busiest airports 2019-10-15 [The Local]

Lufthansa cabin crew union calls for Sunday strike in Frankfurt, Munich 2019-10-15 [The Financial Post]

The German Trade Union Confederation is celebrating its 70th birthday this year at a time when representing workers’ interests is as urgent as ever 2019-10-01 [The Times]

Ver.di congress slams German health MNC Fresenius for systematic labour rights violations 2019-09-28 [PSI]

This month in labour history

2-05-1933 Nazis occupy the headquarters, seize the funds, and imprison the leaders of two of Germany’s largest trade union federations; independent trade unions were abolished. [more]

5-05-1818 Karl Marx is born. [more]

7-05-1857 Clara Zetkin is born in the village of Wiederau, Saxony. She will go on to become a leading member of the Social Democrats and then German Communist Party, as well as organising the first ever International Women's Day. [more]

15-05-1525 Insurgent peasants were defeated at the Battle of Frankenhausen, ending the Peasant War, when workers and peasants demanded a “kingdom of heaven on earth”. [more]

18-05-1942 The Baum group, Jewish factory workers, broke into a Nazi anti-Soviet exhibition and set fire to it. In retaliation, the Gestapo rounded up all 30 members +500 others and executed them all. [more]

18-05-1853 The legal minimum age to work in a factory is fixed at 10 years, and the work day limited to six hours for children. [more]

23-05-1949 The principle of equal pay regardless of gender, origin, etc. is introduced into the Constitution. [more]