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The company “Georgian House” violates the fundamental rights of employees 2020-10-29 [GTUC]

The Georgian Trade Unions Confederation is involved in a 16-day campaign “ Violence Against Women” 2020-11-26 [GTUC]

Trade unions in the fashion industry – labour rights protests have yielded the results 2022-04-14 [GTUC]

Finding job ‘1.5 times easier' for men than women in Georgia 2017-10-10 [OC Media]

Tbilisi court indefinitely bans metro strike ‘during working hours' 2018-05-23 [OC Media]

Tbilisi metro ‘to shut' as metro drivers go on hunger strike 2018-06-04 [OC Media]

Trade Unions' protest rally at “Rustavi Azot” 2016-09-20 [ITUC]

Fresco ordered to cease spying – Trade Unions have won! 2017-08-06 [GTUC]

Human Rights Watch says miners' safety is ‘at serious risk' in Georgia 2019-08-23 [Agenda.ge]

‘Media under attack': journalists hold silent protest as European Council President arrives in Batumi 2021-07-19 [Agenda.ge]

Health minister: Social Service Agency proposal for pay rise for striking workers “adequate” 2022-01-17 [Agenda.ge]

Media Watchdogs Address over ‘Alarming' Process 2020-02-20 [CG]

Metro drivers stop strike as agreement reached with gov't 2018-06-07 [Agenda.ge]

Hunger strike ends at Batumi Port upon Director General's resignation 2018-04-07 [Agenda.ge]

What's behind a one-man protest outside the government office? 2016-12-19 [DFWatch]

Georgian Railway Reacts to Employees' Decision to Strike 2019-08-05 [Georgia Today]

Women's Committee Meeting at Medical University 2018-11-05 [GTUC]

Women's Committee Meeting in Tsageri 2018-11-05 [GTUC]

Are Georgia's disparate left-wing protesters consolidating into a coherent political force? For more info 2017-02-18 [Open Caucasus Media]

Georgia's Agara sugar factory to be reopened after workers march 2018-04-27 [http://oc-media.org/georgias-agara-sugar-factory-to-be-reopened-]

Georgia's Labour reforms do little to fix the country's deadly workplaces 2017-12-28 [oc-media.org]

Protest after Georgia's parliament postpones hearing on new labour law 2018-02-05 [oc media]

Workers on Georgia's east-west motorway go on strike 2018-05-03 [http://oc-media.org]

Working 24 hours straight in Georgia's supermarkets 2017-12-20 [OC Media]

Parliament adopts amendments to Labour Code to protect workers' rights 2020-10-21 [Agenda]

PM announces completion of talks on Gov't co-ownership of Borjomi mineral water company - as strike continues 2022-06-14 [Agenda.ge]

Borjomi Strike: Mediation Relaunched as Gov't Expects Co-Ownership 2022-06-08 [Civil.ge]

EFJ/IFJ condemn police's heavy handed action against journalists amid riots at Parliament 2019-06-25 [EFJ]

Journalists' resignations at Rustavi 2 TV reveal alarming decline in media freedom 2019-09-13 [EFJ]

EU-Georgia Association Council must do more for workers' rights 2021-03-23 [ETUC]

Wage Theft in Georgia: The Financial Impact of Labor Rights Violations 2022-07-22 [Georgia Fair Labor Platform]

Borjomi Strike Ends 2022-06-23 [Civil.ge]

Striking employees of Borjomi mineral water company to keep jobs after agreement with management 2022-06-23 [Agenda.ge]

Borjomi strike ends  ActNOW!  2022-06-22 [Trade Union of Agriculture, Trade and Industry]

A Georgian Spring in Borjomi  ActNOW!  2022-06-20 [Tribune]

IDS Borjomi workers on strike  ActNOW!  2022-06-20 [IUF]

Georgian Govt Receives 7.73% of Borjomi Shares as strike continues 2022-06-16 [Civil.ge]

Georgian Trade Unions Confederation Delegation led by Irakli Petriashvili is taking part in the AFL-CIO convention 2022-06-16 [GTUC]

Violence and Harassment in the Workplace - Raisa Liparteliani spoke about the role of Trade Unions in the adoption of the 190th ILO Convention 2022-06-16 [GTUC]

Ambulance Workers, Health Ministry Reach Provisional Agreement 2022-06-10 [Civil.ge]

At the ILO, Georgian union leader condemns violation of workers' rights in Belarus 2022-06-10 [GTUC]

Borjomi mineral water company denies intention to replace protesting employees 2022-06-08 [Agenda.ge]

As strike continues, gov't announces it will become Borjomi co-owner 2022-06-08 [Agenda.ge]

Borjomi Workers on Strike 2022-06-06 [Civil.ge]

Ambulance Workers Protest Low Wages 2022-06-06 [Civil.ge]

Borjomi mineral water company employees on strike demanding reinstatement of coworkers 2022-06-01 [Agenda.ge]

In Georgia, workers challenge a Russian oligarch 2022-05-18 [Solidarity/Eric Lee]

April 28 International Day of Dead and Injured at the Workplace 2022-04-29 [GTUC]

'This is an anti-union campaign of the pro-Russian Lukashenko regime' - Georgian Trade Unions Confederation (GTUC) responds to the arrest of Belarusian trade union leaders  ActNOW!  2022-04-25 [GTUC]

Irakli Petriashvili Will Chair a Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Pan-european Regional Council of the International Trade Unions Confederation in Brussels and Will Hold a Meeting With European Colleagues 2022-04-05 [GTUC]

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