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In 'bitter irony,' Georgian social workers go on strike 2022-01-20 [Eurasianet]

Hundreds of social workers plan to go on strike, demand increased salaries 2022-01-17 [Agenda.ge]

Health minister: Social Service Agency proposal for pay rise for striking workers “adequate” 2022-01-17 [Agenda.ge]

Fair Labor Platform expresses solidarity with striking Social Service Agency employees 2022-01-14 [Fair Labor Platform]

Human Rights Watch criticises country over labour rights 2022-01-14 [Agenda.ge]

60-year-old man dies in explosion at Rustavi Metallurgical Plant 2021-10-06 [Agenda.ge]

Waste management service employee fired after going on strike, complaining of work conditions 2021-08-24 [Agenda.ge]

Waste management service employees go on strike over work conditions 2021-08-09 [Agenda.ge]

With one journalist dead and over 50 injured, it's time for Georgia to choose 2021-07-21 [Eric Lee - Solidarity]

Reporters hold protest ahead of ruling party reveal of Tbilisi mayor candidate 2021-07-21 [Agenda.ge]

Journalists hold rallies in Tblisi, Batumi, stating they'll in danger while PM Garibashvili rules the country 2021-07-20 [Agenda.ge]

‘Media under attack’: journalists hold silent protest as European Council President arrives in Batumi 2021-07-19 [Agenda.ge]

Journalist dies after being severely beaten during Pride march 2021-07-12 [IFJ]

Journalist died after being severely beaten during Pride march 2021-07-12 [EFJ]

Violent attacks against journalists during Pride march in Tbilisi 2021-07-08 [EFJ]

Violent attacks against journalists during Pride march in Tbilisi 2021-07-07 [IFJ]

Trade unions point to legality of miners' strike in Tkibuli 2021-07-06 [Knot]

90 workplace deaths in Georgia between 2019-2021 2021-06-18 [Agenda.ge]

Strike brings gains for workers at IDS Borjomi waters 2021-06-02 [IUF]

Borjomi mineral company, striking workers reach agreement, strike is over 2021-05-29 [Agenda.ge]

The Strike of the workers of the Borjomi factory is concluded 2021-05-29 [GTUC]

24 citizens who left Georgia for Germany for seasonal work are in the worst working conditions 2021-05-21 [GTUC]

Strike At Georgia's Borjomi Mineral Water Plant Enters 2nd Day 2021-05-20 [UrduPoint]

Georgian seasonal workers in Germany complain about 'hard working, living conditions' 2021-05-20 [Agenda.ge]

Borjomi suspends operation of both factories while workers on strike 2021-05-20 [Agenda.ge]

350 Borjomi Factory Workers Go on Strike 2021-05-19 [Georgia Today]

Borjomi Workers on Strike 2021-05-19 [Civil.ge]

350 workers of Borjomi mineral water plant on strike 2021-05-19 [Agenda.ge]

Glovo suspends access to app to about 50 couriers on strike 2021-05-17 [Agenda.ge]

Georgian chemical workers win better conditions after strike 2021-05-08 [IndustriALL]

Chiatura miners reach agreement, end dispute 2021-05-06 [GTUC]

The strike ended at Rustavi Azot 2021-05-06 [GTUC]

Rustavi Azot Workers on Strike 2021-04-29 [Georgia Today]

About 2,000 employees of Rustavi Azot chemical plant on strike, demand 50% raise in salaries 2021-04-29 [Agenda.ge]

Employees of Rustavi Azot hold demonstration, demand increased salaries 2021-04-28 [Agenda.ge]

Miners go on strike in Chiatura 2021-04-26 [1tv.ge]

Miners Go on Strike in Chiatura 2021-04-26 [Georgia Today]

3,000 miners on strike in Georgian mining town of Chiatura 2021-04-26 [JAM News]

Chiatura Miners On Strike, Demands Partially Met 2021-04-26 [Civil.ge]

Miners on strike in western Georgia, demand 50% salary increase 2021-04-26 [Agenda]

President of Georgian Trade Unions Confederation Irakli Petriashvili will head the Advisory Board under the Chief Labour Inspector 2021-04-02 [GTUC]

Union in Georgia wins substantial wage increase 2021-03-24 [IndustriALL]

EU-Georgia Association Council must do more for workers’ rights 2021-03-23 [ETUC]

Workers at Borjomi mineral water plant unite in trade union 2021-03-05 [IUF]

Another trade union school was launched in Batumi, Adjara region. 2021-03-04 [GTUC]

A protest campaign shows the potential of self-organisation by delivery drivers 2021-02-14 [OpenDemocracy]

Nine miners on strike in Tkibuli protesting halved salaries 2021-02-11 [Agenda.ge]

Fair Labor Platform supports demands of striking Glovo workers 2021-02-09 [Fair Labor Platform]

Delivery company Glovo couriers hold rally demanding better working conditions 2021-02-01 [Agenda]

Wage Theft Calculator: Georgian Workers Report Over 21 Million GEL in Stolen Wages Annually 2021-01-28 [Georgia Fair Labor Platform]

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