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ENGIE renews agreement with three global unions 2022-01-20 [IndustriALL]

Wide participation in strike action against the management of the health crisis in schools 2022-01-18 [Education International]

Teachers walk out of classrooms in strike over Covid measures 2022-01-13 [The Guardian]

Teachers' unions call for strike against government COVID-19 rule changes 2022-01-13 [Euronews]

CGT union says energy, mining workers to strike on Jan. 25 for higher pay and pensions 2022-01-11 [The Globe and Mail]

Les défis sociaux de la présidence française 2022-01-02 [CFDT]

Rouen University Hospital launches an indefinite strike to denounce the lack of resources 2021-12-28 [The Times Hub]

Unions question lack of access to Olympic construction sites 2021-12-16 [BWI]

IndustriALL and PSI renew global agreement with EDF 2021-12-10 [IndustriALL]

Unions closely monitor 2024 Paris Olympics, push for decent work inspections 2021-12-09 [BWI]

Unions closely monitor 2024 Paris Olympics, push for decent work inspections 2021-12-08 [BWI]

The role of Sustainable Development Advisor in schools 2021-11-10 [EI]

À Bercy, la CFDT en pointe sur le télétravail 2021-11-10 [CFDT]

Social Care Organiser 2021-10-28 [PSI]

Industrial Unrest Threatens Champagne 2021-10-24 [Wine Searcher]

Samuel Paty, one year later: “The teaching profession: the light that illuminates darkness” 2021-10-21 [EI]

Electricity and gas workers mobilize for their rights 2021-10-21 [IndustriALL]

French electricity and gas workers mobilize for their rights 2021-10-21 [IndustriALL]

Disneyland Paris Housekeeping Cast Members Go On Strike Regarding Work Conditions 2021-10-15 [WNT]

Unions march for better pay as cost of living spikes 2021-10-06 [Saltwire]

Stellantis criticized by unions in France over furlough scheme to cushion chip shortage 2021-09-29 [Canada.com]

Angers. Enfance et enseignement : une grève mardi et une autre jeudi 2021-09-20 [Ouest France]

Journalist interrogated for two hours by police 2021-09-10 [IFJ]

5 octobre - Pour nos missions, nos emplois, nos retraites, nos traitements et salaires 2021-09-09 [FO]

118 journées d’actions qui ont marqué la campagne saisonniers 2021 2021-09-09 [CFDT]

LGBT+ Rights Campaign Officer 2021-09-09 [PSI]

Faire vivre l’avenant 43 2021-09-03 [CFDT]

Le 5 octobre, tous unis pour nos droits 2021-09-02 [CGT]

Yves Veyrier, Secrétaire général de Force Ouvrière, était l’invité de l’émission Polonews 2021-09-02 [FO]

Unions win battle to preserve energy as a public service 2021-08-28 [PSI]

Un travailleur handicapé est un travailleur comme les autres 2021-08-09 [FO]

Healthcare union calls for strike against mandatory vaccination 2021-08-03 [Connexion]

French OECD contact point calls on Teleperformance to strengthen efforts to ensure respect for human rights, worker safety 2021-08-02 [UNI Global Union]

Some French health workers resent, resist mandatory vaccines 2021-07-26 [AP]

Vaccination : convaincre et donner les moyens plutôt que de contraindre 2021-07-12 [CGT]

Managers en souffrance chez Tod’s 2021-07-08 [FO]

Renewed strikes in France over nuclear reforms lead to a 3.12% drop in power output 2021-06-22 [RT]

IKEA fined for spying on French employees, customers 2021-06-16 [The New Daily]

IKEA fined €1m over employee spying scheme 2021-06-15 [RTÉ]

ITF and ETF express solidarity with Aéroports de Paris unions preparing for industrial action 2021-06-12 [ITF]

Demonstrators Clash With Police During May Day March in Paris 2021-05-02 [Yahoo]

Unilever workers rally against announced closure of Knorr Duppigheim factory 2021-04-29 [IUF]

IndustriALL and Renault sign first global agreement on telework in the industry 2021-04-29 [IndustriALL]

Concerns about safety of journalists and media workers who report on the Breton agro-business 2021-04-26 [EFJ]

Leak Shows French Govt Position on Corporate Tax Transparency Based on Draft From Corporate Lobby Group 2021-04-24 [PSI]

French unions reclaim energy as a public service 2021-04-08 [PSI]

Unions begin energy sector strikes over job fears 2021-04-06 [FinTechZoom]

Journalist’s car sabotaged 2021-04-05 [EFJ]

France’s due diligence law tested by indigenous groups in Latin America targeting JBS 2021-03-31 [IUF]

Primary teachers’ union calls for strike in Paris as COVID-19 surges 2021-03-29 [Brinkwire]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

1-01-1941 The Nazi occupier extends the working day by half an hour without raising wages. The CUSA, underground unions, use discontent to engage mineworkers in direct action. [more]

2-01-1941 The miners of Nord Pas-de-Calais begIn a series of 30-minute flash strikes until the arrest of 200 workers by the German occupation forces. [more]

3-01-1813 A government decree sets the minimum age for miners at 10. [more]

3-01-1975 The law on dismissals for economic reasons requires the employer to consult the employee representatives beforehand. [more]

4-01-1966 Feyzin refinery disaster, near Lyon: the explosion killed 18 people, including 11 firefighters, and around 100 injured. [more]

5-01-1970 A group of mercenaries headed to Sochaux to begin work at a Peugeot factory in order to infiltrate and break the union. Peugeot initially hired 120 mostly army veterans including convicted murderers and other criminals. [more]

5-01-1944 The CGT cheered the numerous strikes in recent months and the "willingness of the workers to overcome the current difficulties and despite the repression, the occupation and the terror to wrest their legitimate demands with a fierce struggle". [more]

5-01-1987 90 SNCF depots out of 94 still on strike and traffic totally paralyzed. This will last until January 9. According to the data, 90% of rolling staff and 70% of office workers participated in the strike. [more]

6-01-2014 Workers at Goodyear plant in Amiens took 2 bosses hostage demanding better severance pay. They occupied the plant and kept their bosses inside until the company agreed to triple the proposed redundancy pay. [more]

13-01-191 10,000 miners start a week of strike action in the Alsace coal mines against wage cuts and the mark-franc exchange rate. The latter is postponed. [more]

13-01-1982 Under pressure from trade unions the Socialist government introduces the 39-hour week and a fifth week of paid leave. [more]

17-01-1917 To channel discontent in factories working for national defence, the government adopted the "Albert Thomas" decree authorizing the election of one delegate per group of 50 workers in the workshops. [more]

18-01-1943 Emilienne Mopty-Wantiez, mine strike leader and wife of a miner, escaped prison twice, executed with an ax in Cologne prison after a third arrest and death sentence by the Wehrmatcht court in Arras. [more]

20-01-1793 The Republican calendar of Fabre d´Églantine establishes a Labour Day on the 3rd day of the Sansculottides. This workers' day was instituted on the 1st pluviôse (January 20) by Saint-Just, and was celebrated for a few years. [more]

23-01-1917 Le Havre. A women's strike to increase wages at the Schneider factory spread to other factories and led to a wage agreement in the metals sector, signed on the 27th. [more]

29-01-1901 Beginning of the first metro strike in Paris which will last until the 31st. Staff are demanding an improvement in their agreement in order to share the success of this new means of public transport. [more]