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Pressure on Amazon workers 'unacceptable' amid lockdown 2020-03-20 [The Financial Post]

France warns Amazon over 'unacceptable' pressure on workers 2020-03-20 [Economic Times]

Unions call for more protests as government pushes pension reform through parliament 2020-03-03 [The Local]

Louvre stays shut amid staff fears of virus spread 2020-03-03 [OHS Canada]

Louvre workers vote to keep museum closed amid virus fears 2020-03-02 [NPR]

airline pilots strike - which flights are affected? 2020-02-26 [The Local]

French workers continue their epic struggle against Macron’s economic reforms 2020-02-22 [The Canary]

Trade unions back on streets but French pension fight shifts to parliament 2020-02-21 [Reuters]

Due diligence: has France really laid the foundations to end corporate impunity? 2020-02-19 [Equal Times]

Protests continue in Paris amid pension reform debate 2020-02-18 [PRI]

Biggest strike in decades 2020-01-01 [Svenssonstiftelsen]

Ski workers latest to rally against Macron's reforms 2020-02-16 [Yahoo]

Wall Street Giant *BlackRock* Becomes a Symbol for Anticapitalist Fervor in France 2020-02-15 [NYTimes]

Workers at Intercontinental Marseille hotel face management backlash for challenging abusive working conditions 2020-02-14 [IUF]

ILO produces video on 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris 2020-02-12 [BWI]

Govt, unions kick off talks on tackling pension deficit 2020-01-31 [Yahoo]

Fresh mass protests against pension reform sweep France 2020-01-30 [Deutsche Welle]

Police clash with firefighters during Paris protest 2020-01-29 [The Guardian]

Firefighters and police battle each other on the streets of Paris: Asonishing scenes as riot cops clash with their emergency worker colleagues who are demanding better pensions 2020-01-28 [Daily Mail]

We won’t back off on pension protests, union ‘Asterix’ warns Macron 2020-01-26 [The Guardian]

The Press Freedom Police Codex launches in France 2020-01-25 [EFJ]

Protests across France against pensions overhaul 2020-01-25 [Yahoo]

Unions face moment of truth in fight over pensions 2020-01-24 [Yahoo]

Unions threaten 'black day' for transport in new pension battle 2020-01-24 [RFI]

How Paris transport has been hit by return of strikes on Friday 2020-01-24 [The Local]

In France’s longest protests since 1968, striking workers continue the fight against neoliberalism 2020-01-22 [MR]

France set for new national protest day with pension strikes to continue on Thursday 2020-01-16 [The Local]

French strike passes 40th day as workers reject Macrons manoevre 2020-01-15 [In defence of Marxism]

Indefinite strike for direct employment at Ibis Batignolles Hotel in Paris 2020-01-15 [IUF]

Macron Scraps Proposal to Raise Retirement Age in France 2020-01-13 [The Times]

French PM makes major concession to unions over pension age 2020-01-12 [The Guardian]

After Five Weeks Of Protests, French Prime Minister Offers Concession To Unions 2020-01-12 [Huff Post]

Govt offers compromise in bid to end transport strike 2020-01-12 [Yahoo]

PM offers pension compromise in bid to end strike 2020-01-12 [BBC]

French government fails to break deadlock as nationwide protests bite 2020-01-11 [Radio New Zealand]

French unions take to the streets in make or break pension protest 2020-01-11 [Radio New Zealand]

Nationwide protest in France over pensions as talks continue 2020-01-10 [The Daily Courier]

Tensions flare in French protests as pension dispute grinds on 2020-01-10 [RFI]

French strikers set to begin a 'total blockade' of oil refineries 2020-01-07 [Local.fr]

Pension talks resume as govt seeks to end standoff 2020-01-07 [Yahoo]

Critical week in France's pension reform protests 2020-01-06 [Connexion]

Strikes in France cause more travel misery on Monday 2020-01-06 [The Local]

French unions heading for showdown with Macron on pensions 2020-01-06 [The Guardian]

French unions heading for showdown with Macron on pensions 2020-01-05 [Guardian]

Self-employed workers in France join strike over pension reform 2020-01-05 [RFI]

French govt meets as unions vow to harden pension strike 2020-01-04 [The Independent]

Transport problems continue in France on Friday as record strike enters 30th day 2020-01-03 [The Local]

Govt huddles as unions vow to harden strike 2020-01-03 [Yahoo]

Rail Workers’ Strike Now Longest Since 1968 2020-01-03 [Democracy Now]

Sour notes for Macron from striking Paris Opera musicians 2020-01-01 [Yahoo]

This month in labour history

1-03-1382 Revolt of the Maillotins. In Paris, artisans, workers, peasants ransack and kill; at the town hall and at the Arsenal they seized lead mallets and attacked tax collectors. [more]

2-03-1791 Allarde’s decree abolished corporations, introducing a radical change in the economy and the organization of work. [more]

2-03-1848 Decree limiting working hours to ten hours in Paris and eleven hours in the provinces. Abolition of labour contractors (recruitment of workers by intermediaries). [more]

7-03-1997 All auto workers strike in Belgium + Eurostrike at Renault (France, Spain) following Vilvoorde factory closure announcement [more]

7-03-1942 Pierre Sémard, Secretary General of the Fédération des Cheminots, General Councilor of the Seine, Member of the political bureau of the PCF, was shot by the Hitlerites. [more]

8-03-1907 A law allows married women to freely dispose of their wages. [more]

9-03-1905 General strike in Brest, clashes with troops are daily especially in the Saint-Martin district. Today, 88 establishments are on strike and there are 3752 strikers. [more]

10-03-1906 The Catastrophe de Courrières. It was a mining disaster killing 1060 workers and sparking a 55 day strike, which was eventually crushed by the French Army. [more]

11-03-1906 Courrières disaster, 1,101 miners killed in mine explosion. The employer is implicated. 60,000 strikers clash with non-strikers and 30,000 armed troops sent to restore order. [more]

11-03-1969 National strike at the call of all the Confederations, the demonstrations are massive, a political action to press their demands against the government. De Gaulle lost his referendum of April 27, 1969 and had to resign. [more]

12-03-1909 Postal workers strike against a wage grid. The Army is called in to replace the postal workers. Clashes. 800 workers are sacked.. [more]

15-03-1944 The National Council of Resistance (CNR) adopts its action program for liberated France: creation of social security, job security, rights at work and pensions. [more]

17-03-1872 The Dufaure Law punishes with a prison sentence any organization "whose aim is to cause the suspension of work, the abolition of the right of property, of the family, of religion". [more]

18-03-1871 The Paris Commune establishes a "minimum labor price", gender equality, the abolition of night work for bakers, the prohibition of fines and deductions from wages, etc. [more]

18-03-1913 Le Havre. 1200 participants in a public meeting organized by the trade unions accuse the government of preparing for war. [more]

19-03-2009 The most important of the four days of strikes and demonstrations organized by the eight largest unions brings together 3 million people against the policies of Nicolas Sarkozy. [more]

20-03-1868 Verdict in the trial of the leadership of the French section of the International Workingmen’s Association. Its dissolution is pronounced. A second bureau has already been elected, whose leading figures are Eugène Varlin and Benoît Malon. [more]

21-03-1804 Article 1781 of the Civil Code stipulates that in the event of a dispute over wages, the word of the boss prevails over that of the worker before the courts (repealed in 1868). [more]

21-03-1884 The Waldeck-Rousseau law authorizes the creation of professional unions, but requires the filing of statutes and the names of directors. [more]

22-03-1841 Law restricting child labour in companies with fewer than 20 workers. 8h / day for children from 8 to 12 years old, 12h between 12 and 16 years old. Minimum age for night work = 13 years. Rarely enforced. [more]

23-03-1870 In Le Creusot, 1,500 miners go on strike against a cut in their wages. The strike fails and 25 leaders aresentencing to a total of 298 months in prison, throwing their families into poverty and misery. [more]

23-03-1979 Demonstration of steelworkers in Paris organized by the CGT against the restructuring of their industry by the Barre government. Violent clashes with "autonomes". [more]

25-03-1982 The retirement age is lowered to 60 years (57 years for civil servants) for employees with the necessary 37.5 years of employment. [more]

25-03-1919 Establishment of collective agreements intended to fix wages, organization of the working day, etc. [more]

26-03-1871 Election of the Paris Commune. Out of 80 elected members, 25 are workers. Among the elected representatives are Eugène Varlin, Zéphirin Camélinat, Benoît Malon, Léo Frankel, leaders of the First International. [more]

26-03-1956 Creation of a Federation in France by the Union Syndicale des Travailleurs Algeriens which brings together 100,000 members in one year and publishes "The Voice of the Algerian Worker". [more]

26-03-1917 Until April 18, the 300 workers at Maison Lapeyrere refused the directives of the officers of the Military Workforce Control and "remain playing cards at construction sites". [more]

28-03-1909 Mounted gendarmes charge a procession of button workers on their way to Méru, injuring twenty, most of them women. Protesters strike back with volleys of stones. [more]

28-03-2006 Demonstrations bring together 3 million people against the 'first hiring contract' which guts young workers' rights. [more]

29-03-1933 Citroën workers start a strike against the drop in wages, between 15 and 30%. They are subjected to a ruthless repression: the police surround the factory and arrest nearly 200 workers on the first day. The walkout lasts until 5 May. [more]