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Eswatini: Murder of Thulani Maseko is a deplorable act of violence 2023-01-29 [ITUC]

COSATU mourn cold-blooded assassination of heroic Swazi activist – Comrade Thulani Maseko 2023-01-24 [COSATU]

SAFTU condemns murder of Thulani Maseko by Mswati’s regime 2023-01-23 [SAFTU]

ITUC denounces brutality and harassment of trade unionists by authorities 2023-01-19 [ITUC]

SNAT president speaks out against union bashing and casualization of teaching profession, calls for unity amongst democracy forces 2022-12-24 [Communist Party of Swaziland]

Public transport workers union:Decrease in petrol prices not enough 2022-12-22 [The Swaziland News]

SNAT president Mbongwa Dlamini rejects Magawuguwu's request to joinTinkhunda undemocratic elections 2022-12-14 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini brewery employees protest after editor's audio exposing R500 per fortnight salaries 2022-12-07 [The Swaziland News]

Public transport back today after 5 workers released 2022-11-17 [Times of Swaziland]

Mhlume, Simunye sugar mill suspend operations as sugar-cane cutters strike intensify 2022-11-17 [The Swaziland News]

Release MPs march: Commander says public transport owners who will defy SWATCAWU would have their Kombis, buses burnt 2022-11-15 [The Swaziland News]

Kombi's Association: Bail paid, all public transport workers expected back at work on Friday 2022-11-11 [The Swaziland News]

Court rules that Zheng Yong Swaziland must deduct and remit union dues 2022-11-03 [IndustriALL]

Health Crisis: Nurses continuous protests over shortage of drugs left patients stranded at Mbabane Government Hospital 2022-10-07 [The Swaziland News]

Mswati uses police to violently crush protests, Eswatini Teachers Union leader tells President Ramaphosa 2022-10-05 [The Swaziland News]

King Mswati's police shot peaceful protestors in Manzini for demanding a political dialogue 2022-09-30 [The Swaziland News]

Mbongwa Dlamini re-elected as Eswatini Teachers Union president 2022-09-30 [The Swaziland News]

Far East Textiles director refuses to pay gratuity to constructively dismissed employees 2022-09-14 [The Swaziland News]

King Mswati must pay civil servants, security officers R20,000.00 minimum wage 2022-09-07 [The Swaziland News]

Education under-secretary union refers SNAT president's matter to teaching services commission (TSC) 2022-08-29 [The Swaziland News]

Mswati's government divides civil servants, some members of trade unions not fully paid 2022-08-24 [The Swaziland News]

University of Eswatini (UNESWA) to delay salaries amid financial constraints 2022-08-19 [The Swaziland News]

PUDEMO president urges students in all schools to protest in support of persecuted SNAT president 2022-08-15 [The Swaziland News]

Civil servants have until Friday to sign 3% COLA agreement 2022-08-15 [Swazi Observer]

TSC chairman: I am not aware of any madates to fire SNAT president 2022-08-12 [The Swaziland News]

Teachers union warns government against intimidating their members who did not report for duty amid security threats 2022-08-10 [The Swaziland News]

Jabez Private School to resume classes on Wednesday, SNAT urges teachers to report to work 2022-08-10 [The Swaziland News]

Solidarity forces order: SNAT urges teachers to stay at home for safety, government says its business as usual 2022-08-08 [The Swaziland News]

Union takes Zheng Yong garments to court over dismissal of 20 workers in Eswatini 2022-08-04 [IndustriALL]

COSATU sends heartfelt condolences to the family of gallant Swazi trade unionist and politician – Jan Jabulani Sithole 2020-09-16 [COSATU]

COSATU mourns the passing of Swazi revolutionary leader – Comrade Mario Masuku 2021-01-12 [COSATU]

COSATU mourns passing of revolutionary unionist– Comrade Vincent Ncongwane 2021-10-12 [COSATU ]

ATUSWA vows to fight back after Taiwanese garment factory files “false” charges 2020-09-20 [People]

‘We are fighting a liberation struggle' 2021-07-08 [The Guardian]

Swaziland Solidarity Network welcomes COSATU'S solidarity as King Mswati finally reveals his mental issues 2021-09-08 [COSATU]

Govt reaches out to South African authorities to stop tomorrow's border blockades 2021-09-08 [eSwatini Bulletin]

Swaziland's pro-democracy protesters demonstrate outside UN 2021-09-11 [Peoples Dispatch]

Teachers' union leader comes under fire 2022-04-25 [New Frame]

Mswati's soldiers invade University of Eswatini, disrupt protest 2022-07-08 [The Swaziland News]

Monkeypox outbreak: Health minister announces development of contingency plan, Nurses unionsays it is a political statement 2022-06-21 [The Swaziland News]

Low payng government gazettes: Underpaid eSwatini workers to afford only 5L cooking oil, chicken portions, 10kg meal-meal 2022-06-18 [The Swaziland News]

COSATU saddened, and mourns the passing of Comrade Amos Mbulaheni Mbedzi 2022-06-13 [COSATU]

NAPSAWU: Buy medication for hospitals instead of recruiting soldiers who kill civilians 2022-06-04 [The Swaziland News]

Health crisis: King Mswati must be reported to the International Criminal court for allegedly killing Swazis in hospital 2022-05-30 [The Swaziland News]

Education minister thanked teachers for impressive Form V results, SNAT urges her to improve their working conditions 2022-05-22 [The Swaziland News]

Dialogue: TUCOSWA's engagement with Business Eswatini a step to the right direction, underpaying workers must be discouraged 2022-05-20 [The Swaziland News]

Health crisis: Only one nurse at New Haven clinic, patients stranded 2022-05-20 [The Swaziland News]

CPS statement on International Nurses Day 2022 2022-05-12 [Communist Party of Swaziland]

Mswati's government failure to provide security: Nurse gang-raped by two men at Zombodze Emuva Clinic 2022-05-16 [The Swaziland News]

Garment workers continue strike despite threats of eviction by security forces 2022-05-13 [Morning Star]

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