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President receives expressions of solidarity in South Africa 2023-08-24 [Prensa Latina]

Cuban trade union delegation continues work agenda in Vietnam 2023-07-26 [ACN]

World union leader talks about Cuba’s international example 2023-07-26 [ACN]

WFTU solidarity campaign with the people of Cuba 2023-07-26 [WFTU]

Cuban resistance and solidarity inspires CUPE delegation 2022-11-09 [CUPE]

Country mourns 16 firefighters killed in fuel depot blaze 2022-08-19 [BBC]

International solidarity pours in as Cuba copes with major fire at oil faclity 2022-08-12 [GLW]

Greeting message to the Cuban people of the 26th of July, date of the attack on Moncada Barracks 2022-07-28 [WFTU]

Journalist Jorge Enrique Rodríguez detained amid protests, awaiting trial 2020-07-06 [CPJ]

Union Leaders Embrace Return of ‘The Market' in Cuba 2019-03-18 [The Real News Network]

“Hands off Cuba”: ITF calls for end to blockade after protests 2021-07-24 [ITF]

ILO approves ASIC's complaint against the Cuban government For more info 2021-04-07 [Cuba Sindical]

Cuba's Heroic COVID Response Medical Teams Deserve Nobel Peace Prize 2020-11-17 [Common Dreams]

Cuba opens the Pandora's box of the internet 2019-09-29 [Equal Times]

Cuba's secret deal with Qatar to take up to 90% of doctors' wages 2019-11-19 [Freedom United]

Human Rights Responsibilities of Multi-National Enterprises Working in the Tourism and Hospitality Sector in Cuba 2022-04-23 [BIICL]

Construction unions continue solidarity for Cuba 2022-03-16 [ICM]

Construction unions continue solidarity for Cuba 2022-03-15 [BWI]

Cuban Health Worker's Union Strengthens International Ties 2022-02-24 [Tele Sur]

Health Union strengthens international relations 2022-02-24 [Prensa Latina]

Health Worker's Union Strengthens International Ties 2022-02-24 [TeleSUR]

Solidarity Statement with the Cuban CTC Trade Union 2021-11-16 [TUC]

Hands Off Cuba! 2021-08-09 [MUA]

BWI: Lift the US embargo! Let Cuba live! 2021-07-29 [BWI]

J-11 in Cuba 2021-07-23 [Nacla]

WFTU in solidarity with the workers and people of Cuba 2021-07-15 [WFTU]

NUM strongly condemns recent destabilization plans against Cuba 2021-07-20 [NUM]

May Day Statement For more info 2021-04-30 [ASIC]

The United States Must Stop Penalizing Cuba 2021-01-17 [CUPW]

Artists in Cuba Spearhead First Major Protest in Decades 2020-12-14 [Nacla]

The Right to Live in Health and Cuban Health Care: The Ongoing Revolution 2020-11-30 [Nacla]

Statement: Cuban Medical Brigade 2020-08-23 [CUPW]

Repressive Rules for Doctors Working Abroad 2020-07-23 [Human Rights Watch]

Another Independent Journalist Arrested and Awaiting Trial in Cuba 2020-07-06 [Havana Times]

Blockade of Cuba hinders COVID-19 response 2020-05-01 [BWI]

Discipline, responsibility and solidarity in time of COVID-19 2020-03-27 [BWI]

On Sovereignties and Solidarities 2020-03-20 [Nacla]

Cuban trade unions salute history of friendship with Britain's labour movement 2019-11-04 [Cuba Solidarity Campaign]

British trade unions display solidarity with Cuban unions at historic conference 2019-11-26 [Cuba Solidarity Campaign]

CSC Director awarded medal from Cuban trade unions 2019-11-26 [Cuba Solidarity Campaign]

2,000 construction workers are connected 2019-07-31 [BWI]

Government announces increase in wages as part of economic reform 2019-07-01 [NBC]

Building trade union unity 2019-05-14 [BWI]

World Trade Union Leaders to Attend Workers' Congress in Cuba 2019-04-16 [Prensa Latina]

Cooperation and international solidarity multiply in Cuban unionism 2018-11-12 [BWI]

Cooperation and international solidarity multiply in Cuban unionism 2018-10-25 [BWI]

Biggest battle is against U.S. trade embargo, says union leader 2018-05-03 [Xinhua]

May Day Parade: Same Old May Routine 2018-05-03 [Havana Times]

When in Cuba Will Wages be Seriously Discussed? 2018-03-31 [havanatimes]

Neoliberalism and Cuban Bus Drivers 2018-03-24 [havanatimes]

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