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4R Shrimp Fleet Looking for Fairness in Fishery 2023-05-28 [FFAW-Unifor]

Fishers are Back on the Water - But they say the province’s fish pricing system is pushing rural communities toward economic collapse 2023-05-28 [The Independent]

CUPE 3034 Signs Deal with Town of Conception Bay South 2023-05-27 [VOCM]

New Contract Signed by the Municipal Workers of Conception Bay South 2023-05-27 [CUPE]

Crab Fishery Underway in Newfoundland and Labrador 2023-05-25 [Unifor]

Snow crab producers, harvesters ready to move on from 6-week delay to start of season 2023-05-24 [CBC]

FFAW: Argentia Protest Not Union Sanctioned 2023-05-24 [VOCM]

Some Harvesters Frustrated With Agreement to Resume Crab Fishery 2023-05-22 [VOCM]

NAPE Commends New Warmline for First Responders 2023-05-21 [VOCM]

Snow crab season is a go, says FFAW after signing final price offer 2023-05-20 [CBC]

Offer signed to start crab fishery 2023-05-20 [FFAW-Unifor]

Crab Dispute Over as FFAW ‘Reluctantly’ Accepts Offer From Seafood Producers 2023-05-20 [VOCM]

May Day & The Changing Face of NL’s Labour Movement 2023-05-19 [The Independent]

FFAW challenges Newfoundland and Labrador premier to overhaul processing industry 2023-05-18 [Saltwire]

No end in sight to heated standoff in Newfoundland and Labrador’s crab fishery 2023-05-18 [The Star]

As crab standoff drags on, idle Triton fish plant workers plead for help 2023-05-18 [CBC]

Health unions support decision to remove mask mandate from N.L. hospitals 2023-05-17 [CBC]

Crab Fishery Talks Continue With Premier’s Assistance 2023-05-17 [VOCM]

Facing mounting bills and a vanishing season, some crab fishermen are defying the union and heading out to sea 2023-05-16 [CBC]

4R Fleet Sets Sail for Quebec with Shrimp Catch 2023-05-16 [FFAW-Unifor]

Mexican Workers in Limbo During Crab Fishery Impasse Welcomed by St. Mary’s Bay Residents 2023-05-16 [VOCM]

Fisheries union rallies in St. John's on the doorsteps of industry partners 2023-05-13 [CBC]

Fish Harvesters Stage Protests Across Metro Friday 2023-05-13 [VOCM]

Snow crab harvesters face final offer in search of better prices 2023-05-11 [CBC]

Snow crab transporters facing 'devastating' impact on business as harvester holdout continues 2023-05-10 [CBC]

RNU: Members Waiting for New Contract Before Making Decision to Leave System 2023-05-10 [VOCM]

They came from Taiwan to work in snow crab plants. But without a fishery, they're stuck in limbo 2023-05-09 [CBC]

'Crisis of epic proportions': FFAW rejects latest deal amidst crab fishery stalemate 2023-05-08 [CBC]

'The crab is staying in the water until harvesters get a higher share of the price,' 2023-05-07 [FFAW-Unifor]

‘The Crisis Isn’t Ending Here Today’; FFAW Rejects Latest Offer, Crab Fishery Remains on Hold 2023-05-07 [VOCM]

Tentative Agreement in Crab Dispute; FFAW Mulling Over ASP Offer 2023-05-06 [VOCM]

Decision Expected Today on Resumption of Crab Fishery 2023-05-06 [VOCM]

As crab fishery protest enters fourth week, N.L. minister asks union for secret vote 2023-05-05 [Virgin]

FFAW Calls for Extension to EI Claims for Workers Caught in Fishery Dispute 2023-05-05 [VOCM]

N.L. fisheries minister urges union to hold secret ballot vote on snow crab harvest 2023-05-04 [CBC]

Lobster Fishery Halts as Buyers Stop Purchasing from Harvesters, Says FFAW 2023-05-04 [VOCM]

Federation of Labour Joins Call for Accessible Child Care 2023-05-02 [VOCM]

Public Service Alliance of Canada Holding Rally at Seamus O’Regan’s Office 2023-04-28 [VOCM]

Protesting N.L. crab fishers watch from shore as Maritime fishers head out to harvest 2023-04-26 [The Star]

FFAW, ASP Remain at Odds Over Crab Fishery 2023-04-25 [VOCM]

ASP is not interested in resolving the crab crisis. The merchants are drooling at the thought of cheap crab! 2023-04-23 [FFAW-Unifor]

Province Unsure if Federal Workers Strike Will Delay Residency Applications 2023-04-21 [VOCM]

With their season on hold, fishermen protest low price of crab on the steps of the N.L. legislature 2023-04-18 [CBC]

Harvesters to Hold Crab Fishery Rally at Confederation Building 2023-04-17 [VOCM]

Letter to Telegram: Greg Pretty 2023-04-16 [FFAW-Unifor]

Colossal Crab Crisis – FFAW to Rally in St Johns on Monday 2023-04-16 [FFAW-Unifor]

FFAW Disappointed With Lack of Government Concern Over Crab Fishery 2023-04-16 [VOCM]

Crab season is open, but N.L.'s fishermen are staying on land — and demanding a better price 2023-04-12 [CBC]

Steelworkers, IOC ratify new collective agreement in Labrador City 2023-04-11 [CBC]

NLMA Concerned with Expanded Scope of Practice for Pharmacists, Registered Nurses 2023-04-11 [VOCM]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

1-06-1986 In Edmonton, Alberta meatpacking workers go on strike against wage and pension rollbacks. One of their slogans is "Gainers makes wieners with scabs". There are more than 400 arrests before an agreement is reached in December. [more]

3-06-1935 Hundreds of unemployed men board boxcars in Vancouver, British Columbia, beginning the historic On-to-Ottawa Trek to protest conditions in the relief camps run by the Department of National Defence. [more]

8-06-2007 The Supreme Court of Canada rules, in a 6 to 1 decision, that collective bargaining rights are protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The decision describes collective bargaining rights as "a fundamental aspect of Canadian society." [more]

11-06-1925 Today is Davis Day in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, a memorial day for coal miner William Davis, who was shot and killed by company police in the struggle for control of the Waterford Lake power plant during the historic 1925 strike. [more]

12-06-1934 Immigrant workers go on strike at the Noranda copper and gold mining operations in Québec, led by the Workers' Unity League. Strikebreakers are brought in, and there is no union contract until 1945. [more]

14-06-1912 Union leaders meet at the Lethbridge Labour Temple to establish the Alberta Federation of Labour. This is the beginning of the Federation’s long struggle for workers’ rights in Alberta. [more]

14-06-1872 Royal assent is given the Trade Union Act, legislation promised by the prime minister in April in response to large public protests against the arrest of striking Toronto printers on conspiracy charges. The Act states that unions are legal in Canada. [more]

17-06-1958 In Vancouver, British Columbia the Second Narrows Bridge collapses while under construction, and nineteen lives are lost. It is the city's worst industrial disaster. The bridge is now known as the Ironworkers Memorial Second Narrows Crossing. [more]

18-06-1935 Longshoremen in Vancouver, many of them war veterans, march to protest the use of scabs to unload cargo on the docks. In a three-hour battle, police chase the strikers down on horseback and use tear gas to disperse the protest. [more]

19-06-1914 A coal mine explosion in the Crowsnest Pass at Hillcrest, Alberta takes the lives of 189 men, mostly immigrants. Canada's worst coal mine disaster leaves 90 widows and more than 250 orphans. [more]

19-06-1938 On Bloody Sunday in Vancouver, British Columbia, hundreds of unemployed workers are violently evicted from government buildings, including the post office and art gallery, after weeks of sit-ins to protest cutbacks in relief projects. [more]

20-06-1959 A sudden violent storm on Miramichi Bay, New Brunswick sweeps away 35 men and boys. The Escuminac Disaster is commemorated at the local wharf by The Fishermen, a monument created by Acadian artist Claude Roussel [more]

20-06-1984 An earthquake kills four workers at the Falconbridge mine near Sudbury, Ontario. The day is remembered in an annual union memorial service and with calls for renewed attention to health, safety and emergency preparedness. [more]

21-06-1919 A silent parade to protest the arrest of leaders of the Winnipeg General Strike is attacked by the Royal Northwest Mounted Police and the special police hired by the city. Many are wounded, and two men lose their lives as a result of Bloody Saturday. [more]

25-06-1999 The Fédération des Infirmières du Québec begins an illegal one-day provincial strike, one of several this summer and one of many across the country during the year over nurses’ workload and wages. [more]

27-06-1991 The Supreme Court of Canada issues its decision in Lavigne v Ontario Public Service Employees Union, affirming the constitutional right of unions to spend money on social and political action to advance the interests of workers. [more]

29-06-1981 The Canadian Union of Postal Workers begins a 42-day strike that succeeds in winning a contract with 17 weeks of maternity leave benefits. This breakthrough agreement sets a standard for other unions. [more]