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Women Protest High Cost of Living 2023-03-09 [allAfrica]

Business tycoon and other suspects arrested over murder of journalist Zogo 2023-02-08 [IFJ]

Professional footballers in Cameroon play and work under precarious conditions 2023-02-08 [Equal Times]

Journalist abducted and killed 2023-01-24 [IFJ]

Les membres du SCFP du secteur du transport aérien vont lutter contre le travail non rémunéré 2022-12-03 [SCFP]

The urgent need for trade union renewal in a time of severe restrictions on freedoms 2022-10-21 [Education International]

‘Digital refugees', repression and the death penalty – Cameroon's escalating language conflict 2017-02-21 [Equal Times]

Local solutions to local problems propel Cameroon's startups scene 2017-01-12 [equal times]

Education organisations' joint project for democracy and union renewal 2021-08-31 [Education International]

As fighting persists, Cameroon's state agricultural workers are caught in the crossfire 2022-02-16 [Equal Times]

Intractable conflict deals Cameroon's agricultural sector a heavy blow 2019-05-07 [Equal Times]

Unions in Canada are securing highest wage hikes in more than a decade as inflation soars 2022-06-15 [The Financial Post]

The strike against the 'homelessness of teachers' continues 2022-03-16 [Africa News]

Under the banner of 'OTS', thousands of teachers strike in Cameroon 2022-03-12 [Africa News]

Airline unions call on Ottawa for $7 billion in loans for ailing industry 2020-10-03 [The National Observer]

The resumption of face-to-face classes without proper preliminary planning endangers teachers and students alike 2020-06-04 [Education international]

The resumption of face-to-face classes without proper preliminary planning endangers teachers and students alike 2020-06-02 [Education International]

Hundreds infected, several dead: How COVID-19 has affected the unsung essential workers in retail 2020-05-23 [The National Post]

Teachers must get more support in developing their skills to help them deliver quality distance education 2020-04-29 [EI]

Unions denounce ongoing violence in schools 2020-02-08 [Education International]

Founder of McIntyre Powder Project encouraged by privacy commissioner's ruling 2020-01-02 [CBC]

Community radio presenter abducted 2019-09-06 [IFJ]

GMB Union pledges support to beleaguered Cameroon banana workers 2019-06-22 [Banana Link]

Four crew members kidnapped by pirates off Cameroon 2019-04-10 [ITF]

Unions call for peace, solidarity and the protection of livelihoods as Cameroon sinks deeper into violence 2018-08-20 [IUF]

Campost workers plan a new strike 2018-07-26 [The Business Times]

Water back in public hands 2018-05-02 [PSI]

University Lecturers Call Off Strike 2017-12-02 [Cameroon Tribune ]

Calls to free Ahmed Abba grow as mystery surrounds appeal hearing 2017-08-18 [IFJ]

After 35 years of abuses of power, youth in Cameroon want to make their voices heard 2017-07-28 [equal times]

Shabby treatment of Dockers triggers mass demonstration at Douala Port 2017-05-19 [Concord]

Anglophone Church Leaders risk imprisonment over unpaid salaries 2017-05-15 [Concord]

School Strike Looks Set to Carry On 2017-04-13 [Newsweek]

Cameroon: Bamenda - Teachers Trade Unions Suspend Strike Action 2017-02-06 [All Africa]

roon: North West - Teachers' Strike Enters Sixth Week 2017-01-17 [All Africa]

Cameroon: Anglophone Teachers' Strike - how Discussions Went 2017-01-16 [All Africa]

Child Labour in Eastern Cameroon's Gold Mines 2017-01-07 [DW]

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