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The strike is caused by repeated management failure - NagaWorld’s mismanagement and multiple failures in 2021 continues into 2022  ActNOW!  2022-01-20 [IUF Asia Pacific]

NagaWorld casino union leader arrested, UN experts say strike arrests could be in “breach of human rights law”  ActNOW!  2022-01-20 [Yogonet]

Cambodian government is ‘playing with fire,’ defiant labor leader says  ActNOW!  2022-01-20 [Radio Free Asia]

Free LRSU leaders now and drop all charges  ActNOW!  2022-01-17 [IUF]

Cambodian authorities arrest casino workers striking against Hong Kong-listed company 2022-01-13 [China Labour Bulletin]

Striking Cambodian workers demand release of union leaders 2022-01-11 [RFA]

Union arrests spotlight pressures on civil society 2022-01-11 [Al Jazeera]

Union office raided, striking NagaWorld workers arrested, as management and authorities respond with repression 2022-01-10 [IUF]

NagaWorld Employees Arrest by Cambodians Damage Company Reputation: Expert 2022-01-06 [Casino]

UN experts concerned by Cambodia casino strike arrests 2022-01-06 [Expatica]

Arrested union leader the latest to take up the fight for labor in Cambodia 2022-01-06 [The National Post]

Police arrest union leader over casino strike 2022-01-05 [Mizzima]

US says troubled by Cambodian action against striking casino workers 2022-01-05 [Reuters]

Cambodia arrests workers protesting layoffs at casino NagaWorld 2022-01-04 [Channel News Asia]

Labour ministry to mediate in dispute over casino layoffs 2021-12-28 [The Post]

Rong Chhun praises 'solidarity between workers' 2021-11-16 [ITUC]

BWTUC holds 4th Congress 2021-11-10 [BWI]

Journalist jailed for one year over disinformation charge 2021-10-06 [IFJ]

Cambodian unions say minimum wage increase is not enough 2021-09-29 [IndustriALL]

Concerns rise over governments establishment of National Human Rights Institution 2021-08-27 [IFJ]

Maximum Sentence to Union Leader 2021-08-19 [RFA]

Court Imprisons Prominent Union Leader for Border Comments 2021-08-18 [The Diplomat]

Authorities confiscate journalists’ press card and materials 2021-08-17 [IFJ]

Concerns over government arbiter on media ethics 2021-08-09 [IFJ]

Cambodia garment workers ask global brands for pandemic aid 2021-08-07 [FMT]

Working in luxury, living in poverty. Naga World Hotel Casino workers face more poverty after mass redundancies. 2021-08-02 [IUF Asia/Pacific]

Rights Groups, Unions Call For Commission of Inquiry to Probe Murder of Cambodian Pundit 2021-07-10 [RFA]

No Justice At 5-Year Anniversary of Kem Ley’s Death 2021-07-09 [Human Rights Watch]

Tell NagaWorld: Redundancy No! Vaccine & Union Yes! 2021-07-08 [IUF]

After paying out 100% of profits to “loyal shareholders”, Naga World Hotel Casino terminates over 1,300 workers who worked through the pandemic 2021-07-07 [IUF-AP]

Hundreds of Cambodian workers return home as Thailand closes construction sites 2021-07-02 [BWI]

Journalists stopped and intimidated by authorities 2021-06-25 [IFJ]

Survey: Cambodian Workers Struggle to Survive in COVID-19 For more info 2021-06-02 [Solidarity Center]

Report shows journalists, media freedoms targeted 2021-04-01 [IFJ]

Journalist’s associations express concern over police press directive 2021-02-09 [IFJ]

Cambodian labor leader’s trial for border remarks begins 2021-01-15 [AP News]

Cambodia urged to drop charges against union leader 2021-02-02 [UCA]

International unions demand release of trade union leader 2021-01-26 [Bright Green]

Cambodian Court Launches Trial of Prominent Union Leader Rong Chhun 2021-01-15 [Radio Free Asia]

Global unions demand immediate unconditional release of Rong Chhun 2021-01-13 [ITUC]

Educators join global trade union wave of solidarity with union leader Rong Chhun 2021-01-13 [Education International]

Justice evades victims of Kep building collapse a year after 2021-01-06 [BWI]

Will Cambodia's garment sector rebound after 'horror year'? 2020-12-24 [Thomson Reuters]

16 Days: Cambodian workers in 10 factories join call vs. gender-based violence 2020-12-14 [BWI]

Interview with Cambodian trade union leader jailed in May for speaking out  ActNOW!  2020-12-04 [Dissent]

Publisher Ros Sokhet sentenced for government criticism 2020-11-16 [IFJ]

Garment factory workers demand rights after coronavirus closures 2020-10-16 [ABC]

Cintri’s Garbage-Collection Workers Remain on Strike despite an Arbitration Council’s Order 2020-10-12 [The Daily]

TV journalist found dead (correction) 2020-10-06 [IFJ]

City Hall asks trash collectors to return to work today 2020-10-05 [The Times]

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