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Cambodia launches pension scheme for private sector workers 2022-08-02 [IndustriALL]

Workers protest over ‘RCAF' factory guards 2017-12-27 [Phnom Penh Post]

Journalists Urge Court to Drop ‘Espionage' Case Against Former RFA Reporters 2017-11-21 [RFA ]

Government-Aligned Unions Sue Chea Mony Over ‘Appeal' For Sanctions Against Cambodia 2017-12-20 [RFA]

After paying out 100% of profits to “loyal shareholders”, Naga World Hotel Casino terminates over 1,300 workers who worked through the pandemic 2021-07-07 [IUF-AP]

Workers Reduced to ‘Slaves' Amid Rampant Debt Bondage in Cambodia's Brick Sector 2018-05-08 [Biz&Human Rts Res Ctr]

Workers March For Unpaid Wages—Again 2017-02-04 [Cambodia Daily]

15 Dead in Collapse of ‘Illegal' Chinese-owned Building in Cambodia's Sihanoukville 2019-06-23 [The Daily]

Organizations Warn of ‘Massive Threat' in Draft Wage Law 2017-03-23 [cambodiadaily]

Cambodia's fragile democracy rocked by newspaper closure and ‘treason' arrest 2017-09-06 [Equal Times]

Parliament approves “state emergency” law amid the pandemic 2020-04-15 [IFJ]

ETUC and ITUC welcome lifting of EU trade benefits to Cambodia  2020-02-14 [ITUC]

Cambodian government is ‘playing with fire,' defiant labor leader says  ActNOW!  2022-01-20 [Radio Free Asia]

Why casino workers are on strike in Cambodia – and how to help  ActNOW!  2022-02-04 [The Stand]

NagaWorld casino union leader arrested, UN experts say strike arrests could be in “breach of human rights law”  ActNOW!  2022-01-20 [Yogonet]

Hiring Patterns in Cambodia's Garment Industry 2017-04-03 [Asia Foundation]

Chea Vichea's death marked 2017-01-24 [Phnom Penh Post]

Factory workers protest seeking funds' release 2017-01-24 [Phnom Penh Post]

Cambodian garment workers' battle for better living continues 2017-03-16 [apparelresources]

Just don't do it: Former Nike garment worker speaks out against sweatshops 2017-04-06 [dailyuw]

Government Crackdown: Cambodia's Media on Edge 2018-02-26 [IFJ]

Call to investigate union leader's murder 2018-01-22 [The Times]

Cambrew's $60K case against union begins 2017-06-26 [First Post]

Little Progress' Seen in Myanmar Press Freedoms, While Rights in Cambodia Decline: Report 2017-12-20 [RFA]

Cambodian labor leader's trial for border remarks begins 2021-01-15 [AP News]

Cintri's Garbage-Collection Workers Remain on Strike despite an Arbitration Council's Order 2020-10-12 [The Daily]

Pactics Factory Strike on Hold, Awaiting the Labor Minister's Decision 2020-09-09 [Cambodia Daily]

Police warn Rong Chhun's supporters to cease protests 2020-08-04 [The Cambodia Daily]

Victory for labor rights in Cambodia as largest casino workers' strike ends in peace Posted 2020-01-13 [Global Voices]

The strike is caused by repeated management failure - NagaWorld's mismanagement and multiple failures in 2021 continues into 2022  ActNOW!  2022-01-20 [IUF Asia Pacific]

Striking workers denounce NagaWorld management's misinformation campaign, call for release of arrested leaders and restoration of union rights  ActNOW!  2022-01-29 [IUF Asia/Pacific]

Scrap Investigation, Chea Vichea's Brother Says on Anniversary 2017-01-24 [Cambodian Daily]

City Hall Bans Garment Workers From Marking Women's Day 2017-03-08 [The Cambodia Daily]

Gov't Names Companies Licensed to Send Workers Abroad 2017-06-07 [Cambodia Daily]

One Dead After Explosion at Levi's Supplier 2017-03-23 [cambodiadaily]

Unions' Plan to March on Labor Day Rebuffed by City Hall 2017-04-24 [Cambodia Daily]

Behind Cambodia's electoral silence 2018-07-19 [Equal Times]

What's behind the mass faintings in Cambodia's garment factories? 2017-08-03 [Equal Times]

Cambodian workers in Europe's fast fashion supply chains face tough future 2020-09-02 [EU Reporter]

Global Unions, International Human Rights and Workers' Rights Organizations Call for End to Politically Motivated Prosecution of Tola Moeun 2018-03-14 [HRW]

Mangoes and Workers' Health and Safety Rights 2018-04-28 [HRW]

No Justice At 5-Year Anniversary of Kem Ley's Death 2021-07-09 [Human Rights Watch]

Authorities confiscate journalists' press card and materials 2021-08-17 [IFJ]

Journalist arrested for reporting Hun Sen's advice on Covid-19 2020-04-11 [IFJ]

Journalist's associations express concern over police press directive 2021-02-09 [IFJ]

Workers in Kandal walk-out in protest over colleague's dismissal 2018-12-25 [The Times]

Factory workers resume protests, defy Arbitration Council's decision 2020-03-10 [The Post]

Union leaders' trial date set 2018-12-03 [The Post]

Meeting held in lead-up to ILO's centenary 2018-12-24 [The Post]

Workers unsatisfied after gov't pledge to pay salaries 2018-06-11 [The Post]

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