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Union leader jailed - shocking abuse of human rights 2023-05-31 [Arthur Svensson Foundation]

Union leader jailed – international solidarity needed now 2023-05-31 [Solidarity - Eric Lee]

NagaWorld casino union leader sentenced to 2 years in prison 2023-05-26 [RFA]

IUF condemns guilty verdicts against LRSU leaders at NagaWorld 2023-05-26 [IUF]

ITUC slams prison sentence for union leaders 2023-05-26 [ITUC]

Casino Union Leader Chhim Sithar and Strikers Convicted 2023-05-25 [ACTU]

nion leader jailed over casino strike 2023-05-25 [The Post]

Union chief who led long-running casino strike gets 2-year prison sentence 2023-05-25 [The Financial Post]

Casino Union Leader Chhim Sithar and Strikers Convicted 2023-05-25 [Amnesty International]

Casino Union Leader Chhim Sithar and Strikers Convicted 2023-05-25 [Human Rights Watch]

IFJ affiliate CamboJA release report on journalist harassment 2023-05-05 [IFJ]

T-win Garment reinstates eight Cambodian union leaders Add to favourites Read this article in: English 3 May, 2023Interventions from IndustriALL Global Union and Nike, has led to T-win Garment Cambodia Co. Ltd. reinstating eight local union leaders 2023-05-03 [IndustriALL]

Labor Leader, Activists Face Baseless Charges 2023-03-14 [Human Rights Watch]

Cambodia, Laos declare Women’s Day a holiday, but host of inequalities remain 2023-03-09 [RFA]

Union on Trial in Cambodia: Judge and prosecution attack the right to strike 2023-02-21 [IUF Asia/Pacific]

Prime Minister shuts down independent media outlet 2023-02-16 [IFJ]

workers’ human rights on trial: the trial of seven women NagaWorld union leaders on February 21 could end the right to strike for all Cambodian workers 2023-02-15 [IUF Asia/Pacific]

Professional footballers in Cameroon play and work under precarious conditions 2023-02-14 [Equal Times]

Authorities detain union leader, criminalise and threaten the opposition and block protest video 2023-01-30 [Civicus]

Number of labour disputes decreasing, says union chief 2023-01-26 [The Khmer Times]

Video goes viral after Cambodia tries to silence popular rapper 2023-01-24 [Aljazeera]

Court upholds verdict keeping NagaWorld union leader in jail 2022-12-29 [RFA]

Immediately Release and Drop Charges Against Union Leader Chhim Sithar 2022-12-14 [Human Rights Watch]

Immediately release and drop charges against Union Leader Chhim Sithar 2022-12-13 [Amnesty International]

Flimsy Cover-up for Labor Leader’s Arrest 2022-12-03 [Polygraph]

Diplomatic row brewing over latest arrest of NagaWorld protest leader 2022-12-01 [IAG]

NagaWorld Union Leader Arrest Condemned by US Government 2022-12-01 [Casino.org]

LRSU Leader Re-Arrested as Strike at NagaWorld Continues 2022-11-29 [Gambling News]

NagaWorld union leader arrested at airport after Australia trip 2022-11-28 [The Post]

Release LRSU President Sithar Chhim now 2022-11-28 [IUF]

Only �Instant Noodle� Unions Survive 2022-11-22 [Human Rights Watch]

Covid-19 Pandemic Used for Union Busting 2022-11-21 [Human Rights Watch]

Government 'used pandemic to restrict unions' 2022-11-21 [Ecotextile News]

Hun Sen government bans journalists’ access 2022-11-19 [IFJ]

Increased minimum wage for Cambodia’s garment workers 2022-09-29 [IndustriALL]

Police harass unionists campaigning for minimum wage 2022-09-08 [IndustriALL]

Workers make history, form unions in brick kiln industry 2022-09-03 [BWI]

Workers make history, form unions in brick kiln industry 2022-09-01 [BWI]

Journalist assaulted by army commander 2022-08-24 [IFJ]

Journalists and activists detained for reporting on land clearing 2022-08-18 [IFJ]

Report: Cambodia Garment Workers Suffer Effects of Climate Change For more info 2022-08-16 [Solidarity Center]

Cambodia launches pension scheme for private sector workers 2022-08-02 [IndustriALL]

Workers protest over ‘RCAF' factory guards 2017-12-27 [Phnom Penh Post]

Journalists Urge Court to Drop ‘Espionage' Case Against Former RFA Reporters 2017-11-21 [RFA ]

Government-Aligned Unions Sue Chea Mony Over ‘Appeal' For Sanctions Against Cambodia 2017-12-20 [RFA]

After paying out 100% of profits to “loyal shareholders”, Naga World Hotel Casino terminates over 1,300 workers who worked through the pandemic 2021-07-07 [IUF-AP]

Workers Reduced to ‘Slaves' Amid Rampant Debt Bondage in Cambodia's Brick Sector 2018-05-08 [Biz&Human Rts Res Ctr]

Workers March For Unpaid Wages—Again 2017-02-04 [Cambodia Daily]

15 Dead in Collapse of ‘Illegal' Chinese-owned Building in Cambodia's Sihanoukville 2019-06-23 [The Daily]

Organizations Warn of ‘Massive Threat' in Draft Wage Law 2017-03-23 [cambodiadaily]

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