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PBL v CWU: A legal quandary 2023-06-01 [Amandala]

PM Briceno denies POB favoritism claims, assures government’s efforts to resolve CWU stalemate 2023-05-30 [LoveFM]

P.B.L. holds steady, no compensation for stevedores at this time 2023-05-30 [News 5]

C.W.U. doesn’t fall under Trade Unions Act 2023-05-30 [News 5]

Death-trap trawler crew must be paid and allowed to go home, ITF says 2023-05-27 [ITF]

CWU says no indication PBL will comply with ruling 2023-05-26 [7 News]

Leonora Flowers Elected as New Leader of Christian Workers Union 2023-05-25 [Love FM]

CWU says it feels jilted and jaded 2023-05-25 [LoveFM]

Is Ministry of Labor ineffective in C.W.U./P.B.L. negotiations? 2023-05-25 [News 5]

Christian Workers Union elects new president 2023-05-23 [LoveFM]

Opposition leader walks fine line between support for potential cruise port and backing justice for stevedores following meeting with trade unions 2023-05-23 [BreakingBelizeNews]

Opposition leader Shyne says GOB should stand up for stevedores like cane farmers 2023-05-20 [7 News]

UDP Leader and Christian Workers Union discuss issues with Port of Belize 2023-05-20 [BreakingBelizeNews]

National Trade Union Congress strikes out again with fifth request to meet Prime Minister 2023-05-15 [BBN]

Stevedores “holding it down,” as PBL flouts Tribunal’s order 2023-05-14 [Amandala]

NTUCB says, GOB do your job 2023-05-14 [7 News]

UDP Opposition urges government to resolve port bottleneck with Christian Workers Union 2023-05-13 [Love FM]

Ѕtеvеdоrеѕ bасk tо wоrk, but dеѕріtе fасе-tо-fасе mееtіng tоdау, ѕtаnd-оff bеtwееn Роrt оf Веlіzе Lіmіtеd аnd Сhrіѕtіаn Wоrkеrѕ’ Unіоn соntіnuеѕ оn wаtеrfrоnt 2023-05-12 [BBN]

Minister of Labour speaks on CWU / PBL situation 2023-05-12 [LoveFM]

Minister of Labor joins C.W.U./P.B.L. conversation 2023-05-12 [News 5]

Port of Belize Ltd. caught lying 2023-05-11 [Amandala]

Stevedore brought to tears over unfair treatment 2023-05-11 [7 News]

Christian Workers Union calls for government intervention in Port of Belize Limited dispute 2023-05-10 [LoveFM]

C.W.U. Reiterates Commitment and Willingness to Negotiate with P.B.L. 2023-05-10 [News 5]

Mose Says Labor Department is Sleeping on C.W.U. Issue 2023-05-10 [News 5]

PBL bullying union to back tariff hike? 2023-05-07 [Amandala]

Why did Labor Dept hesitate to intervene in P.B.L./C.W.U. dispute? 2023-05-06 [News 5]

Port of Belize and C.W.U. at odds; cargo ship sits by idly 2023-05-05 [News 5]

Teachers demand restoration of increments 2023-03-07 [7News Belize]

Several government offices without security earlier today as SOS workers protest unpaid wages 2022-10-06 [Breaking Belize News]

KHMH workers union backs 'brave' nurses 2022-08-29 [BBN]

DFC workers protest redundancy terminations 2022-09-03 [Amandala]

Workers Protest for a ‘Living Wage' 2017-06-18 [teleSUR]

Solidarity with CWU – “If you touch one, you touch ALL!” 2020-07-26 [Amandala]

CWU: Privatization was “original sin” at Port 2022-01-27 [The World News]

Lack of mediation – The CWU-PBL dispute explained 2020-07-26 [The World News]

BNTU meets today to plan against GoB “union busting” 2017-04-09 [Breaking News]

Port of Belize stevedores, staff plead for their economic lives – but is anyone listening? 2021-07-07 [BBN]

Cabinet urges ‘mediated,' ‘successful outcome' in Port-stevedores dispute 2021-07-22 [BBN]

Christian Workers Union on Port of Belize crisis: ‘It did not have to come to this' 2022-01-26 [BreakingBelizeNews]

Multi-million-dollar lawsuit accuses stevedores, Christian Workers' Union of carrying out “illegal strike” 2022-02-12 [BBN ]

Christian Workers Union feels ‘encircled' by opponents 2022-02-25 [BreakingBelizeNews]

Christian Workers' Union president “Mose” Hyde says he retains confidence of union members 2022-02-28 [BreakingBelizeNews]

CWU president says PBL's request for an injunction was done out of malice 2022-02-26 [LoveFM]

CWU's attorney says PBL's claim is baseless 2022-03-03 [LoveFM]

Teachers' Union stands with Christian Workers' Union in strike call; will Congress do so too? 2020-07-12 [BBN]

Chamber of Commerce concerned about implications of Port's closure 2020-07-29 [BreakingBelizeNews]

Government insists it is protecting workers' rights with amendments to Labour Act 2020-08-21 [Belize News]

Christian Workers Union to City Council: we can't wait until after the elections 2021-01-23 [BBN]

Belize City Mayor says City Council won't rush Christian Workers Union agreement before municipal elections 2021-02-16 [BreakingBelizeNews]

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