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Top news - Tasmania

Vale Wally Pritchard 2022-05-13 [MUA]

Trade unions back Local Party's Leanne Minshull for Senate, in break with tradition 2022-05-12 [ABC]

42 cancellations in Launceston show that Metro is in crisis mode 2022-03-28 [RTBU]

New job: Industrial Organiser 2022-03-22 [AWU]

New job: Organisers - TAS 2022-03-16 [UWU]

Tasmanian Media Awards 2022-02-25 [MEAA]

Union lashes Tas for worker rule change 2022-01-10 [Now]

Budget 2022-23 2021-12-17 [Unions Tasmania]

Job Security Senate Submission 2021-11-10 [Unions Tasmania]

Health unions 'very concerned' about COVID-19 under Tasmania's border reopening plan 2021-10-23 [ABC]

TasRail failing to put words into action when it comes to safety 2021-10-11 [RTBU]

McCain food workers set to win pay rise 2021-09-14 [Green Left Weekly]

Productivity, and what it means for Tasmanian wages 2021-09-12 [The Advocate]

Union queries Tas health worker jab plan 2021-09-03 [The Star]

Tassie McCain Workers Win Deal 2021-09-02 [AMWU]

Union and McCain Foods can't agree on sick leave entitlements 2021-08-26 [The Advocate]

McCain needs to pay locked out workers 2021-08-10 [AMWU]

Fair work finds McCain workers unlawfully locked out 2021-08-06 [AMWU]

Fair Work Commission shoots down McCain’s shabby treatment of Tasmanian workers 2021-08-06 [ACTU]

Union to challenge McCain lockout 2021-07-31 [AMWU]

ACTU throws support behind locked out Tasmanian McCain food workers 2021-07-31 [ACTU]

Unions Tasmania's Jessica Munday says lower wages hurt economy 2021-07-29 [The Advocate]

McCain Smithton workers set to meet over revised pay deal offer 2021-07-28 [The Advocate]

Union defends Tasmania’s Atlantic Salmon from Attacks 2021-07-25 [AWU]

McCain Workers Facing Lock Out Over Pay Dispute 2021-07-21 [Hit Network]

Tas Labor leadership candidates come knock knock knocking on RTBU's door 2021-07-18 [RTBU]

Tasmanian Labor Leadership 2021-05-31 [RTBU]

Mystate bank fails to keep Up with industry payrise benchmarks 2021-05-26 [FSU]

Open letter to Tasmanian Labor leadership candidates 2021-05-24 [RTBU]

Tasmanian Media Awards announcement 2021-05-07 [MEAA]

4 priority actions to prevent sexual harassment and promote gender equality in Tasmanian workplaces 2021-04-26 [Unions Tasmania]

Liberals' public transport conversion a step forward 2021-04-26 [RTBU]

What's your plan for public transport? 2021-04-19 [RTBU]

Hobart needs a champion: who will step up? 2021-04-19 [RTBU]

Government late for the bus on overcrowding 2021-04-07 [RTBU]

Union issues letter of demand over Tasmanian Labor's snub of Dean Winter 2021-04-05 [ABC]

Tasmanian Government avoids paying back pay for firefighters 2021-03-22 [AWU]

Fears restructure of Hydro Tasmania could lead to privatisation 2021-03-12 [The Advocate]

Unions Tasmania's Jessica Munday says proposed industrial reforms will make workers less secure 2021-02-15 [The Examiner]

New deal cements a pay rise 2021-01-14 [RTBU]

CPSU has elected Thirza White as new general secretary 2021-01-11 [The Advocate]

Senate committee to deliver report on underpayment of Australian workers in 2021 2021-01-07 [Unions Tasmania]

Senate committee to deliver report on underpayment of Australian workers in 2021 2020-12-29 [The Advocate]

Bakery giant Cripps rejects union pay deal for Tasmanian workers 2020-11-26 [ABC]

Industrial action averted at Tasmanian Prison Service after eleventh-hour proposal 2020-11-22 [UWU]

COVID-19 Recovery Survey Results 2020-09-15 [Unions Tasmania]

Severe reduction in cleaning time at UTAS will cost livelihoods and threaten Tasmania’s COVID-free status 2020-09-01 [UWU]

Workers rally to stop sham contracting 2020-08-15 [UWU]

Unemployed Workers' Union establishes branch in Tasmania to give collective voice and advocacy 2020-08-15 [The Advocate]

TasNetworks contractor charged for assaulting union officials 2020-07-30 [ETU]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

1-05-1946 Eight hundred Aboriginal workers walk-off twenty-seven sheep stations in Western Australia, beginning the Pilbara strike that lasts until 1949. [more]

3-05-1927 The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) is founded [more]

15-05-1905 The Merchant Service Guild of Australasia became the first trade union to be registered under the Australian Commonwealth Conciliation and Arbitration Act 1904 [more]

16-05-1891 Henry Lawson's poem 'Freedom on the Wallaby', written during the great sheep shearers' strike, is published in The Worker newspaper. [more]