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Top news - Queensland

Frontline Services Can’t Run Themselves 2022-06-25 [UWU]

Government announces standard-setting body to tackle deadly pressures in transport 2022-06-25 [TWU]

Vale Shane Morse 2022-06-25 [CWU]

State to boost gig driver protections and crack down on ‘fake unions’ 2022-06-23 [The Times]

Budget’s record health spending meaningless without wages boost, unions say 2022-06-22 [The Guardian]

ABCC Pursues CFMMEU Over Right-of-Entry to Sites 2022-06-20 [The Urban Developer]

‘Slap in the face’: unions demand higher wages for Queensland public servants as inflation bites 2022-06-17 [The Guardian]

Workers Union Calls For 250 Additional Paramedics To Ease Unprecedented Demand 2022-06-14 [Triple M]

State Budget Opportunity for Health Care Reform 2022-06-13 [UWU]

Workers Union Calls For 250 Additional Paramedics To Ease Unprecedented Demand 2022-06-13 [Triple M]

Albo wins! Unions call for fairer share of nation's wealth for workers 2022-05-28 [Queensland Council of Unions]

Cost of living concerns will swing voters away from LNP 2022-05-21 [Queensland Council of Unions]

Aged care workers strike in QLD, vow to fight on 2022-05-20 [UWU]

Coal not the only burning issue in Queensland’s blue collar seat of Flynn 2022-05-14 [The Guardian]

Annual wage claim increases in response to cost of living surge 2022-05-13 [QCU]

Workers in pay dispute to only respond to bosses with ‘nanu nanu’ in protest 2022-05-06 [The Guardian]

Damning report on workforce casualisation 2022-05-04 [Today]

Unions eye pay rises that reflect inflation as Queensland public sector agreements expire 2022-05-03 [The Guardian]

Unionists call for change of government 2022-04-14 [GLW]

Citipointe Christian College teachers threatened with dismissal for expressing homosexuality 2022-03-21 [The Guardian]

Samoan farmworkers told to quit 'white people' unions 2022-03-01 [Sydney Morning Herald]

New job: Organiser QLD (Farms) 2022-02-25 [UWU]

New job: Digital Campaigner 2022-02-18 [QNMU]

Childcare centre workers 'leaving in droves' amid staffing crisis and shortage of COVID-19 rapid antigen tests 2022-02-15 [ABC]

SunRice workers strike as workplace negotiations hit stand still 2022-01-31 [Country Life]

Aged care covid infections soaring 2022-01-28 [UWU]

Queensland’s most powerful health care union says the state’s hospital bed rates are worse than China’s 2022-01-26 [News.com]

Three day union strike leads to cancellation of bus services in Cairns 2022-01-14 [TropicNow]

Nurses Union calls for mandatory rapid tests for essential workers 2022-01-12 [ABC]

Health workers with COVID-19 but no symptoms may need to work due to staffing crisis 2022-01-08 [ABC]

Forum addresses insecure work crisis in Longman 2021-12-09 [Queensland Unions]

Fed up QLD aged care workers endorse strike action 2021-12-02 [UWU]

Union wins landmark workload case against USC at Fair Work Commission 2021-12-02 [NTEU]

Worker killed at Curragh coal mine in Queensland's Bowen Basin 2021-11-21 [ABC]

USG Boral workers stood down over asbestos scare 2021-10-27 [The Courier-Mail]

Secure jobs critical across a transitioning economy in central Queensland 2021-10-25 [The Observer]

New data shows Central Queensland leads the country in insecure jobs 2021-10-22 [ACTU]

Train build major win for Qld workers 2021-10-21 [AMWU]

Hundreds of workers walk off Brisbane's Queen's Wharf redevelopment construction site amid asbestos scare 2021-10-12 [ABC]

Funding plea as Queensland health workers fear hospitals not safe for patients and staff 2021-10-12 [ABC]

Andrew hits the road 2021-10-11 [RTBU]

Australian Medical Association backs calls for crisis funding after PM's TV fury 2021-10-06 [News.com]

Workers in Cairns fighting for Secure Jobs 2021-10-01 [Queensland Unions]

Rival nurses union fights Qld jab order 2021-09-29 [The West Australian]

Cairns workers lower paid and more insecure than most Australians 2021-09-23 [ACTU]

NTEU Statement – Professor Chelsea Watego 2021-09-21 [NTEU]

Worker dies in Queensland underground mine collapse 2021-09-15 [The Times]

Australian-first COVID vaccinations for international seafarers 2021-09-05 [ITF]

Sex workers hopeful as decriminalisation moves one step closer 2021-09-02 [Green Left Weekly]

Toowoomba Council workers walk off the job, rallying for better wages and work conditions 2021-09-02 [7 News]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

5-06-1974 The New South Wales Builders Labourers Federation lists 49 'Green Bans' as part of its campaign of industrial action to protect the environment. [more]

16-06-1886 The Australian Workers Union, widely accepted as Australia's oldest union, was established at Fern's Hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, as a shearers' union [more]

24-06-1929 The six month timber workers strike ends in defeat as workers have to accept a 48 hour week. [more]