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Casino Canberra Loses Fight Over Claims It Discriminated Against Employee 2022-04-19 [Casino]

'Extremely unfair' policy which saw Canberra nurses forced to take personal leave ahead of COVID leave overhauled 2022-01-20 [ABC]

ACT government’s commitment to ethical procurement welcomed 2021-12-10 [UWU]

Ruling ends worst case of worker abuse 2021-10-21 [UWU]

UnionsACT Gendered Violence in the Workplace Report 2021 2021-10-05 [UnionsACT]

Union calls for reversal of savage job cuts 2021-09-21 [UWU]

Collapsed cartel case reveals ACCC's abuse of power 2021-08-17 [CFMMEU]

Union calls for recognition of ‘systematic bullying and sexual assault’ in Australian parliament 2021-08-09 [The Guardian]

Parliament staff demand urgent workplace changes to fix ‘toxic culture’ 2021-03-27 [The New Daily]

Union members working in federal parliament demand protection, respect at work 2021-03-25 [GLW]

Union members working in federal parliament demand protection, respect at work 2021-03-25 [Green Left Weekly]

Parliament house workers demand change 2021-03-25 [ACTU]

ACT unemployed workers advocate for 1.4 million Australians 2021-03-16 [The Weekly]

‘Suck it up’: Parliament staff claim bullying is rife and complaints ignored 2021-02-17 [The Morning Herald]

‘Don’t forget us’: Unions call for teachers to be added to vaccine priority list 2021-01-20 [The Weekly]

The 5-cent pay offer that started a fight 2020-12-20 [Riot ACT]

Sacked College of Science staff told to apply for ANU jobs during ANU shutdown 2020-12-18 [NTEU]

Garbage strikes to continue after drivers vote down pay rise 2020-11-25 [Riot ACT]

Garbage truck drivers strike: Inner-north suburbs affected as pay negotiations continue 2020-11-20 [The Times]

Third week of garbage strikes start today 2020-11-17 [Riot ACT]

Calvary hospital cleaners ramp up fight for fair pay 2020-11-13 [UWU]

Garbage truck drivers' union accuses contractor of 'taking advantage of the pandemic' over pay dispute 2020-11-02 [The Times]

Incensed hospital cleaners protest 5¢ wage offer and moves to block lawful action 2020-10-30 [UWU]

Hospital cleaners picket over “insulting” 5-cent wage offer at Calvary Bruce 2020-10-29 [Riot ACT]

Canberra Airport guards stood down for Covid-19 questions 2020-10-19 [UWU]

Keep ACT Public Services in Public Hands 2020-09-26 [CPSU]

Massive win for union members 2020-09-08 [CPSU]

United Workers Union welcomes launch of Early Childhood Strategy for the ACT 2020-09-01 [UWU]

Now is the time for support for workers, not cuts 2020-07-23 [UnionsACT]

NTEU Response to ANU Vote Result 2020-06-28 [NTEU]

ANU’s $6m international student windfall negates need for withholding staff pay 2020-06-15 [NTEU]

Casino Canberra misspends JobKeeper 2020-06-11 [UWU]

“Not toothless” but cops’ union says new assault laws do not go far enough 2020-05-22 [Riot ACT]

UnionsACT Statement on ACT Stimulus 2 Package 2020-04-03 [UnionsACT]

Jobkeeper wage subsidy leaves 26,000 Canberra workers without support 2020-04-03 [UnionsACT]

UnionsACT Statement on Federal wages subsidy 2020-03-31 [UnionsACT]

UnionsACT welcomes first stimulus package 2020-03-22 [UnionsACT]


UnionsACT calls for protections for renters during coronavirus crisis 2020-03-19 [UnionsACT]

Govt Stimulus must come with guarantees for workers 2020-03-19 [UnionsACT]

Canberra women: Celebrate International Women's Day with CPSU 2020-02-29 [CPSU]

Secretary of UnionsACT Alex White to step-down 2020-02-24 [UnionsACT]

Unions-trained volunteers to go on wage theft blitz around Canberra 2020-02-24 [The Times]

Canberra Airport must sack contractor for not paying workers affected by bushfires 2020-02-21 [UWU]

New Report: $6m+ cost to workers due to bushfire smoke 2020-02-21 [UnionsACT]

Young workers to hold Summer Patrol on Wage-theft 2020-02-21 [UnionsACT]

Hard to Breathe: Canberran workers’ rights, WHS and smoke 2020-02-15 [Unions ACT]

School cleaners celebrate success of ‘backsourcing’ their jobs 2020-02-12 [UWU]

WHS ALERT: Smoke and Extreme Heat Are Dangerous Combo 2020-01-31 [Unions ACT]

Worksafe must enforce the law, prosecute bosses who exposed workers to toxic smoke 2020-01-23 [UnionsACT]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

5-06-1974 The New South Wales Builders Labourers Federation lists 49 'Green Bans' as part of its campaign of industrial action to protect the environment. [more]

16-06-1886 The Australian Workers Union, widely accepted as Australia's oldest union, was established at Fern's Hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, as a shearers' union [more]

24-06-1929 The six month timber workers strike ends in defeat as workers have to accept a 48 hour week. [more]