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Qatar Abolishing the Kafala system 2018-02-05 [Freedom United]

Nepal Qatar top destination for Nepali migrants 2018-01-01 []

Qatar Among Nepalis working overseas Qatar remains top labour destination 2017-12-26 [Kathmandu Post ]

Cambodia Seminar leaves workers worried 2017-12-25 [The Times]

UK Calls for better pay at Al Jazeera English 2017-12-22 [NUJ]

Qatar Official signing of an agreement on workers’ rights between BWI, Qatari Diar VINCI Construction (QDVC) and VINCI 2017-11-21 [BWI]

Qatar Our companies hold the power to make sure life continues to get better for workers in Qatar 2017-11-13 [City AM]

Qatar Isolated in Gulf, Qatar campaigns to protect 2022 World Cup 2017-11-13 [AP]

Qatar BWI welcomes ILO decision and agreement with Qatar 2017-11-13 [BWI Global Union]

Qatar UNI Global Union and World Players Association welcomes moves to abolish Kafala system and end modern slavery in Qatar 2017-11-12 []

Qatar ILO decision heralds new era for workers’ rights in Qatar. Saudi Arabia and the UAE must follow its lead 2017-11-09 [ITUC]

Qatar ILO drops Qatar migrant workers complaint after reforms 2017-11-09 []

Qatar Construction company to sign agreement with BWI 2017-11-07 [BWI]

Nepal Qatar’s migrant fund expected to support Nepali workers 2017-11-06 [The Kathmandu Post]

Qatar Qatar announces significant labour reforms for migrant workers, technical cooperation agreement with ILO; rights groups call for follow-through on implementation 2017-11-02 [BHRRC-UK]

Qatar BWI Welcomes New Commitments in Qatar 2017-10-31 [BWI]

Qatar Qatari labor reforms could end 'Modern Day Slavery' for migrant workers 2017-10-26 [Huff Po]

Nepal 1300 Nepali migrant workers laid off in Qatar 2017-10-16 [The Kathmandu Post]

Qatar Company in China to manufacture smart jackets for workers in Qatar 2017-10-13 [China Daily ]

Qatar Nearly 50k Nepali workers set to miss Qatar training 2017-10-08 [Kathmandu Post]

Qatar Human rights group calls for workers to be protected from lethal heat 2017-09-29 [Reuters]

Qatar Officials Deny Human Rights Watch Claim 2017-09-29 [NewsBeatSocial]

Qatar FIFA urged to protect 800,000 workers from desert heat 2017-09-27 [AFP]

Qatar Construction worker from Nepal sacked after he spoke to UN in Qatar 2017-09-27 [Arab News]

Qatar The Boyfriend System: Migrant Life in Qatar 2017-09-06 [Rappler ]

Qatar BMKQ General Assembly affirms commitment to Filipino migrant worker rights 2017-08-16 [BWI]

Qatar Doha conference offers solidarity with Al Jazeera journalists amid calls for media freedom and workers' rights 2017-07-27 [IFJ]

Middle East Al-Jazeerah head backs some form of trade union in Doha 2017-07-26 [Middle East Eye]

Qatar Journalists, NGO's slam Saudi threats to close Al-Jazeerah 2017-07-26 [Middle East Eye]

Qatar World Cup Workers In Qatar To Receive More ‘Cooling Technologies’ 2017-07-15 [Sport Techie]

Qatar Union in Germany praises Qatar on improvements for welfare workers 2017-07-05 [Gulf Times]

Qatar Closure of Al Jazeera among conditions to end Qatar crisis 2017-06-29 [IFJ]

UK Aviation authority urged to block British Airways leasing Qatari aircraft to cover strike 2017-06-23 [Unite]

UK Stop attacking Al Jazeera, demands NUJ 2017-06-17 [NUJ]

Qatar Diplomatic rift in Gulf squeezes business, putting rights of migrant workers at risk 2017-06-15 [Business and Human Rights Resource Centre]

Asia South Asian Workers in Qatar, the ‘Forgotten Victims’ in Gulf Crisis 2017-06-15 [The Wire]

Qatar State silence months after British man’s death while working on World Cup stadium 2017-06-13 [Al-Arabia]

Nepal Fewer Nepalis seeking work permit for Qatar 2017-06-12 [The Himalayan Times]

Nepal Nepali migrant workers have not been affected by diplomatic crisis in Qatar 2017-06-12 [The Himalayan Times]

Nepal Nepali migrant worker dies in Qatar 2017-04-17 [The Kathmandu Post]

Qatar Dar Al Sharq labour conference on May 1 2017-04-10 [thepeninsulaqatar]

Qatar World Cup workers 'can work 148 days without a break' 2017-04-09 [GCR]

Qatar World Cup organisers welcome auditor report on worker conditions 2017-04-09 [PTI]

Qatar Progress being made on workers' rights, says Qatar 2022 chief 2017-04-07 [arabianbusiness]

Qatar Qatar World Cup workers pay recruitment fees, work 18-hour days: report 2017-04-06 [zawya]

Qatar Labor Expert Urges Caution Before Workers Sent to Qatar 2017-04-03 [ VOA]

Qatar Migrant workers unable to leave despite labour reforms 2017-03-30 [Reuters]

Qatar Migrant Labor Issues Are Bigger Than the World Cup 2017-03-30 [WPR]

Qatar Qatar Foundation looks at job cuts amid low oil, gas prices 2017-03-28 [The Himalayan Times]

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