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Portugal Partial strike action will continue to affect Tagus ferry rush hour crossings 2017-03-30 [Portugal News]

Portugal Government approves sale of 5% of TAP to employees 2017-03-30 [Portugal News]

Portugal Opposition party proposes measures for equal pay - including public name and shame 2017-03-08 [Portugal News]

Portugal Immigration officials call off strike 2016-08-02 [The News]

Portugal Airport handling union calls 3-day strike for July, demands state intervention 2016-06-09 [The News]

Portugal Airport ground handlers announce strike action 2016-05-13 [The News]

Portugal Teachers hit hard by austerity 2016-05-08 [Education International]

Portugal Lisbon taxi drivers' Uber protest brings traffic to a crawl 2016-04-30 [DW]

Ireland Portuguese man says working in Ireland was like being ‘in prison’ 2016-03-31 [Irish Times]

Portugal TAP unions expect workers to buy all 5% stake 2016-02-22 [News]

Portugal Town keeps red flag flying 2016-02-07 [Politico]

Portugal Lisbon dock workers, port operators to end three-year dispute 2016-01-15 [The News]

Portugal Public sector threatens Socialist government with strike 2016-01-12 [The Mail]

Portugal Galp Workers Union Calls Off Monday Strike and Goes to Court 2015-12-28 [Rigzone]

Portugal Minimum wage set to increase despite concerns 2015-12-23 [Deutsche Welle]

Portugal Six-day metro strike shelved 2015-12-08 [The News]

Portugal Portugal: austerity interrupted…but for how long? 2015-12-08 [Equal Times]

Portugal Portugal’s new social and political context 2015-11-23 [GLC]