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Palestine Shaher Saad mourns trade unionist and of the People's Party Nabil Al-Azza 2022-08-20 [PGFTU]

Palestine Jenin governor meets women's department 2022-08-19 [PGFTU]

Palestine Saad: Condemns Israel's decision to close Palestinian human rights institutions 2022-08-18 [PGFTU]

Palestine National dialogue workshop on roles and responsibilities for the adoption of ILO convention 190 2022-08-11 [PGFTU]

Palestine Middle East Regional Office: Urgent statement regarding the recent Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip in occupied Palestine 2022-08-10 [WFTU]

USA National Nurses United condemns Gaza bombardment 2022-08-10 [National Nurses United]

Palestine DWRC discusses a guideline draft for the Ministry of Health’s inspectors with representatives of different ministries 2022-08-06 [DWRC]

Palestine Gaza employees' union rejects any reduction in salary ratio 2022-07-23 [Ma'an]

Palestine Dr Shawky Sobha (Independent Candidate) list wins doctors union 2022-06-04 [Ma'an]

South Africa COSATU, ANC, SACP and Africa for Palestine to picket at Israel Embassy in Pretoria 2022-06-02 [COSATU]

Palestine IFJ, PJS and Palestinian Rights Group to submit new complaint to ICC regarding killing of journalist Shireen Abu Akleh and shooting of Ali Samoudi 2022-05-28 [IFJ]

Palestine Shaher Saad: The Nakba is a story of the Palestinian worker as well 2022-05-20 [PGFTU]

Israel Record Number of Workers from Gaza Enter Israel to Work 2022-05-19 [Davar]

Palestine The Democracy and Workers' Rights Center in Palestine strongly condemns the killing of Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh 2022-05-16 [DWRC]

Palestine WFTU statement on the 74th anniversary of Nakba Day 2022-05-16 [WFTU]

UK Northern Ireland Shireen Abu Aqla: NI journalists condemn killing 2022-05-15 [BBC]

Palestine Trade union movement demands justice following killing of Palestinian reporter Shireen Abu Akleh 2022-05-13 [IFJ]

South Africa SAFTU condemns killing of Shireen Abu Akleh by Israeli military forces 2022-05-12 [SAFTU]

Palestine ITUC condemns the killing of journalist by Israeli security forces 2022-05-12 [ITUC]

Palestine Palestine rejects Israeli probe into Abu Akleh killing 2022-05-12 [Al-Jazeerah]

Palestine Saad: Warns of the consequences of the deadly pursuits of workers by the Israeli Occupation Army 2022-05-11 [PGFTU]

Palestine Ramallah council meets with undersecretary of the department of refugee affairs 2022-05-10 [PGFTU]

Ukraine MAAN stands in solidarity with Ukraine 2022-05-07 [MAAN]

Palestine Occupation army celebrates May 1st in Jerusalem 2022-05-07 [PGFTU]

Palestine Statement issued by the General Union of Palestinian Trade Unions on the occassion of May 1, World Worker's Day 2022-05-01 [PGFTU]

Palestine 'Initiative': Supporting workers as the basis of national resilience 2022-05-01 [Ma'an]

Palestine Palestinian workers subject to all forms of 'targeting' as a result of the seige 2022-05-01 [Ma'an]

Palestine Statement issued by the General Union of Palestinian Trade Unions on the occassion of May 1, World Worker's Day 2022-04-30 [PGFTU]

Palestine WFTU statement on Palestinian Prisoner's Day 2022-04-17 [WFTU]

Palestine Minimum Wage Boost in Palestine Big First Step for Workers 2022-04-11 [Solidarity Center]

Palestine Yatta council hold election for wokrers union in Yatta municipality 2022-04-10 [PGFTU]

Palestine Committee set up to study high fuel prices 2022-04-10 [Palestinian General Federation of Trade Union]

Palestine MAAN's field report on the Atarot industrial zone in Jerusalem has now appeared: “Palestinian workers demand their rights and unionize.” 2022-04-03 [MAAN Workers Association]

Palestine Atarot Industrial Zone in Jerusalem Workers demand their rights and start to organize - the full report 2022-04-03 [MAAN Workers Association]

Palestine WFTU on the occassion of Palestinian Land Day, 30th March 2022 2022-03-30 [WFTU]

Israel Israel to boost number of Palestinian workers from Gaza, Gantz says 2022-03-28 [Times Of Israel]

Israel Report: Israel set to raise Gazan work permit limit to 20,000 2022-03-27 [i24NEWS]

Palestine Palestinian workers in Israel to start getting their wages through Arab banks located in the West Bank 2022-03-23 [WAFA]

Palestine International Women's Day: Israel killed 66 women in Gaza including 22 minors in one year 2022-03-10 [Palestinian Chronicle]

Israel Bennett urges ‘smooth' integration of Palestinian tech workers at Israeli companies 2022-03-03 [Times of Israel]

Palestine Take action to help end corporate complicity in the occupation of Palestine 2022-02-22 [TUC]

Israel Trade union alliance urges UN to update list of firms linked to Israeli settlements 2022-02-13 [The New Arab]

Palestine Stop the illegal eviction of Palestinian families from Sheikh Jarrah 2022-02-02 [All India Central Council of Trade Unions]

South Africa Striking Clover workers: defending jobs and wages, fighting Israeli capital, building solidarity with Palestine 2022-02-02 [Left Voice]

Palestine Israel's detaining 17 Palestinian journalists, media staff: NGO 2022-01-24 [Online Palestine]

Australia MUA Backs Sydney Festival Artist-Boycott on Palestine and Calls for More Action 2022-01-20 [MUA]

Palestine The WFTU reiterates its solidarity for Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails 2022-01-17 [WFTU]

Palestine DWRC contributes in developing the media and life-skills of women's grassroots organizations 2022-01-15 [DWRC]

Palestine Jewish settlers accompanied by Israeli soldiers attack Palestinian TV crew 2022-01-15 [Palestinian Chronicle]

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