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Bangladesh Pakistan Food Workers' Federation condemns killing of workers in Bangladesh fire tragedy, calls on Shezan International to take responsibility 2021-08-02 [IUF Asia/Pacific]

Pakistan COVID-19 vaccination awareness campaign for women farm workers in Pakistan 2021-08-02 [IUF Asia/Pacific]

Pakistan IFJ and IRADA launch landmark review of Pakistan media labour laws 2021-07-15 [IFJ]

Pakistan IRADA and IFJ to launch major review of Pakistan's labour laws at webinar on Tuesday July 13 2021-07-10 [IFJ]

Pakistan FIA Counter-Terrorism Wing serves notice to anchorperson 2021-07-06 [IFJ]

Pakistan FIA summons journalist for critical reporting 2021-06-25 [IFJ]

Pakistan Sindh Governor rejects journalist protection bill 2021-06-25 [IFJ]

Pakistan Report highlights serious flaws in Mujahid's murder investigation 2021-06-18 [IFJ]

Pakistan The fatally hazardous environment in Pakistan's largely unregulated coal mines 2021-06-02 [IndustriALL]

Pakistan Talk show host suspended following military pressure 2021-06-02 [IFJ]

Pakistan Does the IFC still have the leverage to push for labour rights? 2021-05-06 [Equal Times]

Pakistan Gig workers 2021-05-02 [Dawn]

Pakistan Report: Roadblocks, Solutions to Ending Bonded Labor in Pakistan Brick Kilns For more info 2021-04-02 [Solidarity Center]

Canada IWD 2021 – Malala Yousafzai- Pakistan 2021-03-07 [IAMAW]

Pakistan Sindh protesters vandalise Jang-Geo office 2021-02-25 [IFJ]

Pakistan Man accused of beheading Daniel Pearl set to walk free 2021-02-02 [IFJ]

Pakistan Health workers call off strike in Lakki Marwat 2021-01-26 [The News]

Pakistan PEMRA suspends 24NewsHD's satellite broadcast 2021-01-15 [IFJ]

Pakistan BWI To IFC: Explain mass termination at Pakistani hydropower project 2020-12-23 [BWI]

Pakistan BWI To IFC: Explain mass termination at Pakistani hydropower project 2020-12-23 [BWI]

Pakistan Boohoo selling clothes made by Pakistani workers 'who earned 29p an hour' 2020-12-23 [The Guardian]

Pakistan Boohoo selling clothes made by Pakistani workers 'who earned 29p an hour' 2020-12-23 [The Guardian]

Pakistan AUPE writes to the High Commissioner for Pakistan 2020-12-20 [AUPE]

Pakistan Significant step forward for homebased workers in Sindh, Pakistan 2020-12-18 [IndustriALL]

Pakistan Workers' rally slams govt's policies, seeks end to ‘protection of major investors' 2020-11-30 [Dawn]

Pakistan Mineworkers in Karak protest price hike 2020-11-09 [Dawn]

Pakistan Protest for Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman's release continues 2020-11-01 [The News]

Pakistan PEMRA suspends 24NewsHD's satellite broadcast 2020-10-28 [IFJ]

Pakistan State-owned Radio Pakistan sacks 749 media workers 2020-10-24 [IFJ]

Pakistan Eight years after the Ali Enterprises factory fire in Pakistan, victims and their families are still fighting for justice 2020-10-19 [Equal Times]

Pakistan Pakistan women rise against anti-women tendencies in media 2020-09-30 [IndustriALL]

Pakistan Electricity workers in Pakistan demand safety Add to favourites Read this article in: English 17 September, 2020From 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020, at least 53 electricity workers were killed at work, and many suffered severe injuries disabling them 2020-09-17 [IndustriALL]

Pakistan Women enraged at Motorway rape stage protest, seek justice for victim 2020-09-13 [Dawn]

Pakistan PEMRA imposes 24NewsHD's shutdown 2020-09-09 [IFJ]

Pakistan 22 mineworkers killed in Pakistan 2020-09-09 [IndustriALL]

Pakistan Women Unite Against Digital Abuse 2020-09-09 [IFJ]

Pakistan Alert: Pakistani Female journalist murdered 2020-09-07 [IFJ]

Pakistan Senate passes ‘Press Council Bill 2020' and ‘PEMRA ordinance' 2020-08-28 [IFJ]

Pakistan TMA workers observe strike against official's transfer 2020-08-18 [Dawn]

Pakistan Working class marks Independence Day 2020-08-15 [The News]

Pakistan IFC accepts BWI labour's complaint vs. Karot Hydropower Project 2020-08-11 [BWI]

Pakistan Drug dealer attacks Daily Sahafat journalist 2020-08-11 [IFJ]

Pakistan Express News journalist attacked for a report on social media 2020-07-24 [IFJ]

Pakistan Rights of 3,000 workers threatened, Pakistani union files complaint vs hydropower project 2020-07-11 [BWI]

Pakistan Journalists covering quarantine centre tortured near Afghan border 2020-06-29 [IFJ]

Pakistan IFALPA and IFATCA on Pakistan International Airlines Flight 8303 Preliminary Report 2020-06-27 [IFALPA]

Pakistan Millions of Pakistani laborers struggle amid COVID-19 lockdown 2020-06-18 [AA]

Pakistan Coronavirus: Pakistani Govt Lays off Thousands of Workers to Revive Economy 2020-06-08 [The Wire]

Pakistan Fast fashion: Pakistan garment workers fight for rights amid Covid-19 crisis 2020-06-05 [The Guardian]

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