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Asia Federation of Asia Pacific journalists formed at IFJ Congress 2022-06-04 [IFJ]

Asia Unions and Civil Society React to Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) Member Countries Announcement 2022-06-01 [PSI]

Pacific RSE scheme needs an overhaul-Green Party MP 2022-05-21 [Radio New Zealand]

Asia Strategies to address child labour in artisanal fisheries and aquaculture 2022-05-20 [IUF Asia/Pacific]

Pacific Abused RSE workers in Australia too afraid to speak out 2022-05-16 [Radio New Zealand International]

Pacific Union calls out Australian wool industry push for cheap Pacific labour 2022-05-13 [Radio New Zealand International]

Australia In Oceania, Aspen Medical expose raises serious concerns 2022-05-05 [PSI]

Asia 30th UNI Asia and Pacific Executive Committee Meeting strengthens strategic goals, policy work and advocacy efforts 2022-04-27 [UNI Global Union]

Australia Victoria Foreign farm workers left with just $100 after week's work as employer makes major deductions 2022-03-13 [ABC]

Asia Living and working conditions of educators severely impacted by the pandemic 2021-12-04 [EI]

Pacific SWIDT-Bunga 2021-12-01 [Youtube]

Asia Global union federations in Asia Pacific urge to end the “vaccine apartheid” 2021-11-27 [EI]

Pacific TEU welcomes Toeolesulusulu Damon Salesa as world's first Pasifika vice-chancellor of a university outside the Pacific nations 2021-11-16 [TEU-Te Hautu Kahurangi]

Pacific Fiji, Phillipines urged to do more for seafarers 2021-11-11 [Radio New Zealand International]

New Zealand Can the Taranaki 2050 Roadmap create a blueprint for just transition and social dialogue in New Zealand? 2021-10-22 [Equal Times]

Asia Educators in Asia-Pacific call for an urgent commitment to quality climate change education 2021-10-16 [EI]

New Zealand Pay gap for Pasifika women largest in NZ 2021-10-12 [Radio New Zealand]

Asia Teach for the Planet: Asia-Pacific educators campaign for climate change education for all 2021-10-12 [Education International]

Pacific How Cuban medical training helped Pacific nations face the pandemic 2021-09-23 [Radio New Zealand International]

Australia Pacific Island meat workers on $9 an hour after wage deductions 2021-09-13 [Sydney Morning Herald]

New Zealand Quarantine free travel for vaccinated Pacific seasonal workers from next month 2021-09-11 [Radio New Zealand]

Asia UNI Apro MEI Conference commits to growing strong media unions to tackle post-pandemic challenges 2021-08-31 [UNI Global Union]

New Zealand Ardern announces RSE workers allowed one-way quarantine-free travel 2021-08-03 [Radio New Zealand]

New Zealand Government to formerly apologize for dawn raids-Jacinda Ardern 2021-06-14 [Radio New Zealand]

Pacific Nauru leader defends USP council decision to reappoint Ahluwalia 2021-06-12 [Radio New Zealand International]

New Zealand Pacifika encouraged to get Covid-19 vaccine 2021-03-23 [NZNO-Toputanga Tapuhi Kaitiaki o Aotearoa]

Fiji Fiji speaker disallows debate on Ahluwalia's deportaton 2021-02-08 [Radio New Zealand International]

Fiji A move to Samoa floated for USP following Fiji uncertaintly 2021-02-04 [Radio New Zealand International]

New Zealand Cruise ship denied entry to NZ low on fuel with storm on horizon 2021-02-01 [Radio New Zealand]

Pacific This Steinlager ad distorts the truth about the anti-nuclear protest in the Pacific 2020-12-16 [The Spinoff]

New Zealand Human RIghts Commission launches inquiry into Pacific pay disparity 2020-12-07 [Radio New Zealand]

New Zealand 'This is urgent': Fed-up employment comissioner launches enquiry in low pay for Pacific workers 2020-12-06 [Stuff]

New Zealand Kiwi's being turned down for fruit-picking jobs 2020-12-05 [Radio New Zealand]

New Zealand Komiti Pasefika supports RSE changes 2020-11-27 [NZCTU-Te Kauae Kamahi]

New Zealand 'Why have we been forgotten?': Jacinda Ardern asked to move faster on pay equity for Pasifika 2020-11-17 [Stuff]

Asia IFJ Impunity Campaign Asia Pacific Statement 2020 2020-11-03 [IFJ]

New Zealand Pacific community come out in force during Covid-19 testing 2020-08-23 [Radio New Zealand]

Pacific Melanesia: New report highlights increasingly hostile media environment 2020-08-10 [IFJ]

Asia BWI releases full Asia Pacific report on COVID-19 2020-06-03 [BWI]

Pacific IMO issues plans to free seafareres around Pacific and beyond 2020-05-10 [Radio New Zealand]

Asia May Day video messages from UNI Apro Youth, Women, and Affiliates 2020-05-07 [UNI Global Union]

Asia EI Asia-Pacific Regional Committee adopts statement on COVID-19 2020-05-05 [Education International]

Asia Education leaders highlight challenges around rights, climate, and privatisation 2020-02-15 [EI]

New Zealand Pacific migrant workers can now access measles vaccine in New Zealand 2019-12-22 [Radio New Zealand]

New Zealand 'We must change our policies of ignorance and neglect' 2019-12-06 [PSA-Te Pukenga Here Tikanga Mahi]

Asia Asia Pacific Regional Women's Committee Calls for Ratification of C190 2019-12-05 [BWI]

Pacific Teachers in Pacific feel the strain amid commercialization of education 2019-10-22 [Radio New Zealand International]

Asia Education unionists in Asia-Pacific put forward recommendations to advance SDG4 and professional teaching standards 2019-10-09 [Education International]

New Zealand Melani Anae: 'We said we weren't going to take it anymore' 2019-09-15 [Radio New Zealand]

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