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Myanmar Two Women Union Leaders Arrested in Myanmar; Total Now 20+ For more info 2021-04-29 [Solidarity Center]

Australia Unions want more government pressure on Myanmar's military rulers 2021-04-22 [The Times]

Myanmar ANZ Bank CEO refuses to condemn the violence in Myanmar 2021-04-21 [UNI Global Union]

New Zealand Unions call on government to halt ratifying trade agreement with Myanmar 2021-04-20 [NZCTU-Te Kauae Kamahi]

Myanmar BWI backs Myanmar's National Unity Government 2021-04-19 [BWI]

Myanmar Myanmar trade unions fighting to protect workers rights during military crackdown 2021-04-01 [China Labor Bulletin]

Myanmar Five journalists detained in separate raids 2021-03-31 [IFJ]

Myanmar Myanmar forces kill over 100 in deadliest day since coup 2021-03-27 [Associated Press]

Myanmar AP journalist released by authorities 2021-03-26 [IFJ]

Myanmar Myanmar Workers Shut Down Country to Demand Democracy For more info 2021-03-23 [Solidarity Center]

Myanmar Workers Killed in Myanmar as Crackdown Intensifies For more info 2021-03-19 [Solidarity Center]

Myanmar Pro democracy protesters don't relent in face of deadly crackdown 2021-03-18 [National Herald]

Myanmar Brutal crackdown in Hlaing Tharyar leaves at least 18 dead 2021-03-16 [Myanmar Now]

Myanmar Global union watchdog reports abuses of workers' rights to ILO 2021-03-16 [Reuters]

Myanmar Defiant garment workers demand that fashion pay attention 2021-03-13 [NY Times]

Myanmar IndustriALL urges companies to guarantee fundamental rights in Myanmar 2021-03-12 [IndustriALL]

Myanmar Police surround protesters and raid compound in Yangon 2021-03-11 [The Guardian]

Myanmar UN rebukes Myanmar's military over violent protest clampdown 2021-03-11 [RTL]

Myanmar Myanmar: Unions call extended national work stoppage 2021-03-11 [ITUC]

Myanmar BWI supports the Burmese trade unions' extended general strike 2021-03-10 [BWI]

Myanmar More journalists detained, media offices raided in Yangon 2021-03-10 [IFJ]

Myanmar Security forces raid compound of striking rail workers 2021-03-10 [Reuters/Daily Maverick]

Myanmar Myanmar: Unions Organize General Strike as Military Violently Cracks Down For more info 2021-03-09 [Solidarity Center]

Burma Burmese Union Federations Call for International Support Against Coup 2021-03-06 [Labor Notes]

Myanmar Myanmar security forces kill at least 33 protestors, local media reports 2021-03-03 [Stuff]

Myanmar Myanmar protests live: At least 16 deaths as police fire live rounds 2021-03-01 [FrontierMyanmar]

Myanmar Myanmar coup: Deadliest day of protests as police open fire 2021-03-01 [BBC]

Myanmar Myanmar: general strike against the coup! 2021-02-28 [Workersliberty]

Myanmar Myanmar workers and unions on the front line in fight against coup 2021-02-28 [Labor Notes]

Myanmar Myanmar coup: Protestors defy military warning in general strike 2021-02-23 [BBC]

Myanmar Nationwide strike for democracy in Myanmar 2021-02-22 [IndustriALL]

Myanmar Millions expected to join general strike in Myanmar on Monday to oppose regime 2021-02-22 [The Irrawaddy]

Myanmar ACT brands condemn Myanmar coup 2021-02-19 [IndustriALL]

Myanmar Myanmar's cyber security law threatens democracy and labour movement 2021-02-18 [IndustriALL]

Myanmar BWI's open letter to Military Attaches in the Embassies of Myanmar 2021-02-17 [BWI]

Myanmar BWI's open letter to Military Attaches in the Embassies of Myanmar 2021-02-17 [BWI]

Myanmar Military tightens media restrictions, targets journalists 2021-02-17 [IFJ]

Myanmar Garment workers leader heads up protest against Myanmar coup 2021-02-16 [Thompson Reuters Foundation]

Myanmar ‘We Can Bring Down the Regime': Myanmar's Protesting Workers Are Unbowed 2021-02-15 [NYTimes]

Australia Solidarity With Myanmar 2021-02-15 [We Are Union]

Australia Free Dr Sean Turnell! 2021-02-15 [NTEU]

Australia Free Dr Sean Turnell 2021-02-15 [ACTU]

Myanmar Army faces crippling mass strike as hundreds of thousands protest 2021-02-15 [NBC News]

Myanmar PEFC on the current situation in Myanmar 2021-02-15 [BWI]

Australia MEAA supports democracy in Myanmar 2021-02-13 [MEAA]

Nigeria Day of the Global action against the military coup in Myanmar: NLC condemns coup in Myanmar and urges respect for democracy and human rights in Myanmar 2021-02-12 [Nigerian Labour Congress]

Myanmar Global unions ramp up pressure on governments and corporations to isolate Myanmar military junta 2021-02-11 [TUAC]

Myanmar PEFC on the current situation in Myanmar 2021-02-10 [BWI]

Myanmar Global unions ramp up pressure to isolate Myanmar military junta 2021-02-10 [BWI]

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