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Morocco Five Unions Call for National March to Protest Government’s Policy in Social dialogue 2016-03-28 [Morocco World News]

Morocco Liquidation of Moroccan oil refinery a ‘catastrophe’ 2016-03-23 [IndustriALL]

Morocco Women trade unionists in Morocco unite to influence equality legislation 2016-03-18 [IndustriALL]

Morocco Crown evicts workers from Moroccan plant 2016-03-18 [IndustriALL]

Morocco National Syndicate of the Moroccan Press President sued for defamation 2016-03-03 [IFJ]

Morocco Unions aim to block pension reform in Parliment 2016-02-29 [NY Times]

Morocco authorities continue to target journalists 2016-02-27 [Equal Times]

Morocco Unions stage strike over pension reform bill 2016-02-26 [MWC]

Morocco 39% Turnout for General Strike in Public Sector, Says Govt. 2016-02-26 [Morocco World News]

Morocco Workers Wage Successful Nationwide Strike in Morocco For more info 2016-02-25 [Solidarity Center]

Morocco General Strike in Morocco 2016-02-25 [allAfrica]

Morocco Moroccan journalists targeted by the authorities 2016-02-24 [Equal Times]

Morocco  The Union Busting That Goes Into Your Canned Fish 2016-02-18 [The Nation]

USA The Union Busting That Goes Into Your Canned Fish 2016-02-17 [The Nation]

Morocco Unions call for general strike on Feb. 24 2016-02-15 [Reuters]

Morocco Main Unions Announce 24-Hour National Strike on Feb.24 2016-02-15 [Morocco World News]

Morocco Stalemate continues at Morocco’s only oil refinery 2016-02-05 [IndustriALL]

Morocco Morocco Teacher Trainees March for Dignity and Justice For more info 2016-01-27 [Solidarity Center]

Morocco Royal Air Maroc hires workers in Guinea-Bissau 2016-01-01 [MacauHub]

Western Sahara Authorities Prevent a Press Conference of Unemployed Gradual Saharawis 2015-12-31 [Sahara Press Service]

Morocco Toxic shadow: phosphate miners in Morocco fear they pay a high price 2015-12-23 [Guardian]

Morocco Taxi Drivers Protest Against Uber 2015-12-22 [Gazette Review]

Morocco Casablanca Taxi Drivers Protest Against Uber 2015-12-22 [Morocco World News]

Morocco Thousands of Morocco public employees strike 2015-12-12 [Solidarity Center]

Western Sahara Occupation Authorities Violently Disperse Saharawi Unemployed Demonstration 2015-12-10 [Sahara Press Service]

Morocco Nation Among Top Three Countries With Highest Number of Unhappy Workers 2015-12-06 [Morocco World News]

Morocco Medical students decry working conditions 2015-12-06 [Maktoob]

Morocco More than 10,000 People Join Union Protest in Casablanca Against Gvt 2015-12-05 [Morocco World News]

Morocco Cotton visit supports Tunisia and Morocco affiliates 2015-11-06 [ITF]

Morocco Authorities Decide to Postpone ITUC Planned Mission to Occupied Territories of Western Sahara 2015-09-19 [Sahara Press Services]

Western Sahara Moroccan authorities block ITUC planned mission to occupied territories of Western Sahara 2015-09-12 [Sahara Press Service]

Morocco 13,700 Moroccan Call Center Workers Win Union For more info 2015-07-07 [Solidarity Center]

Morocco Peugeot plans new Morocco plant in bid to cut costs 2015-06-20 [Trade Arabia]

Western Sahara Peaceful Demonstration of Unemployed Saharawis Repressed in Occupied El Aaiun 2015-05-08 [ Sahara Press Service (El Aaiun) ]

Romania Dacia to shed jobs to increase competitiveness 2015-05-08 [UT]

Morocco SNCF: Moroccan Workers Demand Equal Rights with French Colleagues 2015-04-12 [Morocco World News]

Morocco Moroccan trade unionist to speak at MENA Solidarity conference in February 2015-01-18 [MENA Solidarity Network]

Morocco Journalist union members reject threats of violence and terrorism 2015-01-16 [Magharebia]

Morocco Government introduces unemployment benefits 2015-01-08 [Magharebia]