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Mexico Union ousted by Mexico General Motors employees, new one created 2021-08-22 [BNN]

Mexico Volkswagen's Mexico unit says strikes deal with union for 5.5% salary rise 2021-08-19 []

Mexico GM workers' union vote in Mexico tests new trade deal 2021-08-18 [Automotive News]

USA Mexican unions reject “intervention” by American unions 2021-08-16 [Daily Guardian]

Canada Unifor stands in solidarity with Mexican autoworkers 2021-08-12 [Unifor]

USA U.S. reaches deal with Mexican auto parts factory in USMCA labor complaint 2021-08-11 [Reuters]

Mexico US firm agrees to measures to ensure free union vote 2021-08-11 [The Free Press]

USA Mexican Workers on Border Get Vaccines to Aid Them, and the U.S. Economy 2021-07-27 [NYTimes]

USA AFL-CIO applauds USTR for addressing workers rights violations in Mexicao 2021-07-12 [AFL-CIO]

Mexico Canadian company and union agree to reopen mine in northern Mexico 2021-07-07 [Market Research]

Mexico Mexico Labor Reform May not be Enough for Auto Logistics Workers 2021-07-04 [Nacla]

Mexico GM Mexico Labor Dispute Headed for New Vote 2021-06-26 [The Detroit Bureau]

Mexico U.S. files labor complaint against Mexican factory under USMCA enforcement rules 2021-06-10 [The Leader-Post]

Mexico Fresh GM union vote in Mexico headed for delay - sources 2021-06-08 [Saltwire]

Mexico Volkswagen workers in Mexico empower union to call strike 2021-06-02 [Freight Waves]

Canada Dias calls for action in Mexico 2021-05-28 [Unifor]

Canada Dias calls for action at GM plant in Mexico 2021-05-27 [Unifor]

Canada Minister of Labour's statement regarding the allegations of vote tampering at a General Motors facility in Mexico 2021-05-24 [Employment and Social Development Canada]

Canada Canadian observers needed to oversee union vote at Mexican truck plant 2021-05-15 [Unifor]

USA AFL-CIO among unions fighting for Mexican workers denied independent union representation 2021-05-13 [Amsterdam News]

Mexico Gov't scraps tainted GM union vote, U.S. lawmakers warn of labor abuses 2021-05-12 [Saltwire]

USA U.S. unions lodge first Mexico labor grievance under new NAFTA 2021-05-11 [The Financial Post]

USA AFL-CIO to file complaint under US-Mexico free trade pact alleging Mexican factor abuse of workers 2021-05-10 [New York Times]

Canada Devastating Metro Train Crash in Mexico City Paints Bleak Picture of Dangers of P3s 2021-05-09 [ATU Canada]

Mexico Authorities warned of accident waiting to happen on Mexico City metro 2021-05-05 [ITF]

Mexico Union Vote Fixing Alleged at GM Plant 2021-04-27 [MBT]

Mexico GM’s Giant Pickup Factory in Mexico Embroiled in Labor Fight 2021-04-23 [Bloomberg]

Mexico Mexican union vote halted at GM plant; vote fixing alleged 2021-04-23 [AP]

Mexico Violent clashes as women fight femicide in Mexico 2021-03-09 [Radio New Zealand International]

Mexico Health and Economic Crisis in Mexico Hits Informal Sector Workers 2021-03-03 [Nacla]

Canada Support Our Striking Colleagues 2021-03-01 [CWA Canada]

Mexico COVID-19 issues feature in SNTE demands 2021-02-24 [EI]

Mexico IndustriALL demands justice for the victims of the Pasta de Conchos disaster 2021-02-23 [IndustriALL]

Mexico Aeromexico concludes two union negotiations in bankruptcy proceedings 2020-12-30 [Nasdaq]

Mexico Mexican workers sick at PPE supply factory 2020-12-23 [KGNS]

Mexico COVID-19 must be considered an occupational disease 2020-12-17 [Education International]

Mexico Labour policies a concern to trade panel 2020-12-16 [AO]

USA Independent panel says Mexico failed to reform its trade union and labor laws under NAFTA 2020-12-16 [New York Times]

Mexico Canada’s food workers’ Union to present Migrant Farm Workers report to Mexican Legislature 2020-12-10 [UFCW Canada]

Mexico Red tape, bad data and bribes endanger Mexico's workers 2020-11-27 [Thomson Reuters]

Mexico Union targets school dropouts during pandemic 2020-10-10 [EI]

Mexico Agreement enhances teaching and learning conditions in the higher education sector 2020-09-23 [Education International]

Mexico Mexico leads in health workers killed by COVID-19 2020-09-06 [Yucatan Times]

Mexico Oil union hints at strike on safety concerns 2020-09-02 [Argus]

Mexico Volkswagen Mexico agrees 5.5% hike in worker pay and benefits 2020-08-19 [Reuters]

USA Mexican families mourn workers claimed by Covid in the US 2020-08-07 [Guardian]

Mexico SNTE Proposals for a Safe Return to Classes 2020-08-05 [EI]

Mexico Mexico sheds another 83,000 tax-paying jobs in June 2020-07-13 [Reuters]

Mexico New Unionism for the Mining Sector 2020-07-11 [Mexico Business News]

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