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Mexico Mexico says auto industry must adhere to plant suspensions 2020-04-24 [Detroit News]

Mexico 'What's wrong with you Mexico?' Health workers attacked amid Covid-19 fears 2020-04-23 [Guardian]


Mexico Mexico Negotiates Reopening Borders For Some Workers And Industries 2020-04-23 [Fronteras]

Mexico IndustriALL calls on Mexican government to restore workers’ rights at Goodyear 2020-04-23 [IndustriALL]

Mexico Mexican Workers Strike For Paid Home Leave 2020-04-22 [Counterpunch]

Mexico COVID closed Mexican factories that supply US defense industry. The Pentagon wants them opened. 2020-04-21 [DefenseNews]

Mexico Mexico shuts down 14 maquiladoras for violating COVID-19 restrictions 2020-04-21 []

Mexico U.S. pressures Mexico to reopen plants amid worker walkouts 2020-04-21 [PBS]

Mexico Spirit of solidarity lives on during Mineros anniversary 2020-04-21 [USW]

Mexico Raul Rosales, maquiladora worker featured in story on coronavirus, dies at 57 2020-04-21 [Dallas Morning News]

Mexico Virus Cuts Through Mexican Factories Snubbing Shutdown 2020-04-20 [Intl Business Times]

Mexico Coronavirus in Mexico: Number of cases top 120 in Juárez, deaths rising 2020-04-20 [El Paso Times]

Mexico Factory workers in Juárez protest as virus continues to spread 2020-04-20 []

Mexico COPARMEX asks workers to unite and ask the government to pay part of their wages 2020-04-20 [Yucatan Times]

Mexico ‘If you don’t work you don’t eat’: Where lockdowns have extra sting 2020-04-20 [Christian Science Monitor]

Mexico Union wants mining operations to resume in May 2020-04-20 [Mining]

Mexico On the border, factory workers die and their families worry that U.S. companies aren’t doing enough 2020-04-19 [Dallas Morning News]

Mexico U.S. Factories in Mexico ares still open. As the coronavirus spreads, workers are dying. 2020-04-18 [Los Angeles Times]

Mexico Mexico urging maquiladoras to close as COVID-19 cases add up in Juarez 2020-04-17 [Border Report]

USA Arizona In Solidarity with Workers on Strike Against Asarco, and Condemning Grupo México's Violations of Labor, Human and Environmental Rights 2020-04-17 [AFL-CIO]

Mexico Protests erupt along Mexican border after Honeywell, Lear worker deaths 2020-04-16 [Reuters]

Mexico Mexico’s state oil company hasn’t paid hundreds of workers for months 2020-04-15 [Quartz]

Mexico Report: Mexican Agriculture Workers At Risk During COVID-19 Pandemic 2020-04-15 [Fronteras]

Mexico Coronavirus deaths are rising at border factories in Ciudad Juarez Mexico 2020-04-15 [Dallas Morning News]

Mexico U.S. industry lobbies Mexico to protect supply chains during pandemic 2020-04-15 [Reuters]

Mexico Mexico sees widespread noncompliance with business closures 2020-04-15 [AP]

Mexico Nurses at Mexico hospital hit by coronavirus say they were told to avoid masks 2020-04-14 [CNA]

Mexico Mexican workers illegally fired in pandemic face long wait without help 2020-04-09 [Thomson Reuters Foundation]

Mexico Mexico loses almost 350,000 jobs because of coronavirus 2020-04-08 [AP]

Mexico VW Mexico Worker Dies After Later Shutdown Than U.S. 2020-04-07 [Bloomberg]

Mexico Coronavirus protections lacking for Mexican farmworkers feeding the U.S. 2020-04-07 [Thomson Reuters Foundation]

Mexico The Legacy of Samir Flores, One Year Later 2020-02-18 [Nacla]

Mexico Mexico must ratify ILO C176 2020-02-18 [IndustriALL]

Mexico Mexicans building a feminist Internet face challenges 2020-02-12 [Opendemocracy]

USA Washington Washington Farm Workers Talk Working Conditions With Visiting Mexican Senators 2020-01-30 [NW News Network]

USA Mexico Union Threatens Home Depot Strike, Inspired by USMCA Trade Deal 2020-01-16 [NYTimes]

Mexico Mexico union threatens Home Depot strike, inspired by USMCA trade deal 2020-01-15 [Reuters]

Mexico In Mexico, the Threats and Failures of Pre-Trial Detention 2020-01-14 [NACLA]

Mexico López Obrador Calls for Changes at Mexico’s Powerful Oil Workers Union 2020-01-13 []

Mexico Mexico in 2019 Created Fewest Jobs Since Financial Crisis 2020-01-12 [Bloomberg]

Mexico Mining Union gains legal protection against illegal vote counting 2020-01-10 [BNA]

Mexico Electrical workers’ union members charge corruption among leadership 2020-01-07 [Mexico Daily]

Mexico “A Project for Life” in Mexico City 2020-01-06 [NACLA]

Mexico A Mexican Oligarch Is Undermining the New NAFTA 2019-12-26 [The American Prospect]

USA Will the USMCA change Mexico for the better? 2019-12-23 [Jordan Times]

Mexico Facing Delayed Wages, Non-Unionized Workers of Mexico City’s Institute of Fine Arts Stage Protest 2019-12-20 []

Mexico Mexicans Are Dubious Trump’s Trade Deal Will Boost Wages 2019-12-19 [Bloomberg]

USA Mexico gives in to labor provisions 2019-12-17 [Politico]

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