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Jordan Unemployment in Jordan rises to 18.2% 2017-06-03 [Middle East Monitor ]

Jordan Jordan vows 'immediate deportation' of illegal foreign workers 2017-04-17 [Zawya]

Jordan Labour protests rise by 22% in 2016 — report 2017-04-10 [jordantimes]

Jordan Migrant domestic workers in Jordan run the gauntlet between abuse and jail 2017-03-28 [The Guardian]

Jordan Private school teachers reach collective agreement with employers 2017-03-13 [Jordan Times ]

Jordan Employees at Royal Falcon Airlines demanding overdue salaries 2017-01-30 [Jordan Times]

Jordan Unifying guest worker fees could be harmful for agriculture sector, labourers, activists warn 2017-01-30 [Jordan Times]

Jordan Dozens of illegal Syrian workers caught in Amman 2016-11-20 [Jordan Times]

Jordan Illegal guest workers prohibited from wiring money abroad 2016-10-11 [Jordan Times]

Jordan Irbid electricity company employees protest to demand financial benefits 2016-09-11 [Jordan Times]

Jordan Association calls for improving public sector dentists’ working conditions 2016-09-11 [Jordan Times]

Jordan Jordan:69 thousand child laborers 44 thousands of them are engaged in hazardous work 2016-08-17 [Arab Trade Union Confederation]

Jordan An Experiment In Jordan’s Desert Aims To Provide Jobs For Syrian Refugees 2016-08-02 [Huffington Post]

Jordan Municipalities in hot areas reduce working hours for outdoor labourers 2016-06-18 [The Jordan Times]

Jordan Labour Ministry to release results of child labour survey 2016-06-01 [The Jordan Times]

Israel Hundreds of Jordanians to work in Israeli hotels 2016-05-13 [Associated Press]

Jordan King urges more efforts to serve Jordan as Kingdom marks Labour Day 2016-05-03 [The Jordan Times]

Jordan Queen, Crown Prince celebrate workers on their day 2016-05-03 [The Jordan Times]

Jordan Panel refers minimum wage issue to Cabinet 2016-04-26 [The Jordan Times]

Jordan Labour Ministry to organise ‘stand for safe work environment’ 2016-04-26 [The Jordan Times]

Jordan Unemployed Maanis claim solar projects hiring illegal guest workers' 2016-04-26 [The Jordan Times]

Jordan Women in senior public sector positions highlight challenges, achievements 2016-04-12 [Jordan Times]

Jordan Engineers syndicate plans to build resort in Ajloun’s Ras Munif 2016-04-12 [Jordan Times]

Jordan Aqaba clearance company workers protest new ‘dangerous’ location 2016-03-28 [Jordan Times]

Jordan Airline employees protest decision to fire colleague 2016-03-28 [Jordan Times]

Jordan Modest wages at gas stations blamed on low commission, high operation costs 2016-03-24 [Jordan Times]

Jordan Chamber of Commerce urges incentives for firms hiring local workers 2016-02-26 [The Jordan Times]

Palestine New work permit requirements outrage Palestinians in Jordan 2016-02-06 [Al-Monitor]

Jordan ‘ILO ready with plan to help refugees, hosts access decent jobs’ 2016-02-01 [The Jordan Times]

Jordan ILO chief to visit Jordan ahead of refugee donor meeting 2016-01-26 [The Jordan Times]

Jordan Teachers syndicate, students criticise move to hold one Tawjihi session every academic year 2015-12-13 [Jordan Times]

Jordan Man questioned over video of domestic helper abuse 2015-12-10 [The Jordan Times]

Jordan 6 Egyptian workers injured in restaurant fire in Amman 2015-12-10 [Egypt Independent]

Jordan The Zaatari camp: life in the middle of the desert 2015-12-09 [Equal Times]

Jordan Worker dies from smoke inhalation in Jordan 2015-12-08 [DNE]

Jordan Bedouins: the forgotten victims of the Syrian crisis 2015-12-01 [Equal Times]

Jordan Women make up 25% of engineers syndicate 2015-11-03 [The Jordan Times]

Jordan Syndicate welcomes move to examine tougher penalties against teachers’ assailants 2015-11-03 [The Jordan Times]

Jordan British director to bring film on child labour to Jordan 2015-10-28 [The Jordan Times]

Jordan Child labour ‘increasingly common’ among Syrians in Jordan — study - 2015-10-26 [Jordan Times]

Jordan ‘I Was a Garment Worker and I Know Exploitation’ For more info 2015-10-25 [Solidarity Center]