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Ireland Housing Ireland Conference programme 13 October 2023-10-08 [Irish Congress of Trade Unions]

Ireland Garda Commissioner to hold crunch talks to try break garda roster deadlock 2023-10-06 [DublinLive]

Ireland Police chief to meet officer representatives over rota row 2023-10-06 [BBC]

Ireland Lecturer objects to university’s gender identity policy which describes refusal to use pronouns as ‘unlawful’ 2023-10-06 [Irish Times]

Ireland PhD researchers take protest to Dáil Éireann 2023-10-06 [Irish Times]

UK Northern Ireland Bus and rail workers 'ready to strike' over lack of pay offer, union warns 2023-10-04 [ITV]

Ireland Bus Éireann services in Limerick set to resume 2023-10-02 [RTÉ]

Ireland There is time to resolve garda dispute - Minister 2023-10-02 [RTÉ]

Ireland ICTU group of unions announce strike action 2023-10-01 [Irish Congress of Trade Unions]

UK Northern Ireland Men's and women's footballers to get equal pay 2023-09-30 [BBC]

Ireland Living wage should rise to €14.80 per hour - technical group 2023-09-27 [RTÉ]

Ireland Public sector pay talks expected to begin in coming weeks 2023-09-27 [RTÉ]

Ireland Union members at AIB vote to accept cost-of-living payment 2023-09-27 [RTÉ]

Ireland Garda premises cleaners had no contracts WRC hears 2023-09-27 [RTÉ]

Ireland SIPTU demands childcare employers go further on pay 2023-09-26 [SIPTU]

Ireland Thousands of health, community workers to strike next month 2023-09-25 [RTÉ]

UK Northern Ireland PSNI experiencing ‘slight delay’ for non-emergency reports due to industrial action 2023-09-22 [Belfast Telegraph]

UK Northern Ireland Thousands of Unison, Unite and Nipsa members strike as part of pay dispute - health and social care workers in a 48-hour strike 2023-09-22 [Belfast News Letter]

UK Northern Ireland Strike action: Midwives join health workers on strike 2023-09-22 [BBC]

UK Northern Ireland Midwives using food banks as pay dispute continues, union says 2023-09-22 [RTÉ]

Ireland Rank and file gardaí refuse to enter talks with commissioner until new roster deferred 2023-09-22 [Irish Times]

Ireland Republic requires higher taxes and a bigger State, Ibec chief tells conference 2023-09-22 [Irish Times]

Ireland Strike at GMC to be suspended after Labour Court intervention 2023-09-22 [RTÉ]

Ireland X worker who allegedly liked tweets criticising Musk gets disciplinary action halted 2023-09-22 [RTÉ]

Ireland '3 different stories' from State to justify €37,000 pay differential between Prison Service directors 2023-09-22 [RTÉ]

Ireland Bookkeeper awarded €40,000 by WRC for unfair dismissal 2023-09-22 [RTÉ]

Ireland Hundreds of childcare providers could close in protest next week 2023-09-21 [RTÉ]

Ireland Shameful conditions of content moderators must be regulated 2023-09-15 [Labour Party]

UK Northern Ireland Trade unions call for 'crippling' Stormont debt to be written off 2023-09-15 [Belfast News Letter]

UK Northern Ireland More than 4,000 Unite members working in the NHS to strike for fair pay and safe staffing 2023-09-15 [Unite]

UK Northern Ireland Further education lecturers on strike from Monday 2023-09-15 [BBC]

Ireland 'Tone of vengeance' in political sphere about RTÉ, says union secretary 2023-09-14 []

Ireland Pilots at Aer Lingus Regional operator back union agreement 2023-09-09 [Irish Independent]

UK Northern Ireland Radiographers set to strike later this month over pay dispute 2023-09-09 [BelfastLive]

Ireland Urgent calls for wording of gender equality referendums 2023-09-07 [RTE]

UK Northern Ireland Twin protests planned in Belfast against union-busting by construction company Murphy International Ltd 2023-09-06 [Unite]

Ireland SIPTU welcomes new ERO for contract security industry 2023-09-06 [SIPTU]

Ireland Sacking of Lidl worker for handing out yoghurt drinks found to be ‘disproportionate’ 2023-09-06 [Irish Times]

Ireland Lidl Ireland ordered to pay worker €4,000 for unfair dismissal 2023-09-06 [RTÉ]

UK Northern Ireland PFNI chair ‘disgusted and angry’ that chief constable is considering appeal against judicial review ruling 2023-09-01 [Police Professional]

UK Northern Ireland Trade union representing PSNI civilian staff considering a confidence vote in Chief Constable 2023-09-01 [Belfast News Letter]

Ireland Unite members submit 13% pay claim at Permanent TSB 2023-09-01 [RTÉ]

Ireland SIPTU wants €200m extra in budget for pay rises for early education providers and education schemes 2023-09-01 [Irish Times]

Ireland Unite rejects claim of unlawful picket at glass plant 2023-09-01 [RTÉ]

Ireland Statement by Iceland Workers on Examiner�s Report to the Courts 2023-08-25 [IWU]

Ireland SIPTU calls for Tánaiste to intervene to save Cork's 'vital' Before 5 Family Centre 2023-08-24 [SIPTU]

Ireland Financial Services Union and Permanent TSB agree union recognition for managers 2023-08-24 [Irish Times]

Ireland Garda Commissioner says GRA no-confidence vote will 'resolve nothing' 2023-08-24 [RTÉ]

Ireland Man given €22k after employer relationship became 'toxic' 2023-08-24 [RTÉ]

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