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Ireland Government’s ‘surprise’ at job losses under scrutiny 2019-10-24 [Irish Examiner]

Ireland SIPTU plans to ballot health staff for strike over pay restoration 2019-10-24 [Irish Times]

Ireland Up to 200 contractors could lose jobs at Cork Novartis plant, Dáil hears 2019-10-24 [Irish Times]

Ireland INM announces closure of west Dublin printing plant 2019-10-24 [RTÉ]

Ireland Labour Court recommends union recognition for Stryker workers 2019-10-23 [SIPTU]

Ireland School secretary action suspended for WRC talks 2019-10-23 [Fórsa]

Ireland Munster's labour movement and the independence struggle: A regional exception? 2019-10-23 []

Ireland Retired ESB staff to protest over pension freeze 2019-10-23 []

Ireland School staff regularly physically hurt by pupils, report reveals 2019-10-23 []

Ireland Up to 320 people set to lose jobs at Cork Novartis plant 2019-10-23 [Irish Times]

Ireland Up to 500 jobs lost as Shannon-based Molex to close 2019-10-23 [RTÉ]

Ireland Transport workers reviewing 'notorious blackspots' for antisocial behaviour over Halloween 2019-10-22 [Irish Examiner]

Ireland New pay deal for Donegal supermarket chain workers 2019-10-22 [Donegal Democrat]

Ireland Construction site deaths up this year 2019-10-21 [Irish Times]

Ireland Dublin vigil to mark the murder of Jamal Khashoggi 2019-10-17 [NUJ]

Ireland Bord na Móna Midlands transition ideas 'built on sand' 2019-10-17 [Midlands 103]

Ireland Speed camera van workers to conduct 72-hour work stoppage on October bank holiday 2019-10-17 [SIPTU]

Ireland Speed camera operators to strike over October bank holiday weekend 2019-10-17 [Irish Times]

Ireland ‘Ever-expanding workload’ turning teachers off becoming principals 2019-10-17 [Irish Times]

Ireland Dublin council workers moved from certain areas due to threats from criminals 2019-10-17 [Irish Times]

Ireland Public Expenditure Minister raised concerns with Health Minister over invite to talks on hospital consultants’ pay 2019-10-17 [Ìrish Times]

Ireland Fine Gael and Fianna Fail are failing low-paid workers - TD 2019-10-16 [Waterford Live]

UK Northern Ireland Bar staff tips won't be protected by new law thanks to Stormont suspension 2019-10-16 [BelfastLive]

Ireland Disclosures Tribunal hears how Garda whistleblower went 'AWOL' during four-day drinking binge 2019-10-16 [Irish Examiner]

UK Northern Ireland Former north-east trade union boss returns to homeland for special talk 2019-10-14 [The Press and Journal]

Ireland Employers called on to incorporate menopause into sickness policies 2019-10-14 [Irish Examiner]

Ireland Union chief urges establishment of new social dialogue system 2019-10-10 [Irish Times]

Ireland Social dialogue could overcome government policy failures 2019-10-10 [Fórsa]

Ireland SIPTU conference told that Brexit ‘backstop’ is vital for workers 2019-10-10 [SIPTU]

Ireland Always-on: One in four workers expected to answer calls or emails outside office hours 2019-10-10 [Irish Examiner]

UK Northern Ireland Health chief warns 'something has to give' 2019-10-10 [BBC]

UK Northern Ireland Wrightbus: owner unable to reach deal to sell Ballymena firm 2019-10-10 [BBC]

UK Northern Ireland Rescue deal for Wrightbus rejected by company controlled by founder’s son 2019-10-10 []

Ireland Clerical officer loses appeal over entitlement to higher pay 2019-10-10 [Irish Times]

Ireland Childcare workers and some lone parents dismayed at €94m package 2019-10-10 [Irish Times]

UK Northern Ireland 'Decision day' for troubled Wrightbus 2019-10-10 [RTÉ]

Ireland Next 48 hours critical to saving 1,200 Wrightbus workers jobs as negotiations move to stage of exclusivity 2019-10-10 [Unite the Union]

Ireland 30 cent minimum wage increase deferred due to threat of no-deal Brexit 2019-10-09 [The Journal]

Ireland SIPTU: Plans to increase pension age ‘unfair’ 2019-10-09 [Irish Examiner]

Ireland SIPTU members condemn cruel and unjust Government freeze on the minimum wage 2019-10-09 [SIPTU]

Ireland SIPTU to escalate childcare campaign after failure of Budget 2020 to address crisis 2019-10-09 [SIPTU]

Ireland SIPTU criticises contradictory and regressive Budget 2019-10-09 [SIPTU]

Ireland SIPTU conference calls on Government to lift health service recruitment embargo 2019-10-09 [SIPTU]

Ireland Concern over 250 Aer Lingus jobs after partnership announcement 2019-10-09 [RTÉ]

Ireland SIPTU accuses UK govt of indifference to peace process 2019-10-07 [SIPTU]

Ireland Future of Bord na Móna workers a priority - Minister 2019-10-07 [RTÉ]

Ireland National minimum wage increase may be deferred over no-deal Brexit 2019-10-07 [Irish Times]

Ireland Ministers agree new rules to allow working parents more time with their children 2019-10-07 [Irish Examiner]

Ireland Discrimination against people with disabilities ‘persistent,’ IHREC chief commissioner says 2019-10-07 [Irish Times]

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