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Iceland Merchant ship workers may strike 2016-02-02 [Grapevine]

Iceland Union Official Wants To Change Law On Holiday Closings 2015-12-28 [The Grapevine]

Iceland Aluminum Smelter Could Face Strike 2015-11-24 [Iceland Review]

Iceland Preparations To Shut Down Aluminium Smelter Underway as Strike Looms 2015-11-24 [The Grapevine]

Iceland Aluminium Smelter Workers Vote To Go On Strike 2015-11-07 [The Grapevine]

Iceland Second Strike Starts 2015-10-19 [The Review]

Iceland Police Deliberately Not Fining People 2015-10-16 [The Grapevine]

Iceland Public Servants Union Vote To Strike 2015-09-30 [The Grapevine]

Iceland 285 nurses resign since strike ban and pay agreement 2015-07-01 [Iceland Review]

Iceland Health cuts threatened after mass resignations 2015-07-01 [Morgunbladid]

Iceland Anti govt protests tonight over labour disputes 2015-07-01 [Morgunbladid]

Iceland Nurse dispute resolved, 18.6% rise 2015-06-29 [Morgunbladid]

Iceland Parliament slammed for ignoring nurses 2015-06-26 [Morgunbladid]

Iceland Industrial Workers Sign Agreement, Strikes Averted 2015-06-24 [The Review]

Iceland Resignations among Nurses in Iceland Reach 158 2015-06-23 [Iceland Review]

Iceland Major strike begins, 6 unions, 10000 workers 2015-06-23 [Morgunbladid]

Iceland Industrial Workers to Strike at Midnight 2015-06-22 [The Review]

Iceland Women protest (also) against nurse strike ban 2015-06-20 [Morgunbladid]

Iceland Iceland poor on work-life balance 2015-06-20 [Morgunbladid]

Iceland Nurses union takes Iceland to court over strike ban and gender equality 2015-06-20 [Morgunbladid]

Iceland 4,000 craft workers to restart strike after negotiations collapse? 2015-06-20 [Morgunbladid]

Iceland National day celebrations to be disrupted by protest over strike ban 2015-06-16 [Iceland Review]

Iceland New pay deals lead to price rises 2015-06-16 [Morgunbladid]

Iceland Mass nurse resignations after strike banned 2015-06-16 [Morgunbladid]

Iceland Parliament crushes nurses' strikes – reactions 2015-06-16 [Morgunbladid]

Iceland Ferry Company Possibly Breaking Labour Law 2015-06-14 [Rejkjavik Grapevine]

Iceland Government Creates Bill to Force Strikes to Stop 2015-06-13 [Iceland Review]

Iceland Unions slam govt. strike ban plan 2015-06-13 [Morgunbladid]

Iceland Law On Nurses’ Strike To Hit Parliament Floor Tomorrow 2015-06-11 [Rejkjavik Grapevine]

Iceland Nurse strike talks collapse 2015-06-11 [Morgunbladid]

Iceland 70,000 workers still in negotiation; strike ballots 2015-06-03 [Morgunblaðið ]

Iceland Nurses continue strike as govt. considers banning action, General strike called off 2015-06-03 [Reykjavik Grapevine]

Iceland Worker Wage Increase Demands Might Be Met 2015-05-28 [The Grapevine]

Iceland Country Is Running Out of Meat 2015-05-15 [Munchies]

Iceland Journalists May Strike 2015-05-09 [The Grapevine]

Iceland Unions Leaders Let Corporate Head Hear It 2015-04-17 [The Grapevine]