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Europe EU tightens labour laws despite Polish, Hungarian opposition 2018-03-20 [trust]

Hungary Administrative and Labour Court: nationalization of council schools was unconstitutional 2018-01-24 [Budapest Beacon ]

Hungary European study finds Hungarian workers enjoy the best Xmas bonuses 2017-12-20 [BBJ]

Hungary Tesco agreement with union results in average 10% wage hike 2017-12-10 [BBJ]

Hungary Despite 12 percent pay rise, many skilled healthcare workers see no change in their salary 2017-12-07 [Budapest Beacon]

Hungary Increased activity of labour unions in Hungary 2017-12-07 [Lexology]

Hungary Pulp and paper workers unite in Budapest 2017-12-05 [IndustriALL Global Unions ]

Global Pulp and paper workers unite in Budapest 2017-12-04 [IndustriALL]

Hungary Labour illegality, irregularity on the rise 2017-12-02 [BBJ]

Hungary Budapest Metro workers may give strike for Christmas 2017-12-01 [Portfolio]

Hungary Auchan to raise wages in Hungary 2017-10-17 [Budapest Business Journal]

Hungary Journalists harassed for their reports on Hungary's anti-Soros campaign 2017-10-10 [EFJ]

Canada Ontario Fallen Workers:Buried in an avalanche of timber 2017-10-09 [St Catherine Standard]

Hungary How Europe stole my cheese makers: Hungarian businessman wants skilled workers to come home 2017-10-08 [The Telegraph]

Hungary MTel to cut staff, raise wages 2017-10-06 [BBJ]

Hungary Gvt voices support for Tesco workers 2017-09-29 [BBJ]

Hungary Government transfers public workers into social cooperatives 2017-09-27 [Budapest Beacon]

Hungary Unions vow no new Tesco strike before October 2017-09-20 [Budapest Business Journal]

Hungary Socialist Party: Tesco workers' strike just 2017-09-18 []

Hungary Nation suffers from record high labor shortage 2017-09-18 [Budapest Beacon]

Hungary Journalist Union slams blacklisting 2017-09-12 [AFP]

Hungary Public health dentist go on strike on Monday 2017-09-06 []

Hungary Unable to live off their pensions, Hungarian pensioners are eager to work again 2017-08-31 [Budapest Beacon]

Hungary Jobbik to start collecting signatures for wage union bid 2017-08-24 []

Hungary Tesco workers eye strike if demo unsuccessful 2017-07-10 [Budapest Business Journal]

Hungary Referendum on salary of state company CEOs is legal, rules Curia 2017-07-10 [Budapest Beacon]

Hungary Tesco employees to obstruct business in Hungary 2017-07-10 [Portfolio]

Hungary 70% of employees earn less than average wage 2017-06-29 [Politics.Hu]

Hungary Underpaid nurses leaving public health-care system for jobs in retailing 2017-06-29 [Budapest Beacon]

Europe Union communicators meet in Budapest 2017-06-22 [IndustriALL]

Hungary Dentists set to strike September 4-6 2017-06-21 [Budapest Beacon ]

Hungary Ministry says 60 percent more Hungarians employed illegally now than 5 years ago 2017-06-13 [Budapest Beacon]

Hungary Public Service Workers' Union announces strike for July 17 2017-06-10 [Politics.HU]

Hungary Union of Public Servants plans a strike in July 2017-06-10 [Budapest Beacon]

Hungary Local Tesco workers eye strike, union warns 2017-05-29 [BBJ]

Hungary Academic freedom under threat in Hungary: the story of Lex CEU 2017-04-20 [Equal Times]

Hungary EI deeply concerned about impact of new legislation on academic freedom 2017-04-19 [Education International]

Hungary Budapest transit workers plan 8-day strike starting Saturday 2017-04-03 [Budapest Beacon]


Hungary Gender wage gap narrows but room for improvement 2017-03-09 [Hungary Today]

Hungary Study shows Govt-touted 'huge wage increases” for teachers are not so huge 2017-03-08 [Budapest Beacon]

Hungary Audi agrees to raise wages, union says 2017-02-13 [BBJ]

Hungary Tanítanék demonstrators demand new minister, education portfolio 2017-02-08 [Budapest Beacom]

Hungary Antall József Center employees warned criticizing Olympics on Facebook could cost them their jobs 2017-01-20 [Budapest Beacon ]

Hungary Fornetti raises employeesʼ wages 2017-01-18 [Budapest Business Journal]

Hungary Equal pay in Hungary still a half century away, suggests report 2017-01-17 [Budapest Business Journal]

Hungary Flagrant violation of right to collective interest representation! 2017-01-16 [szakszervezet]

Hungary Hundreds of teachers and public education supporters protest, demand Minister's resignation and new Education Law 2016-12-21 [Budapest Beacon]

Hungary Civil servants pressured to deliver vouchers - which some say are designed to buy votes 2016-12-19 [Hungarian Free Press ]

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