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Global Recognize occupational health and safety as a fundamental right at work 2021-04-13 [IndustriALL]

Global CoronaVirus: UN boss Antonio Guterres urges wealth taxes after rich get richer during pandemic 2021-04-12 [Newshub]

Global ITF Statement on second postponement of International Bargaining Forum negotiations 2021-04-10 [ITF]

Global BWI wants decent jobs in shift to a green future 2021-04-10 [BWI]

Global BWI wants decent jobs in shift to a green future 2021-04-09 [BWI]

Global To Build a Fairer World - Public Health and Care for All 2021-04-08 [PSI]

Global World Health Day: ICN applaudes progress in vaccinations but obstacles to vaccine equity still exist 2021-04-07 [International Congress of Nurses]

Global Caring for those who care on World Health Day 2021-04-07 [UNI Global Union]

Global Remembering Jin Sook Lee 2021-04-07 [BWI]

UK Newsbreak: A journalists’ safe space to fight mental health stigmas 2021-04-07 [EFJ]

Global Equitable Access to Rights and Freedom from Violence for Transgender Domestic Workers 2021-04-06 [IDWF]

Global WFTU statement on the ocassion of World Health Day 2021-04-06 [WFTU]

Global Global investors —with US$3.34 trillion in AUM—launch initiative to raise labour standards and quality of care in nursing homes 2021-04-03 [UNI]

USA Global Cleaning Workers Share Their Struggles as the First Line of Pandemic Defense 2021-04-03 [Labor Notes]

Global ACI and ITF reiterate call to governments to prioritise vaccinations for airport workers 2021-04-03 [ITF]

Global A Global Look at Universal Basic Income with Karl Widerquist 2021-04-03 [Ralph Bunche Institute]

Global Workers need a new social contract and technology has a key role to play 2021-04-02 [World Economic Forum]

Global Interview with Sharan Burrow, ITUC General Secretary 2021-04-01 [Pressenza]

Global TUAC Working Group on Multinational Enterprises addresses the OECD responsible business conduct agenda 2021-04-01 [TUAC]

Global Occupational health and safety: Progress at the ILO 2021-03-31 [ITUC]

Global Seafarers, air transport workers must be prioritised for vaccine 2021-03-31 [ITF]

Global To transform the world, transform public transportation 2021-03-31 [ITF]

Global Guidance for trade unions on COVID-19 2021-03-31 [BWI]

Global BWI releases global COVID-19 report, pushes for a 5-point recovery agenda 2021-03-31 [BWI]

Global Occupational health and safety: progress at ILO 2021-03-31 [Scoop World]

Sweden Volvo gives all employees six-month paid parental leave 2021-03-31 [RTÉ]

USA USW: Take the USW pledge to ensure the women garment workers receive a living wage! 2021-03-31 [USW]

Global Fatalities explode at ArcelorMittal - unions demand urgent action 2021-03-30 [IndustriALL]

Global C20 - L20 - Y20 Statement: Preventing and combating violence against women and girls and domestic violence as a violation of human rights 2021-03-29 [ITUC]

USA Alabama US Amazon workers’ union push draws global attention 2021-03-27 [Al Jazeera]

Global Shipping industry launches vaccine guide for seafarers 2021-03-27 [ITF]

Global COVID-19 impact continues to affect terms and conditions in education 2021-03-27 [EI]

Global Goodyear and Cooper Tire unions committed to solidarity 2021-03-26 [IndustriALL]

Kenya International teachers unions urge Uhuru to save KNUT from collapse 2021-03-26 [AllAfrica]

Global Health professionals support WHO's vaccine equity declaration, calling for accelerating vaccine equity for all frontline workers 2021-03-25 [International Congress of Nurses]

Global Amazon is fighting a union drive in Alabama. In Europe, its workers are already unionized 2021-03-25 [Washington Post]

Global Deliveroo Tacitly Admits That Its Business Model Relies on a Lack of Workers’ Rights 2021-03-25 [Eater]

Australia MUA slams 'horrific' living conditions aboard Qatari-owned vessel detained at Port Kembla 2021-03-25 [ABC]

Global One year after COVID-19, future still uncertain for migrant workers 2021-03-25 [BWI]

Global Our vision for a better care sector 2021-03-25 [UNI Global Union]

Global Join the campaign for ILO to recognise OHS a fundamental right 2021-03-24 [BWI]

Global Trade unions warn the OECD Steel Committee about issues of overcapacity and occupational health and safety 2021-03-24 [TUAC]

Global Putting care back at the centre of cities and territories 2021-03-24 [PSI]

Global Maersk praised over pandemic, but unions urge follow-through on labour standards 2021-03-24 [ITF]

USA 'Informal workers' around the globe face a stacked deck, but labor organizing has led to wins 2021-03-24 []

Global Tackling overcapacity and health and safety in the steel industry 2021-03-23 [IndustriALL]

Global New OECD Leadership in times of crisis calls for constructive dialogue with social partners 2021-03-23 [TUAC]

Global Climate & green growth: OECD calls for a Just Transition for workers 2021-03-23 [TUAC]

Global ‘Informal workers’ across the globe face a stacked deck, but labor organizing has led to wins 2021-03-23 [UCLA]

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