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Global YouthSpeak: Solidarity is the key to present and future worker struggles 2020-08-13 [BWI]

Global Mary Hatwood Futrell Scholarship Fund makes a difference for students from disadvantaged backgrounds 2020-08-13 [Education International]

Global IYD 2020: Youth. Union. Democracy - Fighting for our future 2020-08-13 [IUF]

Australia Risk to Global Supply Chain Grows as Overworked Seafarers Halt Ships 2020-08-08 [gCaptain]

Global The value of labour after the pandemic 2020-08-07 [Global Labour University]

Global A universal commitment to end child labour 2020-08-07 [ILO]

Global Global treaty to end child labour ratified by all 187 U.N. labour agency member states for first time 2020-08-07 [Thomson Reuters Foundation]

Global Hiroshima/Nagasaki Anniversary must spur efforts to end nuclear weapons 2020-08-07 [ITUC]

Global ILO Child Labour Convention achieves universal ratification 2020-08-06 [ILO]

Global Some Miners Undercount Deaths, Boosting Executive Bonuses 2020-08-06 [WSJ]

Global Inditex and IndustriALL to cooperate on garment industry recovery plan 2020-08-04 [IndustriALL]

Global BWI’s young unionists gear up for International Youth Day 2020-08-03 [BWI]

Global Human Rights Committee asserts right to peaceful assembly 2020-07-31 [PSI]

Global The technology used to facilitate human trafficking can also be used to fight it 2020-07-30 [Equal Times]

Global A better normal must mean tackling workplace violence and harassment 2020-07-27 [ILO]

Global Women journalists experience increased gender inequality during pandemic 2020-07-25 [Unifor]

Global Paper sector campaigning and reinventing to face Covid-19 2020-07-25 [IndustriALL]

Global New normal: Amplifying young voices 2020-07-25 [BWI]

Global Over 3000 health workers have died from Covid-19 worldwide 2020-07-24 [PSI]

Global Public-public partnerships help redistribute power, wealth and opportunities 2020-07-24 [PSI]

Global Covid heroes need collective bargaining to win equal pay, confirms OECD 2020-07-24 [ETUC]

Global Lockdown on the high seas 2020-07-23 [The Hill]

Global UNI survey shows impacts of Covid-19 on work-life balance 2020-07-22 [UNI Global Union]

USA The case for treating teachers around the world as essential front-line workers 2020-07-21 [Wash Post]

Global DemocracyWatch: Journalists gagged in the name of COVID 2020-07-20 [Open Democracy ]

Global Commitment or marketing: is there really an ethical awakening in the fashion industry? 2020-07-20 [Equal Times]

Global Uber v Heller and the Prospects for a Transnational Judicial Dialogue on the Gig Economy 2020-07-19 [The Law of Work]

Global Defunding private equity 2020-07-19 [IUF]

Global Implementation plan in place for BWI policy on discrimination and harassment 2020-07-18 [BWI]

Global TUAC Assessment of the OECD Employment Outlook 2020 2020-07-18 [TUAC]

Global Renewed Stakeholder support for National Contact Points of the OECD 2020-07-18 [TUAC]

Global Fighting climate change and labour rights abuses ‘two sides of the same coin’ for Sharan Burrow 2020-07-18 [Reuters]

Global Do not compromise international footballers’ safety, warns FIFPRO general secretary 2020-07-17 [Irish Examiner]

Global Even during a global pandemic there's still no care for our healthcare workers 2020-07-15 [Irish Examiner]

Global Workers’ rights continue to erode – what can we do to restore them? 2020-07-13 [World Econ Forum]

Global As it finances extraction and construction projects around the world, China is exporting its labour model and standards 2020-07-13 [Equal Times]

Global Poverty is a political choice 2020-07-11 [Opendemocracy]

Global 250 young unionists energise webinar 2020-07-11 [BWI]

Global Construction could lead in post-COVID-19 recovery 2020-07-11 [BWI]

Global Global job losses may get worse over poor support 2020-07-09 [The Guardian]

Global COVID-19 pandemic plunges working world into crisis – ILO 2020-07-08 [Reuters/Daily Maverick]

Global Empowering Migrant Voices: A Global Webinar 2020-07-08 [BWI]

Global BWI launches COVID-19 declaration and General Secretary Report 2020-07-08 [BWI]

UK 'We squandered a decade': world losing fight against poverty, says UN academic 2020-07-07 [The Guardian]

Global OECD calls for extended sick leave for workers exposed to COVID-19 2020-07-07 [TUAC]

Global Chemical and pharmaceutical unions confront Covid crisis together 2020-07-06 [IndustriALL]

Global OECD / G20 tax negotiations need to deliver tangible outcomes by the end of 2020 2020-07-06 [TUAC]

Global HLPF2020: Unions call on governments to invest in Sustainable Development Goal 8 2020-07-06 [ITUC]

Global Sport & Rights Alliance: IOC Should Uphold Human Rights 2020-07-06 [UNI Global Union]

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