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Global “I am not a hero, I am a nurse” 2020-06-11 [PSI]

Global Caught between the pandemic and the right to protection 2020-06-11 [PSI]

Global Stop Multinationals from Extracting Pandemic Profits from Public Purse: END ISDS - SIGN ON 2020-06-11 [PSI]

Global Delivering a recovery built on trust – TUAC Statement on the COVID-19 crisis and the future of the OECD 2020-06-11 [TUAC]

USA Remarks by Richard Trumka_OECD Ministerial Council Roundtable on Paths to Recovery and Macroeconomic Policies 2020-06-11 [TUAC]

Global TUAC response to the OECD 2020 Economic Outlook, Issue 1 2020-06-11 [TUAC]

Global ILO and UNICEF assess impact of COVID-19 crisis on child labour 2020-06-11 [ILO]

Global Trade unions urge gov’ts to assist crew members trapped at sea 2020-06-10 [The Shipping News]

Global The media and the New Normal 2020-06-09 [IFJ]

Global Principles for action on Covid-19 in textile, garment, shoes and leather industries 2020-06-08 [IndustriALL]

Global See you in court: a rise in legal attacks against rights defenders aims to silence corporate critics 2020-06-08 [Equal Times]

Global IFALPA-ITF: Skies must be safe before world starts flying again 2020-06-07 [IFALPA]

Global Call for an Urgent Justice Mechanism for Repatriated Migrant Workers 2020-06-05 [Migrant Forum Asia]

Global Garment workers need apparel companies’ assurance that they will be paid during this crisis 2020-06-05 [Clean Clothes Campaign]

Global World Players Association: 6 essentials for a Safe Return to Play 2020-06-05 [UNI Global Union]

Global First hand: Covid-19 stories from the world of work 2020-06-05 [ILO]

Global Coronavirus has infected at least 450,000 health-care workers worldwide, report says 2020-06-04 [Wash Post]

Global Ensure Justice for Migrant Workers Sent Home 2020-06-04 [Human Rights Watch]

Global More than 600 nurses die from Covid-19 worldwide 2020-06-04 [ICN]

Global Women must be at the table to negotiate a post-Covid recovery 2020-06-03 [IFJ]

Global Unions and civil society call for urgent justice mechanism for migrant workers 2020-06-03 [PSI]

Global Decent work for people with disabilities pushed amidst COVID-19 2020-06-03 [BWI]

USA UNI's Hoffman to U.S. unions: We join your call for justice and support your fight to dismantle racism 2020-06-03 [UNI Global Union]

Global Momentum on climate action must continue despite delay to COP26 climate talks 2020-06-02 [ITUC]

Global RadioLabour's World Report for Friday May 29, 2020 2020-05-31 [RadioLabour]

Global TUAC Plenary marked by COVID-19 – Calls for strong OECD response 2020-05-30 [TUAC]

Global Trade Union Messages at the OECD Forum on Responsible Business ConducT 2020-05-30 [TUAC]

Global The COVID-19 pandemic: Lessons on building more equal and sustainable societies 2020-05-28 [The Economic and Labour Relations Review]

USA Coronavirus exposes vulnerabilities of world’s migrant workers 2020-05-27 []

Global McDonald’s accused over 'systemic sexual harassment' of employees worldwide 2020-05-27 [Guardian]

Global IUF LGBTI Workers & Allies Committee: Keep workplaces safe and free from discrimination! 2020-05-26 [IUF]

Israel Workers are at the forefront of this battle 2020-05-26 [Davar]

USA Some American nurses are facing pay cuts. But around the world, many are getting huge raises 2020-05-25 [Wash Post]

Global Health versus Wealth? Tax and Transparency in the Age of COVID-19 (Online Event) 2020-05-25 [PSI]

Global Meet the struggling gold miners who are missing out on boom in the precious metal 2020-05-25 [The Conversation]

Global The labour we really need 2020-05-24 [Le Monde Diplo]

USA US lawmakers introduce H-1B legislation to give priority to American-educated foreign youths 2020-05-23 [Economic Times]

Global RadioLabour's World Report for the week May 18 to 22, 2020 2020-05-23 [RadioLabour]

South Africa NEHAWU 1st Deputy President on the 75 years of struggles of WFTU 2020-05-23 [WFTU]

Global Is there a role for NGOs in the transformation of society? 2020-05-22 [Opendemocracy]

Global The COVID-19 response: Getting gender equality right for a better future for women at work 2020-05-22 [ILO]

Global ITUC Key issues on the return to work 2020-05-21 [ITUC]

Global Unions file complaint over 'systemic sexual harassment' across McDonald's restaurants 2020-05-20 [The Hill]

Global UNI Global Union launches campaign to promote safe fashion retail post Covid-19 pandemic 2020-05-20 [UNI]

Global Youth takes lead in organising 2020-05-20 [BWI]

Australia Its even worse in Australia: International unions file complaint against McDonaldsover systemic sexual harassment 2020-05-19 [SBS]

Global ‘Hunger or the Virus’: COVID-19 & Informal Workers For more info 2020-05-19 [Solidarity Center]

Global IUF action to defend LGBTI people and their rights under threat in COVID-19 emergency 2020-05-18 [IUF]

Global Indicative unemployment forecasts and the importance of collective bargaining in the context of COVID-19 2020-05-18 [TUAC]

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