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Global Advancing the teaching profession today for tomorrow’s educators 2019-07-25 [Education International]

Global Second day of the 8th EI World Congress in pictures 2019-07-25 [Education International]

Global First Young Delegate Caucus at the EI World Congress 2019-07-25 [Education International]

UK Millions across the world prepare to take part in largest protest against climate change inaction 2019-07-25 [Morning Star]

Global Release of Going for Growth 2019: Going faster – at what cost? 2019-07-24 [TUAC]

Global 8th World Congress of Education International Education must safeguard democracy, promote the common good 2019-07-24 [ILO]

Global Nissan plans to shed 10,000 jobs worldwide, reports claim 2019-07-24 [The Guardian]

UK Is fair trade finished? 2019-07-23 [The Guardian]

Global CSFEF meeting underscores importance of Francophone trade union voices on climate change 2019-07-22 [Education International]

Global LGBTI Caucus examines victories & setbacks, mobilisation strategies to advance human rights 2019-07-22 [Education International]

Global 19 July pre-Congress events in pictures 2019-07-22 [Education International]

Global The highs and lows of higher education analysed at EI Congress 2019-07-22 [Education International]

Global Better Technical and Vocational Educational Training: the way forward to social justice 2019-07-22 [Education International]

Global Indigenous Peoples’ Caucus: “Our languages haven’t died, they are asleep and we need to reawaken them” 2019-07-22 [Education International]

Global ESN holds General Assembly prior to World Congress 2019-07-22 [Education International]

Global Leadership in social justice at the core of women’s agenda 2019-07-22 [Education International]

Global Prime Days for Amazon Protests 2019-07-20 [Rank and File]

Australia ACTU President Addresses Symposium on the Centenary of the ILO 2019-07-18 [ACTU]

Global Orange Group signs groundbreaking global agreement advancing gender equality with protections against discrimination and promoting work-life balance for its 149,000 employees 2019-07-18 [UNI Global Union]

Global UNI Global Union and Sherpa send formal notice to Teleperformance—calling on the world leader in call centres to strengthen workers' rights 2019-07-18 [UNI Global Union]

Global Ethical recruitment dilemma 2019-07-17 [The Star]

Global Towards the localization of the SDGs - #Listen2Cities 2019-07-17 [PSI]

Global FIFA moves closer to global standards on child protection and wellbeing, says World Players Association 2019-07-17 [UNI]

Global AUDIO: RadioLabour World Report for Tuesday July 16, 2019 2019-07-16 [RadioLabour]

UK Resistance and Solidarity - Amazon workers demand a better deal this Prime Day 2019-07-15 [UNI]

Australia Amazon launches 65-hour Prime Day, despite protests over warehouse conditions 2019-07-15 [Smart Company]

Global ITF supports Amazon workers in fight for their rights 2019-07-15 [ITF]

USA Minnesota Amazon’s Workers Plan To Disrupt Prime Day With An Organized Strike 2019-07-15 [Z6]

Global Off track: educators warn of slow progress at first major review of SDG 4 2019-07-14 [Education International]

South Africa INSIDE LABOUR: 4IR and the ideological prison 2019-07-13 [Fin24]

USA Is There a Global Future for Unions? 2019-07-12 [Common Dreams]

Global New IPI platform collects best practices to tackle online harassment of journalists 2019-07-12 [EFJ]

Global Amal Clooney says Trump attacks on media make reporters ‘vulnerable’ to abuse 2019-07-11 [Global]

Global AUDIO: RadioLabour World Report for Thursday July 11, 2019 2019-07-11 [RadioLabour]

Global Global Media Freedom Conference: new pledges not credible without action, press freedom groups say 2019-07-11 [IFJ]

Global “‘Hot desking’ and ‘clean desk’ policies are a source of anxiety for employees,” says sociologist Danièle Linhart 2019-07-11 [Equal Times]

Russia Nestlé sales force workers across Russia confined to rooms and compelled to resign employment 2019-07-10 [IUF]

Global AUDIO: RadioLabour World Report for Tuesday July 9, 2019 2019-07-09 [RadioLabour]

Global Base metals unions determined to stay united against challenges 2019-07-09 [IndustriALL]

Global IndustriALL signs quality of working life agreement with Renault 2019-07-09 [IndustriALL]

Global AUDIO: RadioLabour World Report for Monday July 8, 2019 2019-07-08 [RadioLabour]

Global Cancel Qatar - The money for the next Men's World Cup would be better invested in the women's game 2019-07-08 [The Atlantic]

Global AUDIO: RadioLabour World Report for Friday July 5, 2019 2019-07-06 [RadioLabour]

Canada Heather Smith (1959-2019): Goodbye to a passionate teacher and leader 2019-07-05 [Education International]

Global Rest in peace Esther Busser 2019-07-05 [ITUC]

UK Nearly half of global wages received by top 10%, survey finds 2019-07-04 [Guardian ]

Global UBI without public services is a neoliberal’s paradise 2019-07-03 [PSI]

Global World Day for Decent Work 2019 theme: invest in the care economy 2019-07-02 [ITUC]

Global AUDIO: RadioLabour World Report for Tuesday July 2, 2019 2019-07-02 [RadioLabour]

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