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Eswatini After being exposed: King Mswati's government to reinstate 400 nurses under R70million 2022-04-08 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini Student rights activist 'Gubevu' finally graduates amid persecution by Mswati's regime 2022-04-02 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini Mswati's government reported to International Labour Organization (ILO) for victimization of SNAT President 2022-03-20 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini State owned radio employees attempt to burn studios, building 2022-03-13 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini SWALIMO president Magawugawu blasts Chief Mlotjwa for insulting women, KaLiba man calls protest to royal kraal 2022-03-11 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini After refusing to increase salaries, Mswati's government raise the price of bread 2022-03-10 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini International Women's Day: SWAGGA director urges women to work hard 2022-03-08 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini Contract teachers go home with nothing, Government fails to pay Provident fund contributions 2022-03-03 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini Police shoot Democratic News journalist for covering protest at High Court 2022-02-28 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini Health workers down tools, petition National Commissioner as shooting of civilians by police intensify 2022-02-26 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini No salary raise for civil servants, Mswati's finance minister announce pay as you earn increase 2022-02-18 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini Correctional Services Staff Association condemns attacks on SWALIMO members at Matsapha Prison 2022-02-15 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini Mswati's courts release influential student's President on bail as political unrest second wave looms 2022-02-04 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini Lesotho Teachers Union calls for the release of student president 2022-02-03 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini Mswati's government gazettes turn Swazi's into cheap labour, some workers receive R1,000 per month 2022-01-23 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini Top Eswatini journalist Thembeka Dlamini who exposed corruption arrested by Mswati's police, granted R2000 bail 2022-01-16 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini Eswatini nurses abandon health duties, fix the road as a protest against Mswati's government failure to maintain roads 2022-01-14 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini Newly employed Eswatini Railway elderly train driver crashes train 2021-12-26 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini How petrol-bombed Tinkhunda minister Cruiser Ngcamphalala brutalized pro-democracy protestors in Manzini 2021-12-22 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini Outgoing students' union president Colani Maseko says leadership is not about competition 2021-12-19 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini Prince Simelane Directive: Mbabanetown council denies trade unions permission to march in town 2021-12-13 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini Communist Paty of Swaziland statement on Human Rights Day 2021-12-11 [Communist Party of Swaziland]

Eswatini SNAT: Government opened schools to arrest children, collect money from parents, then close 2021-12-08 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini Ngwane Teachers College students protest poor services 2021-11-27 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini Education minister Lady Howard Mabuza opens schools, SNAT not consulted 2021-11-27 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini Communist Party of Swaziland, other organizations picket at Swazi consulate offices, demand democracy in Eswatini 2021-11-26 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini SNAT to take government to court after police invaded school with guns, arrest protesting children 2021-11-25 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini Education minister announces reopening of schools, teachers union not aware 2021-11-19 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini Workers union: Illovo tried to trick workers 2021-11-18 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini Union intensifies calls for urgent dialogue on multiparty democracy in Eswatini 2021-11-18 [IndustriALL]

Eswatini Correctional Services Union secretary general resigns as a warder as killiing of civilians continues 2021-11-12 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini SNAT to report bus teargas shooting incident to ILO 2021-11-11 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini Armed cop killed by a mere spider as nurses boycott treating police for shooting and killing civilians 2021-11-09 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini Mankayane nurses protest before health minister who had come to officially open cervical cancer wing 2021-11-03 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini Correctional Services Union urges its members to stop taking unlawful orders to kill protesting civilians 2021-10-24 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini Nurses protest, to kick out all the sickly police officers in various hospitals after deadly shooting 2021-10-21 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini PSI condemns the police violence against public sector trade unions in Eswatini 2021-10-21 [PSI]

Eswatini President Ramphosa sends special envoy to Eswatini as Mswati's forces Intensify shooting and killing of civilians 2021-10-21 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini Eswatini unrest: Commerce minister says workers who earn a mere $70.00 a month risk losing jobs 2021-10-19 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini PUDEMO president says pro-democracy forces have taken over Eswatini, to intensify protests against Mswati 2021-10-19 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini COSATU mourns passing of revolutionary unionist– Comrade Vincent Ncongwane 2021-10-12 [COSATU ]

Eswatini Eswatini Unrest: Mswati deploys armed soldiers, police to shoot children in various schools 2021-10-09 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini SNAT: Government always accuses teachers for ills of the country 2021-10-06 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini SNAT President: Government must allow democratic reforms as a solution to address students' grievances in various schools 2021-09-22 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini Ewatini youth boycotts Mswati's cultural activities, sing struggle songs at school 2021-09-19 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini Soldiers looking for Students Union president Colani Maseko who is critical of Mswati's regime 2021-09-14 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini Royal Science and Technology Park employee, Senzo Dlamini threatens to shoot SNAT president for calling for democracy 2021-09-13 [The Swaziland News]

Eswatini Swaziland's pro-democracy protesters demonstrate outside UN 2021-09-11 [Peoples Dispatch]

Eswatini Cosatu members to protest at border posts between SA and Eswatini 2021-09-10 [Club of Mozambique]

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