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China Foreign press group calls for full access to Beijing's Winter Olympics 2021-11-05 [IFJ]

China Authorities plan to ban private investment in news outlets 2021-10-15 [IFJ]

China US electronics firm struck deal to transport and hire Uyghur workers 2021-10-07 [Reuters]

Hong Kong Over 90,000 people have left Hong Kong in the past year; those who remain face an uncertain future 2021-09-29 [Equal Times]

China Press freedom groups call for release of Zhang Zhan 2021-09-17 [IFJ]

China Tutors struggle for compensation after mass layoffs 2021-09-09 [CLB]

China Didi and workers get unions in watershed moment for China's tech sector 2021-09-01 [Saltwire]

China Concerns over journalist's health on hunger strike 2021-08-27 [IFJ]

China Alibaba employee's stand shows failure of corporate anti-harassment policies 2021-08-24 [CLB]

Australia One year on from her arrest, colleagues call for release of Australian journalist Cheng Lei 2021-08-17 [MEAA]

China Media calls on China to release Australian journalist Cheng Lei 2021-08-13 [IFJ]

India Seafarers Call For Govt Intervention As China Bans Sailors' Entry From Its Ports 2021-07-26 [Republic]

China Vocational school intern jumps to his death at Shenzhen factory 2021-07-12 [CLB]

Zimbabwe China clashes with Zimbabwean unions over 'systematic abuse' 2021-07-10 [allAfrica]

Zimbabwe China accuses ZCTU of damaging Zim-China relations 2021-07-04 [New Zimbabwe]

China Food delivery workers take action against low pay and “tyrannical” policies 2021-07-03 [CLB]

UK Democracy crumbles in Hong Kong as Apple Daily shutters HK operations 2021-06-24 [NUJ]

Zimbabwe Chinese firm, ZCTU clash over workers' ‘slave' abuses 2021-06-19 [New Zimbabwe]

China Food delivery worker burns uniform in symbolic protest 2021-06-13 [CLB]

Ireland NI trade union protests repression in Hong Kong and China 2021-06-07 []

China Workers underwhelmed by new three-child policy 2021-06-06 [CLB]

China A tribute to Robin Munro 2021-05-24 [CLB]

China Factory districts and construction sites hit by tornadoes 2021-05-24 [CLB]

China The Covid-19 Story: Unmasking China's Global Strategy 2021-05-12 [IFJ]

China IFJ to launch report on China – The Covid-19 Story: Unmasking China's Global Strategy – on May 12 2021-05-11 [IFJ]

China Government report documents migrant worker struggles in 2020 2021-05-09 [CLB]

China Beijing official makes a big show of understanding gig workers 2021-05-09 [CLB]

Pakistan Does the IFC still have the leverage to push for labour rights? 2021-05-06 [Equal Times]

Hong Kong New analysis on Hong Kong's national security law 2021-04-27 [IFJ]

China Jailed Uyghur journalist confesses in Beijing's propaganda video 2021-04-22 [IFJ]

Australia Trade unions raise alarm over allegations of forced labour in Xinjiang production of solar components 2021-04-21 [ABC]

China Chinese ambassador summons Australian journalists to deny Uyghur abuse 2021-04-20 [IFJ]

China Truck driver suicide sparks anger over poor-quality vehicle tracking system 2021-04-18 [CLB]

China Xinjiang mine had numerous safety violations before flood trapping 21 workers 2021-04-18 [CLB]

Sweden Chinese embassy threatens Swedish journalist 2021-04-16 [IFJ]

China He Tried To Organize Workers In China's Gig Economy. Now He Faces 5 Years In Jail 2021-04-13 [NPR]

China China Detains Delivery Worker Who Tried To Improve Working Conditions 2021-04-13 [WWNO]

Hong Kong Conviction flouts national and international law 2021-04-02 [Scoop World]

China Food delivery worker activist accused of “picking quarrels” 2021-03-27 [CLB]

China Toxic work culture under fire again in Beijing 2021-03-27 [CLB]

New Zealand Chinese workers facing deportation placed in 'precarious position'-advocates 2021-03-25 [Radio New Zealand]

New Zealand Arrest the boss-not ten Chinese workers says Unite Union 2021-03-25 [Unite Union]

China Missing brothers of Radio Free Asia journalist 2021-03-10 [IFJ]

Hong Kong Hong Kong's New Union Movement Faces Big Challenges from Covid, National Security Law 2021-03-06 [Labor Notes]

China Showtime for Xi as China's annual Congress opens 2021-03-04 [POLITICO]

Canada Unions call on Ottawa to protect Uyghurs in China 2021-03-01 [CLC]

China Authorities detain journalist for online remarks 2021-02-25 [IFJ]

China U.S. House revives bill to ban goods from China's Xinjiang 2021-02-18 [Thomson Reuters]

China Union urges owners to follow MSC's crew change action in China 2021-02-17 [TradeWinds]

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