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China Showtime for Xi as China's annual Congress opens 2021-03-04 [POLITICO]

Canada Unions call on Ottawa to protect Uyghurs in China 2021-03-01 [CLC]

China Authorities detain journalist for online remarks 2021-02-25 [IFJ]

China U.S. House revives bill to ban goods from China's Xinjiang 2021-02-18 [Thomson Reuters]

China Union urges owners to follow MSC's crew change action in China 2021-02-17 [TradeWinds]

China Beijing bans BBC news channel 2021-02-15 [IFJ]

China Taxi driver sues local newspaper and transport authority as protests escalate 2021-02-14 [CLB]

Namibia Letter To Chinese Pres Xi-Jinping From Namibia Mine Workers Union Rossing Leaders & CNNC 2021-02-13 [Labor Video]

China Australian journalist Cheng Lei formally arrested 2021-02-09 [IFJ]

China Authorities accuse the BBC of pushing “fake news” 2021-02-08 [IFJ]

China Apple, Foxconn, and the lives of China's workers For more info 2021-02-01 [Faculti]

China 'Precariat unite' 2021-01-27 [The Economist]

China 9 workers found dead in China mine explosion 2021-01-25 [News 95.7]

China Trapped for 2 weeks, 11 workers rescued from China gold mine 2021-01-24 [Dothan Eagle]

USA Ohio Workers at Ohio’s GE-Savant Lighting Plant fight for jobs in Bucyrus 2021-01-23 [AFSCME]

China Marks & Spencer is 1st global fashion brand to make public commitment on Uyghur forced labour by signing Call to Action 2021-01-21 [Business & Human Rights Resource Centre]

China Apple’s longtime supplier accused of using forced labor in China 2021-01-21 [Washington Post]

UK UK Government announces business measures over Xinjiang human rights abuses 2021-01-21 [UK government official website]

China USA bans all cotton products and tomatoes from Xinjiang over forced labour concerns 2021-01-21 [Business & Human Rights Resource Centre]

China China: Mounting concerns over forced labour in Xinjiang 2021-01-21 [Business & Human Rights Resource Centre]

China Migrant workers hit hardest by job losses in 2020 2021-01-19 [China Labour Bulletin ]

China Govt trumpets new coal mine safety achievements in 2020 2021-01-18 [CLB]

China At least 12 workers trapped in China gold mine are still alive: Xinhua 2021-01-18 [Reuters]

China 'In China, tech-worker deaths spark online backlash' 2021-01-17 [WSJ]

China 'Former Alibaba delivery driver sets himself on fire in protest over unpaid wages' 2021-01-13 [Charged]

China Former journalist sentenced to jail 2021-01-13 [IFJ]

China 'Chinese courier sets fire to himself in protest over unpaid Alibaba wages' 2021-01-12 [FT]

China Pinduoduo Employee’s Suicide Intensifies Online Debate on Company’s Working Culture 2021-01-12 [China Digital]

China Chinese Solar Companies Tied to Use of Forced Labor 2021-01-11 [New York Times]

Hong Kong IndustriALL Global Union statement on activists jailed in Hong Kong 2021-01-07 [IndustriALL]

Australia Australia: Chinese immigrant meatworkers locked out after protesting alleged assault 2021-01-06 []

China Former lawyer jailed for four years over reporting on pandemic 2021-01-04 [IFJ]

USA iPhone workers given choice of forced labor or being sent to detention centers, says report 2020-12-30 [9to5mac]

Hong Kong Workers paying the price for Belt and Road Initiative 2020-12-23 [HKCTU]

Hong Kong Workers in China under COVID-19 2020-12-23 [HKCTU]

Australia China's trade war with Australia having very real consequences for stranded seafarers 2020-12-20 [ABC]

China Coal mine equipment salvage operation ends in 23 deaths 2020-12-19 [CLB]

China Bloomberg News Beijing bureau staff member detained over suspicion of national security 2020-12-14 [IFJ]

Australia New South Wales Farm workers shipped in under human-traffiking-style conditions 2020-12-07 [The New Daily]

China Underpaid and Squeezed by Algorithms, Delivery Drivers Strike 2020-12-04 [China Digital Times]

USA Apple is lobbying against a bill aimed at stopping forced labor in China For more info 2020-12-03 [Wash Post]

Taiwan Pro-Chinese cable news TV licence rejected over disinformation claims 2020-11-23 [IFJ]

USA The Washington Post Claims that Apple is Lobbying against a U.S. Bill aimed at Stopping Forced Labor in China 2020-11-22 [Patently Apple]

China Action needed on Uyghur slave labour Add to favourites Read this article in: English 18 November, 2020The Chinese government continues to hold members of the Uyghur minority group in forced labour camps. Goods produced by these enslaved workers – 2020-11-18 [IndustriALL]

China Shenzhen worker protests decline sharply after factories relocate 2020-11-13 [CLB]

China Five workers trapped in coal mine in China's Shanxi province 2020-11-11 [Energy World]

China Apple puts key Taiwanese contractor on probation over labor abuses in china 2020-11-09 [NYT]

China Workers’ interests sidelined as China pushes ahead with coal mining consolidation 2020-10-28 [China Labour Bulletin ]

China ACFTU trumpets self-proclaimed achievements in poverty alleviation 2020-10-13 [China Labour Bulletin ]

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