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Canada Quebec Good news for the STM – No layoffs of drivers, operators, station agents and adapted transit drivers in Montreal 2020-03-27 [CUPE]

Canada New Brunswick N.B. COVID-19 roundup: Up to 30,000 layoffs so far as confirmed cases climb to 33 2020-03-26 [CBC]

Canada New Brunswick Caribou mine near Bathurst halts production 2020-03-26 [CBC]

Canada New Brunswick Call centres adopt work-from-home policies, even those who claimed it wasn't possible 2020-03-26 [CBC]

Canada Quebec Cabbies and food delivery drivers keep rolling amid pandemic 2020-03-26 [The Gazette]

Canada Ontario OPSEU President lauds unprecedented political cooperation by Ontario's leaders 2020-03-26 [OPSEU]

Canada Ontario Mapleton water, wastewater project draws fire from CUPE 2020-03-26 [The Advertiser]

Canada Ontario On the job during COVID-19, Part 1: The grocery-store clerk 2020-03-26 [TVO]

Canada Some employers are asking workers to take pay cuts or use vacation for sick days. Can they? 2020-03-26 [The Independent]

Canada CMG Welcomes swift return of CBC local TV newscasts 2020-03-26 [CWA Canada]

Canada Ontario Thunder Bay to lay off hundreds of staff: Union 2020-03-26 [CBC]

Canada Ontario Union Shames OLG Casino Staff Layoffs Plans 2020-03-26 [Casino Reports]

Canada Air Canada Flight Attendants Union Dismayed by Lack of Federal, Company Action to Protect Workers and the Public 2020-03-26 [The Financial Post]

Canada Essential workers open up about life, work and difficult choices amid COVID-19 2020-03-26 [CTV]

Canada Alberta Canada Post not providing safe workplaces during pandemic, Edmonton union local says 2020-03-26 [CBC]

Canada Manitoba CUPE Manitoba calls for Hazard Pay for Manitoba front-line workers during COVID-19 2020-03-25 [CUPE]

Canada Ontario Order waiving contract protections for hospital staff is unnecessary, disrespectful and coercive 2020-03-25 [CUPE]

Canada Manitoba EI top-up plan needed for Manitoba workers 2020-03-25 [CUPE]

Canada Federal relief for airline industry must focus on workers 2020-03-25 [CUPE]

Canada Quebec SQDC: Fulfilling its mission while ensuring the protection of staff and customers 2020-03-25 [CUPE]

Canada CUPE welcomes federal emergency response benefit for workers 2020-03-25 [CUPE]

Canada Alberta Many employers are not following government guidelines on COVID-19. What is the UCP going to do about it? 2020-03-25 [AFL]

Canada British Columbia BC labour movement welcomes sick leave protections, advocates for robust social supports 2020-03-25 [BCFed]

Canada New Brunswick Grocery store employees get wage boosts and benefits for their hard work during pandemic 2020-03-25 [CBC]

Canada Newfoundland and Labrador Stock Assessment for Capelin Fails to Capture Important Data on Seal Predation 2020-03-25 [FFAW/Unifor]

Canada Ontario Shoreline Casino workers vote to join Unifor 2020-03-25 [Unifor]

Canada Ontario Ford must re-invest $1 billion in health care to fight COVID-19 2020-03-25 [Unifor]

Canada Media statement re. pilot layoffs at Air Canada 2020-03-25 [ACPA]

Canada Ontario Catholic teachers’ contract deal provides $33M for special education 2020-03-25 [The Star]

Canada Northwest Territories Teachers may volunteer in COVID-19 response: union 2020-03-25 [CBC]

Canada Ontario Layoffs at OLG are shameful; privatization has handcuffed relief 2020-03-25 [OPSEU]

Canada Alberta University groups call on U of A to maintain pay for laid off workers during pandemic 2020-03-25 [CBC]

Canada Alberta Health-care workers will be screened for COVID-19 at the start of each shift 2020-03-25 [CBC]

Canada Ontario 'Bored' riders crowd HSR buses union says, mayor pleads: stop 'joyriding' 2020-03-25 [CBC]

Canada Ontario Thousands of northern Ontario miners, mill workers stay on the job despite COVID-19 2020-03-25 [CBC]

Canada Nova Scotia Dishonest 911 callers put N.S. paramedics at risk of COVID-19, union says 2020-03-25 [CBC]

Canada Ontario ‘They're like firemen running into the fire with no equipment on,’ says president of healthcare worker union 2020-03-25 [CBC]

Canada Shut down construction sites until COVID-19 threat has passed, says wife of worried worker 2020-03-25 [CBC]

Canada Business, labour groups say Liberals' COVID-19 wage subsidy too little to help 2020-03-25 [Tri-City News]

Canada Saskatchewan Unifor Refinery workers vote 98% to accept mediator recommendations: union 2020-03-25 [CBC]

Canada Ontario Employers sabotage worker access to EI benefits, Great Canadian Casino workers speak out 2020-03-25 [Unifor]

Canada Nova Scotia Canada Post to reduce hours, install clear barriers in response to COVID-19 2020-03-25 [CBC]

Canada Ontario Thunder Bay inmates, union leaders question institution’s safety after lack of coronavirus information 2020-03-25 [The Globe and Mail]

Canada Manitoba Home care workers worry about shortage of protective equipment during pandemic: union 2020-03-25 [CBC]

Canada WestJet laying off 6,900 workers amid worsening COVID-19 crisis 2020-03-25 [CBC]

Canada Ontario TTC subway operator tests positive for COVID-19, union says 2020-03-25 [CBC]

Canada Alberta Canada Post not providing safe workplaces during pandemic, Edmonton union local says 2020-03-25 [CBC]

Canada Video game sales are up while testers work in dangerous conditions 2020-03-24 [Rank and File]

Canada Cities across Canada implement free transit to curb COVID-19 2020-03-24 [Rank and File]

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