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Canada Ontario Minister Defends Using Exaggerated Claim To Shame Union 2019-12-11 [Huffington Post]

Canada Newfoundland and Labrador CUPE Workers to Protest in Grand Falls-Windsor Today 2019-12-11 [VOCM]

Canada Quebec Third Death of a Traffic Control Worker in Two Months 2019-12-11 [USW]

Canada Quebec UFCW Quebec a leading force at 32nd FTQ Convention 2019-12-11 [UFCW Canada]

Canada Ontario Service workers at Indigo Park join the union 2019-12-11 [UFCW Canada]

Canada Federal government must fulfill anti-racism promises 2019-12-11 [CLC]

Canada Alberta Leader of Alberta’s labour movement urges federal government to say 'no' to Jason Kenney’s plea for cash 2019-12-11 [AFL]

Canada Alberta Unions meet attacks head on; even talk of general strike 2019-12-11 [CLI]

Canada Ontario OSSTF/FEESO to hold one-day walkout in selected locations 2019-12-11 [OSSTF]

Canada British Columbia CUPE 7000, SkyTrain reach tentative agreement 2019-12-11 [CUPE]

Canada Ontario Unifor Supporting Hoshizaki House 2019-12-10 [CKDR]

Canada Quebec Unions join Transcontinental, distributors and publishers in alliance to protect Publi-Sac,jobs and the free flow of information 2019-12-10 [The Suburban]

Canada British Columbia Health employers drop punitive measures of vaccinate or mask policy 2019-12-10 [NUPGE]

Canada Ontario Film on 1970s Push for Equality on Campus 2019-12-10 [CU]

Canada Ontario Province must take urgent action to solve PSW crisis 2019-12-10 [Unifor]

Canada British Columbia Family left with questions in workplace death of CP Rail engineer 2019-12-10 [The Sun]

Canada Ontario Hamilton's teacher unions, claiming board inaction, start their own task force on violence 2019-12-10 [CBC]

Canada British Columbia Vancouver’s SkyTrains have no drivers. Here’s why a strike could still shut down the world’s oldest automated transit system 2019-12-10 [The Star]

Canada Ontario IBM is trying to block a large group of Ottawa workers from unionizing 2019-12-10 [The Logic]

Canada Ontario TTC continues to fight workers' rights 2019-12-10 [CUPE]

Canada British Columbia Transit strike: Talks drag into early morning as SkyTrain shutdown looms 2019-12-10 [The Sun]

Canada British Columbia Canada Line's union workers contract set to expire at the end of the month 2019-12-10 [The Daily Hive]

Canada Canada’s largest union calls on Trudeau to boost Canada Health Transfer 2019-12-10 [CUPE]

Canada Alberta Public Education in Alberta Remains One of the Best Systems in the World 2019-12-09 [ATA]

Canada Newfoundland and Labrador Office to Advance Women Apprentices opening new career doors for 10 years 2019-12-09 [The Chronicle-Herald]

Canada Ontario Unifor Donates to Hoshizaki House in Dryden 2019-12-08 [Net Newsledger]

Canada Ontario Elementary teachers to halt field trips as work-to-rule campaign ramps up 2019-12-08 [CBC]

Canada Ontario Unifor Ontario Regional Council joins in solidarity with education worker unions 2019-12-08 [Unifor]

Canada British Columbia SkyTrain Will Shut Down For 3 Days As Workers Strike 2019-12-08 [Huffington Post]

Canada British Columbia Full SkyTrain service shutdown planned for Tuesday, union says 2019-12-08 [CBC]

Canada British Columbia SkyTrain strike to begin with full shutdown on Tuesday 2019-12-08 [CUPE]

Canada British Columbia Community stepping up to help striking Cowichan workers through Christmas 2019-12-07 [The Citizen]

Canada British Columbia Tribunal finds reduced benefits for older workers not age discrimination 2019-12-07 [Benefits Canada]

Canada Nova Scotia Labour board dismisses complaint of New Glasgow nurse accused of being impaired on jail duty 2019-12-07 [Saltwire]

Canada Ontario 2nd strike planned for some Ontario public high school teachers on Wednesday, union says 2019-12-07 [Global]

Canada Saskatchewan ‘This is people’s lives’: Co-op refinery workers rally over pensions 2019-12-07 [CKOM]

Canada British Columbia SkyTrain union issues 72-hour strike notice 2019-12-07 [The Daily Hive]

Canada Ontario New Deal For Unifor Sioux Towers Workers 2019-12-06 [CKDR]

Canada RadioLabour's Canada Report for the week December 6 to 13, 2019 2019-12-06 [Radio-Canada]

Canada December 6 is the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women 2019-12-06 [UFCW Canada]

Canada National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence against Women: 30 Years Later – We Remember 2019-12-06 [PSAC]

Canada Ontario National Day of Remembrance and Action to End Violence against Women is December 6 2019-12-06 [ONA]

Canada New Brunswick NBFL Statement for December 6 National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women 2019-12-06 [NBFL]

Canada Thirty years later, we must be better 2019-12-06 [CUPW]

Canada Alberta UCP is using a report that government experts characterized as “poor quality” and “highly inaccurate” to justify deep cuts to health care 2019-12-06 [AFL]

Canada British Columbia Flu policy update: No discipline for health workers who choose not to vaccinate or wear masks 2019-12-06 [HEU]

Canada Saskatchewan CBO workers submit petitions to government, calling for multi-year funding for Community-Based Organizations 2019-12-06 [CUPE]

Canada Saskatchewan Crumbling Away: New report on the state of long-term care in Saskatchewan paints startling picture 2019-12-06 [CUPE]

Canada Ontario People with developmental disabilities can not take any more cuts, front-line workers warn Ford Government 2019-12-06 [CUPE]

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