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Canada Ontario Almost 500 Nestle Canada workers strike after contract talks fall through 2021-05-04 [Daily Hive]

Canada Quebec Port of Montreal longshore workers lead the May 1 march 2021-05-04 [CUPE]

Canada Alberta Student support workers call on the UCP to recognize them as critical, front-line workers 2021-05-04 [CUPE]

Canada Ontario Workers relieved after Georgetown food processing plants hold vaccine clinics 2021-05-04 [Unifor]

Canada Newfoundland and Labrador 2021 Shrimp Price Negotiations Update 2021-05-03 [FFAW/Unifor]

Canada British Columbia Minimum Wage Is Rising, but Farm Worker Pay Is Still Unresolved 2021-05-03 [The Tyee]

Canada Ontario Government Found 15,000 COVID-19 Workplace Violations. They Stopped Work Only 24 Times 2021-05-03 [Press Progress]

Canada British Columbia It shouldn’t have taken this long for the BC NDP to legislate paid sick leave 2021-05-03 [Canadian Dimension]

Canada Ontario Hospital Union says Ontario Heading towards Healthcare 'Disaster' 2021-05-03 [CKLW]

Canada Ontario Union representing Ontario’s Ornge paramedics in favour of strike if necessary 2021-05-03 [The Star]

Canada Unifor celebrates milestone for single-game sports betting 2021-05-02 [Unifor]

Canada Manitoba Nursing shortages create burnout, more vacancies, Winnipeg health-care workers say 2021-05-02 [CBC]

Canada Newfoundland and Labrador Why May Day Matters for Newfoundland and Labrador 2021-05-02 [The Independent]

Canada Newfoundland and Labrador Will fishing shrimp be worth it this year? Maybe not, say harvesters 2021-05-02 [CBC]

Canada Ontario Unifor takes to the skies with a bold message for Premier Ford 2021-05-02 [Unifor]

Canada Ontario Nestlé workers on strike in Toronto 2021-05-02 [Unifor]

Canada Quebec Port of Montreal tells businesses to expect shipping delays as workers set to head back on the job 2021-05-02 [CBC]

Canada Quebec Montreal port says work to resume, union vows to fight government's new law 2021-05-02 [Reuters]

Canada Ontario Union leader shares hardships facing workers during pandemic on Day of Mourning 2021-05-02 [Consider This]

USA ILWU statement in solidarity with dockworkers in Montreal 2021-05-02 [ILWU]

Canada Ontario Nestlé workers on strike in Toronto 2021-05-01 [Unifor]

Canada Ontario Unifor takes to the skies with a message for Premier Ford 2021-05-01 [Unifor]

Canada This May Day Even the Designation ‘Workers’ is Under Threat 2021-05-01 [The Bullet / Labour Committee SP]

Canada Ontario New paid sick days plan too little, too late 2021-05-01 [Decent Work and Health Network]

Canada International Workers' Day - Standing Together 2021-05-01 [NUPGE]

Canada New Brunswick International Workers’ Day: Workers Need Proper Supports 2021-05-01 [NBFL]

Canada British Columbia HEU announces Meena Brisard’s appointment as the union’s secretary-business manager 2021-05-01 [HEU]

Canada Saskatchewan CUPE 5430 calls for the Saskatchewan government to save Microbiology services at the Yorkton lab 2021-05-01 [CUPE]

Canada British Columbia There is May Day and there’s the “First of May” 2021-05-01 [BC Labour Heritage Centre]

Canada Saskatchewan Companies Providing Scab Labour to Saskatchewan Refinery Won’t Say If They Spent Emergency Wage Subsidies on Scabs 2021-05-01 [Press Progress]

Canada Unifor calls Loblaw ‘appreciation bonus’ an insult to frontline workers 2021-05-01 [Unifor]

Canada New Brunswick Deadlock in Local 1251 Negotiations: Higgs forcing a strike on essential workers 2021-05-01 [CUPE NB]

Canada New Brunswick NB Social Development “Investments”: Band-Aid Solutions Are Not Enough 2021-05-01 [CUPE NB]

Canada New Brunswick NB Nurses Union president says system is ‘crumbling’ amid nursing staff shortages 2021-05-01 [Global]

Canada Ontario Hoshizaki House secures a new 2 year contract 2021-04-30 [DrydenNow]

Canada Delivery Workers Rising Up Against Exploitation 2021-04-30 [The Bullet / Taroa Zuñiga Silva]

Canada Ontario Some Hamilton workplaces are shutting down to stop COVID-19 outbreaks from spreading 2021-04-30 [CBC]

Canada British Columbia Hospitality employers threaten to lock out 1,200 workers in province 2021-04-30 [Energetic City]

Canada Nova Scotia Early childhood educators want clarification on new directives 2021-04-30 [CBC]

Canada Ontario Toyotetsu employees question protocols after outbreak 2021-04-30 [The Reformer]

Canada Manitoba Shut down all public schools in Winnipeg, teachers' union says 2021-04-30 [CBC]

Canada Ontario New resource centre for migrant farm workers opens in Simcoe 2021-04-30 [The Spectator]

Canada Ontario Reinstate isolation pay so workers don't 'bear burden,' union tells Cambridge Memorial Hospital 2021-04-30 [CBC]

Canada Quebec Montreal port workers' union blasts federal back-to-work legislation 2021-04-30 [The Gazette]

Canada Quebec Port of Montreal union vows to contest federal back-to-work order 2021-04-30 [CBC]

Canada Newfoundland and Labrador NAPE Teams with Health Care Foundation to Launch ‘Moving Lives Forward’ Scholarship Program 2021-04-30 [VOCM]

Canada Quebec Laval bus drivers launch awareness campaign 2021-04-30 [CUPE]

Canada Quebec NDP Denounces the Liberal Betrayal of Workers' Rights 2021-04-30 [NDP]

Canada British Columbia B.C. is developing its own sick pay program, says premier 2021-04-29 [CHEK]

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