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Canada British Columbia Unifor Serves Rio Tinto with 72 Hour Strike Notice 2021-07-22 [Unifor]

Canada British Columbia BC puts rules on child labour 2021-07-21 [Ministry of Labour]

Canada Quebec Deux Rives funeral co-op: Staff on strike for 48 hours starting Tuesday 2021-07-21 [Awani Review]

Canada Crane Collapses Have Become All Too Common 2021-07-21 [Storeys]

Canada Ontario Bargaining set to resume between Unifor, Bombardier and De Havilland 2021-07-21 [Unifor]

Canada National Post newsroom workers ratify 8.25% average wage hike over two years 2021-07-21 [The Examiner]

Canada Border reopening plan facing roadblock as thousands of border officials consider strike action 2021-07-21 [CBC]

Canada Ontario QW Nestlé workers’ union explores options before closure 2021-07-21 [The Intelligencer]

Canada Ontario Union accuses Waterloo Region of ‘union busting’ as workers invited to cross picket line 2021-07-21 [Outline]

Canada Ontario Workers at Toronto Parking Authority vote to authorize strike action 2021-07-21 [CUPE]

Canada Ontario Editorial staff win big wage gains at National Post 2021-07-20 [Unifor]

Canada Ontario Bargaining set to resume between Unifor, Bombardier and De Havilland 2021-07-20 [Unifor]

Canada Quebec Grocery workers at Marché Adonis join UFCW 2021-07-20 [UFCW]

Canada Black, Mayhew acclaimed; Executive board election voting opens 2021-07-20 [MoveUP]

Canada The Organizing Challenge and American Capitalism 2021-07-20 [The Bullet / Sam Gindin]

Canada Alfre Woodard Boards ‘The Porter’ CBC/BET+ Railway Worker Series 2021-07-20 [Deadline]

Canada Ontario Workers at National Rubber Technologies in Ancaster picket to demand better wages and benefits 2021-07-20 [CBC]

Canada Saskatchewan Calls for more action from Saskatchewan government on ‘Grocery Heroes Day’ 2021-07-20 [Global]

Canada Here’s How to Make Retail Jobs Better 2021-07-20 [The Tyee]

Canada British Columbia Site C dam in B.C. pays tribute to victims of Kelowna crane collapse 2021-07-19 [Global]

Canada British Columbia Canadian country star Aaron Pritchett remembers family member killed in Kelowna crane collapse 2021-07-19 [Global]

Canada British Columbia Almost $300K raised for victim of Kelowna crane collapse 2021-07-19 [Kelowna Courier]

Canada New Brunswick 50 days left to settle fair deals with CUPE members 2021-07-19 [CUPE NB]

Canada Ontario Local NDP have now nominated federal candidates in both Sudbury and Nickel Belt 2021-07-19 []

Canada Ontario Car rally in support of ROW paramedics, public sector workers planned for Monday 2021-07-19 [CTV]

Canada Quebec Nurses pan 'barbaric' working conditions, propose solutions to staffing crisis in ERs 2021-07-19 [CBC]

Canada Ontario NDP nominates CUPE economist as Ottawa Centre candidate 2021-07-19 [The Citizen]

Canada What Canada can learn from Sweden about creating middle-class retail jobs 2021-07-19 [PCI]

Canada Quebec Union leader Pascal Saint-Ongo joined the Federal Liberals 2021-07-18 [The Citizen]

Canada Alberta UCP demanding hospital workers take ‘indecent and obscene’ wage rollback 2021-07-18 [The Standard]

Canada British Columbia Steelworkers Humanity Fund Contributes $50,000 to Support Victims of Wildfires in B.C. 2021-07-17 [USW]

Canada Alberta Launch of 'Tipping the Balance' report about Bill 32 2021-07-17 [UNA]

Canada Quebec Grocery workers at Marché Adonis join the union 2021-07-17 [UFCW Canada]

Canada Anti-racism and anti-colonialism must be embedded into all subjects at all levels of education 2021-07-17 [ETFO]

Canada Newfoundland and Labrador Private air ambulance costs up to 5 times more than public system 2021-07-17 [NUPGE]

Canada British Columbia Wildfires and natural disasters: Workers' rights and union support 2021-07-17 [NUPGE]

Canada Nova Scotia Labour celebrates the significant agreement on child care by both levels of government 2021-07-17 [NSFL]

Canada Quebec Summer crisis in ERs: a symptom of a generalized shortage 2021-07-17 [FIQ]

Canada Newfoundland and Labrador FFAW-Unifor Calls on Provincial Government to Improve Transparency in Seafood Collective Bargaining Process 2021-07-17 [FFAW-Unifor]

Canada Ontario’s Sam Hammond begins tenure as President of the CTF 2021-07-17 [CTF]

Canada Vaccines are not a panacea: public health measures must continue in Canada 2021-07-17 [CFNU]

Canada Alberta Offer to health support workers 'fair, reasonable' in light of fiscal problems, finance minister says 2021-07-17 [CBC]

Canada Manitoba Lockout at Welcome Place Ends 2021-07-17 [CUPE]

Canada New Brunswick Province reaches tentative agreement with two Nurses Union bargaining units 2021-07-17 [CBC]

Canada Back to work at casinos 2021-07-16 [Unifor]

Canada Nova Scotia Northwood long-term care workers ratify tentative agreement 2021-07-16 [Unifor]

Canada Ontario Toronto equity lawyer Mary Cornish looks back at four-plus decades of change 2021-07-16 [Canadian Lawyer]

Canada Ontario OPSEU calls on Minister to intervene as Black Creek boss sabotages bargaining 2021-07-16 [NUPGE]

Canada Quebec Help sought for 'crumbling' health-care system in western Quebec 2021-07-16 [CBC]

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