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Belarus Nearly three months after vote, Belarus protests still go strong  ActNOW!  2020-11-01 [Stars & Stripes]

Belarus Right to strike breached  ActNOW!  2020-10-28 [IndustriALL]

Belarus Calls For End To Violence Against Protesters In Belarus Grow At UN As Nationwide Strike Begins  ActNOW!  2020-10-27 [RFE]

Belarus Workers go on strike as Lukashenko ignores call to resign  ActNOW!  2020-10-27 [Euronews]

Belarus Nationwide strike looms after 'people's ultimatum' rally 2020-10-26 [MSN]

Belarus Ukrainian trade unions picketed Embassy of Belarus in Kyiv  ActNOW!  2020-10-26 [KVPU]

Belarus Stun grenades used on Belarus protesters  ActNOW!  2020-10-26 [The Star]

Belarus Opposition calls general strike as tens of thousands march against Lukashenko  ActNOW!  2020-10-26 [AFP]

Belarus Students Protest in Belarus to Demand Lukashenko Resign as Strike Action Begins Across Country 2020-10-26 [Yahoo]

Belarus Over 100,000 protest against Lukashenko ahead of strike ultimatum 2020-10-26 [Deutsche Welle]

Belarus Nationwide strike to go ahead, says opposition leader 2020-10-26 [BBC]

Belarus Tsikhanouskaya Calls For National Strike To Go Ahead In Belarus After Crackdown On Protesters 2020-10-26 [RFE/RL]

Belarus Strike actions start after Lukashenko ignores deadline to quit 2020-10-26 [Metro]

Belarus Opposition prepares mass strikes after Lukashenko ignores deadline to quit 2020-10-26 [Reuters]

Belarus EFJ and BAJ demand immediate release of Yahor Martsinovich 2020-09-29 [EFJ]

Belarus Belarus workers fight for democracy 2020-09-25 [Workers liberty]

Belarus Join us in supporting media freedom in Belarus: #BAJ25RAZAM 2020-09-21 [EFJ]

Belarus Belarusian journalist wounded at the knee: 'I demand Justice' 2020-09-21 [EFJ]

Belarus UEFA must distance itself from Lukashenko 2020-09-15 [BWI]

Ukraine KVPU protested near the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Kyiv  ActNOW!  2020-09-10 [KVPU]

Belarus ‘The surgeons were nearly in tears': Belarusian medics witness the brutal response to protests 2020-09-08 [Opendemocracy]

Belarus Once working people mobilise, as they have done in Belarus, change is inevitable 2020-09-08 [Equal Times]

Belarus BWI and EFBWW support Belarus workers' strike against election fraud  ActNOW!  2020-09-02 [BWI]

Belarus The path to the square: the role of digital technologies in Belarus' protests 2020-09-01 [Opendemocracy]

Belarus Condemnation of violence against peaceful protesters  ActNOW!  2020-09-01 [Education International]

Belarus Statement of Solidarity with the Workers of Belarus 2020-09-01 [ICL]

Belarus Belarus: support the left and the workers 2020-08-29 [Workersliberty]

Belarus Expressing solidarity with the people of Belarus 2020-08-29 [NUPGE]

Belarus How women's role in Belarus protests captured global media attention 2020-08-28 [Open democracy]

Belarus EU foreign ministers must support right to strike in Belarus  ActNOW!  2020-08-27 [ETUC]

Belarus Judicial repression after police repression  ActNOW!  2020-08-27 [EFJ]

Belarus Wave of support in Europe for Belarusian journalists 2020-08-24 [EFJ]

Belarus Journalists must be allowed to enter Belarus 2020-08-24 [EFJ]

Belarus Massive blocking of access to the media today 2020-08-24 [EFJ]

Belarus 'Eight out of ten of the largest enterprises in Belarus are on strike' 2020-08-23 [Workers liberty]

Belarus ETUC GS: Sanctions need to hit Lukashenko and cronies hard 2020-08-21 [ETUC]

Belarus Journalists from Grodno demand justice 2020-08-21 [EFJ]

Belarus Strike delayed at major Belarus tractor factory after workers threatened with dismissal 2020-08-20 [Euronews]

Belarus Belarus protests: Workers boo Lukashenko as election unrest spreads 2020-08-19 [Radio New Zealand]

Belarus No Longer Cowed, Belarus Has Message for Once-Mighty Dictator: ‘Go Away!' 2020-08-18 [New York Times]

Belarus Potash company partially shuts down over workers' strike 2020-08-18 [TASS]

Belarus Won't work, if we can't do honest journalism: Belarus media goes on strike over election result and censorship 2020-08-18 [Wion]

Belarus Open Letter of Belarusian Cultural Workers 2020-08-18 [e-flux]

Belarus Mass Protests Continue in Belarus Amid Reports of Torture in Jails 2020-08-18 [Democracy Now]

Belarus 'I will never cave in to pressure:' Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko jeered by angry workers as strikes grow 2020-08-18 [ITV]

Belarus President heckled by factory workers as protests continue 2020-08-18 [TRT]

Belarus Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko booed off stage by workers as he dares opponents to kill him 2020-08-18 [ABC]

Belarus Inside Belarus Protests: From Election To Worker Strike 2020-08-18 [Refinery29]

Belarus Angry workers heckle Belarus' Lukashenko as challenges to his decades-long rule grow 2020-08-17 [CNN]

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