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New Zealand Its time the RSA acknowledged its ugly history of racism 2021-04-24 [The Spinoff]

Asia South Asia unions demand strong universal social protection 2021-04-09 [IndustriALL]

Asia Asia Pacific GCM review: Place Migrants in the centre, not in the dark, Shiella Estrada spoke at the Launch of GCM review 2021-03-11 [IDWF]

Asia Seafood Working Group Tackles Forced Labor and Environmental Abuses in Asia and the Pacific 2021-03-02 [ILRF]

Asia South Asia's migrant workers are facing a jobs crisis both at home and abroad 2021-02-15 [Equal Times]

Asia Taiwan's $1.3bn seafood industry hit by US 'forced labor' tag 2020-12-22 [Nikkei Asia]

Asia Alarming attacks on labour laws during Covid-19 in South Asia 2020-12-18 [IndustriALL]

Europe Eastern European and Central Asian unions stand strong against challenges 2020-12-15 [IndustriALL]

Asia Unions vow to sustain gender equality campaign 2020-12-12 [BWI]

Asia Ghost Fleet: Battling slavery in Thailand's seafood industry 2020-12-06 [Al Jazeera]

Global Big brand workers going hungry due to Covid-19 poverty 2020-12-06 [Radio New Zealand]

Asia South East Asia call to action to promote ratification of C190 2020-11-27 [IndustriALL]

Asia IJU expresses solidarity with SARTUC Day of Action 2020-11-27 [The Arunachal News]

Asia Trade unions express concern over RCEP 2020-11-23 [IndustriALL]

Asia BWI welcomes ADB's ban on asbestos 2020-11-22 [BWI]

Asia RCEP Rules Could Harm Asia's Covid-19 Recovery 2020-11-18 [PSI]

Taiwan Taiwan Accused of Failing to Protect Medical Rights of Southeast Asian Workers 2020-11-14 [Diplomat]

Asia At ASEAN labour meeting, UNI APRO makes case for just transition and occupational health and safety in Covid's aftermath 2020-11-03 [UNI Global Union]

Asia IFJ Impunity Campaign Asia Pacific Statement 2020 2020-11-03 [IFJ]

Asia Unions in South East Asia call on government to comply with ILO standards 2020-10-29 [IndustriALL]

Asia The coronavirus pandemic has put Asia's Indigenous communities under serious pressure 2020-10-09 [Equal Times]

Asia How can we better protect migrant workers in the next global crisis? 2020-09-25 [Devex]

Asia Can digital blockchain technology improve working conditions in the Global South? 2020-09-18 [Equal Times]

Asia Indonesian Migrant Domestic Workers in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong told their stories under COVID-19 2020-09-07 [IDWF]

Asia COVID-19: Asian garment workers deprived of $6bn in wages after brands cancel orders & withhold payments 2020-09-06 [Biz-Human Rights]

Asia Alternative Livelihood for Domestic Workers Under COVID-19 Economic Crisis: Learning from the Best Practices in Asia 2020-09-03 [IDWF]

Asia Negotiating safety and health in Asia Pacific's rubber sector 2020-08-27 [IndustriALL]

Asia 27 South Asian unions demand decent jobs on International Youth Day 2020-08-20 [BWI]

Hong Kong Asia-Pacific statement of solidarity on Hong Kong from IFJ affiliates & media unions 2020-08-19 [IFJ]

Europe Covid led to ‘brutal crackdown' on garment workers' rights, says report 2020-08-07 [Guardian]

Asia Union busting and unfair dismissals: Garment workers during COVID-19 2020-08-07 [Business and Human Rights Resource Centre]

Asia Janhavi Dave: “We need to empower home-based workers by investing in more co-operatives. Unity builds strength and resilience” 2020-07-27 [Equal Times]

Asia Asia's garment workers say virus used as cover to smash unions 2020-07-15 [Bangkok Post]

Asia Violation of workers' rights at seven-year high 2020-06-23 [HRMAsia]

Asia South Asian unions mark World Day Against Child Labour 2020-06-20 [BWI]

Pacific Takeda's sell-off of primary care biz to Celltrion triggers union protest 2020-06-12 [KoreaBioMed]

Asia UNI Apro Secretariat meets online with UNI Apro President 2020-06-10 [UNI Global Union]

Global See you in court: a rise in legal attacks against rights defenders aims to silence corporate critics 2020-06-08 [Equal Times]

Asia The AFC must embed human rights in bidding procedure for 2027 Asian Cup, says Sports Rights Alliance 2020-06-04 [UNI Global Union]

Asia BWI releases full Asia Pacific report on COVID-19 2020-06-03 [BWI]

Asia 200 workers join BWI's South Asian webinar on COVID-19 2020-06-01 [BWI]

Asia South East Asian unions turn online to defend workers' rights 2020-05-12 [IndustriALL]

Asia May Day video messages from UNI Apro Youth, Women, and Affiliates 2020-05-07 [UNI Global Union]

Asia EI Asia-Pacific Regional Committee adopts statement on COVID-19 2020-05-05 [Education International]

Philippines Lightning rallies, social media events mark workers' observance of Labor Day 2020-05-03 [Manila Bulletin]

Asia marks pain, not celebration for workers hit by virus 2020-05-02 [Union-Bulletin]

Global Faded desire for fashion leaves global garment workers destitute 2020-04-21 [Bloomberg/Daily Maverick]

Asia Governments must protect livelihoods from COVID-19 2020-04-08 [BWI]

Asia Vulnerable workers in supply chains need urgent protection to survive impact of Covid-19 2020-04-07 [Dalit Solidarity Network]

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