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Nigeria Tinubu must reform health ministry – JOHESU 2023-05-29 [Punch]

Australia Don’t let big business trick you. There’s nothing good about a sham contract 2023-05-29 [Australian Unions]

Kenya Police okay public servants’ to protests against increased taxes 2023-05-29 [The Star]

New Zealand Nurses union discusses next steps in pay negotiations with Te Whatu Ora 2023-05-29 [RNZ]

Australia New South Wales Health workers ramp up strike action at state’s busiest hospital over wages 2023-05-29 [The Morning Herald]

Zimbabwe Poorly paid ZIMRA workers demand time for ‘side hustles’ 2023-05-29 [ZimLive]

India Delhi Workers at India’s Largest Mandi Still Paid Decades-Old Rates, Can’t Afford Vegetables 2023-05-29 [The Wire]

Korea (South) Police brace for massive union protest 2023-05-29 [The Times]

India Telangana Hyderabad: Gig workers union demands social security 2023-05-29 [The Hans]

Canada British Columbia The Myth of Increased Transit Violence Crime rates are actually down. But workers struggle to deal with the effects of social problems 2023-05-29 [The Tyee]

South Africa North West NEHAWU statement on Mahikeng Provincial Hospital 2023-05-29 [COSATU]

Israel MAAN and the Protests for Democracy in Israel: Questions and Answers 2023-05-29 [MAAN Workers Association]

South Africa KwaZulu-Natal New mining activity temporarily halted in controversial coal expansion saga 2023-05-29 [News24]

Canada StatCan report casts clouds on claims of a widespread labour shortage in Canada 2023-05-28 [CHEK]

Canada British Columbia British Columbia’s minimum wage increasing to $16.75 on June 1 2023-05-28 [Global]

USA Women’s basketball Is raking in more cash than ever, but the players aren’t 2023-05-28 [Bloomberg]

Canada HR Officer 2023-05-28 [BCGEU]

Canada Quebec United Steelworkers union welcomes criminal prosecution in triple fatality at Bois ouvré Beauceville 2023-05-28 [USW]

Canada By The Numbers: Disability and the Workplace 2023-05-28 [UFCW Canada]

Canada Pushing back against CBSA plan for self-checkout at border 2023-05-28 [PSAC]

Canada Ontario Canadian Blood Services workers rally in Brampton for better wages, respect and No Paid Plasma 2023-05-28 [OPSEU]

Canada Ontario Social services workers hold an info picket in Brockville to demand a better deal 2023-05-28 [OPSEU]

Canada Administrative support (contract) – Prevention Link 2023-05-28 [OFL]

Canada Nova Scotia NSFL urges Premier Houston to enact anti-scab legislation 2023-05-28 [NSFL]

Canada IAM Canada frustrated in delay of approved Bill 2023-05-28 [IAMAW]

Canada New Brunswick Essential Workplace Skills celebrated at IAM Local 835 2023-05-28 [IAMAW]

Canada Quebec Leucan Shaved Head Challenge a great success – GVP Chartrand joins LL712 to raise more than $35,000 for kids diagnosed with cancer 2023-05-28 [IAMAW]

USA California LA Striking Writers and S. Cal Workers Fed Up! They Speak Out About Billionaires & Attacks On Labor For more info 2023-05-28 [LVP]

Canada Newfoundland and Labrador 4R Shrimp Fleet Looking for Fairness in Fishery 2023-05-28 [FFAW-Unifor]

USA There's one big reason why workers don't want to go back to the office 5 days a week: Commuting 2023-05-28 [Insider]

USA Workers are feeling grim about their retirement prospects, study finds For more info 2023-05-28 [Yahoo]

USA Atlanta Fed: Undocumented Workers Have 'Negligible Impact' On Wages For more info 2023-05-28 [LexisNexis]

USA California $363K in back wages, damages recovered for 125 San Diego construction workers 2023-05-28 [FOX]

USA 'Target doesn't have a spine': Workers slam retailer's decision to pull LGBTQ Pride-themed products amid backlash 2023-05-28 [Morning Star]

Malaysia A Labour Agenda for Malaysia 2023-05-28 [Asian Labour Review]

USA California 'Hot labor summer': Los Angeles unions back Hollywood writers 2023-05-28 [Reuters]

UK Review – Workers Can Win: A Guide to Organising at Work 2023-05-28 [Red Pepper]

USA Nevada Nurses and Healthcare Workers From HCA’s Sunrise, MountainView and Southern Hills Hospitals to Hold “Speak Out for Safe Staffing and Quality Care” 2023-05-28 [SEIU 1107]

UK PCS Union conference: UK must show “same generosity of spirit” to Sudanese refugees as Ukrainians fleeing war 2023-05-28 [MENA SN]

USA Washington Seattle Amazon Workers Plan Walkout Over Return to Office, Climate Concerns 2023-05-28 [Slashdot]

Global The Global Geographies of the Platform Economy: The World of Amazon Workers 2023-05-28 [E-IntlRelations]

USA California ‘Hot labour summer’: Los Angeles unions back Hollywood writers 2023-05-28 [CyprusMail]

USA California Stand Up Fight Back! LA Strike Wave As Writers Guild Rally & Other Unions Prepare To Strike 2023-05-28 [Indybay]

USA Connecticut Group home workers continue to strike outside Governor Lamont’s home 2023-05-28 [WFSB]

USA Organizing Despite Worker Turnover 2023-05-28 [LAProgressive]

USA Does Biden Know About This Impending Labor Strike? 2023-05-28 [Townhall]

Canada Off the Hill: Labour in high gear for action and change 2023-05-28 [rabble]

Canada Alberta Alberta workers less likely to be unionized 2023-05-28 [Alberta Worker]

Canada Alberta Calgary delivery drivers file for unionization 2023-05-28 [Alberta Worker]

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