Athens Gridlocked as Transport Workers Strike Over Pension Bill

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Les camps sur les îles face aux risques du Covid-19 2020-04-22 [HRW]

TV and radio campaign spot in support of journalists 2020-04-22 [IFJ]

ETUC urges EU action to stop coronavirus disaster in Greece 2020-04-17 [ETUC]

Ο κορωναϊός θα μας βλάψει όλους 2020-03-12 [GSEE]

Chi sono i greci che attaccano le ong a Lesbo 2020-03-10 [Internazionale]

La Grecia blocca centinaia di migranti 2020-02-28 [ANSA]

Hospital workers plan rally on Wednesday to protest gag order 2020-02-25 [Kathimerini]

Falling between the cracks: asylum and irregularity in Greece 2020-02-21 [Opendemocracy]

Des milliers de Grecs manifestent à Athènes contre un projet de réforme des retraites 2020-02-20 [euronews]

Transport Strike Snarls Athens Traffic 2020-02-20 [NH]

Athens Gridlocked as Transport Workers Strike Over Pension Bill 2020-02-18 [Greek Reporter]

Профсоюзы Греции проводят всеобщую забастовку 2020-02-18 []

Grève générale sur les îles grecques submergé 2020-01-22 [RTBF]

Transportistas a huelga contra privatizaciones 2019-12-09 [Prensa Latina]

Solidaridad con la Manifestación el 30 de Noviembre en Atenas 2019-11-29 [CNT]

Un rapport met en garde contre la privatisation croissante de l’enseignement public 2019-11-28 [IE]

Power utility's workers union calls off strikes due to bad weather 2019-11-26 [Kathimerini]

Greek workers protest reforms intended to boost investment 2019-10-25 [The Chronicle-Herald]

Protesting workers unload garbage outside ministry 2019-10-20 [Kathimerini]

שביתה כללית ביוון נגד המדיניות הניאו-ליברלית של ממשלת מיטסוטקיס הימנית 2019-10-09 [מק]

Grecia Grecia contempla la segunda huelga en una semana 2019-10-03 [Euronews]

Huelga en Grecia contra la reforma laboral de Mitsotakis 2019-10-03 [Diario 16]

Greek strikes bring country to a standstill 2019-10-03 [Deutsche Welle]

Greeks stage nationwide strike over reform plans of new government 2019-10-02 [The Financial Post]

Grève dans le secteur privé contre la réforme du Code du travail 2019-10-02 [Mediapart]

La Grèce paralysée par une nouvelle grève contre une réforme du marché de l'emploi 2019-10-02 [L'Orient]

Greeks stage nationwide strike over reform plans of new government 2019-10-02 []

Trabalhadores em greve contra medidas de novo governo grego 2019-09-24 [Mundo ao Minuto]

Seamen's union calls 24-hour ferry strike for September 24 2019-09-18 [Kathimerini]

Civil servants' union ADEDY calls 24-hour strike for September 24 2019-09-18 [Kathimerini]

Spendenaufruf “Die Produktion, die uns am Leben erhält, darf keine Minute unterbrochen werden!” 2019-09-15 [LabourNet Germany]


New Democracy Wants E-Vote Before Workers Strike, Backs Firings 2019-08-12 [Natl Herald]

הסיבה למפלת סיריזה בבחירות ביוון: נכנעה לבעלי ההון והפכה למפלגה ממסדית 2019-08-09 [המפלגה הקומוניסטית הישראלית]

Newsroom vandalised by anarchist group in Athens; unions condemn attack 2019-07-12 [IFJ]

Fergestreik onsdag 2019-07-02 []

IFJ supports journalists in defence of their social rights 2019-06-25 [IFJ]

Kilkis hospital workers call for stability check 2019-06-19 [Kathimerini]

The sweatshops next door 2019-06-16 [Kathimerini]

Hospital staff to strike on Thursday 2019-05-16 [Kathimerini]

Vives inquiétudes de la CSI et de la CES face aux violences dirigées contre une centrale syndicale grecque 2019-04-18 [CSI]

Gran preocupación de la CSI y la CES por la violencia contra una central sindical griega 2019-04-18 [CSI]

ITUC and ETUC deeply concerned at violence against Greek trade union centre 2019-04-18 [ITUC]

International unions deeply concerned at violence by Stalinists against Greek trade union 2019-04-16 [ETUC]

Women’s Day marked with demo, work stoppage 2019-03-10 [Kathimerini]

Workers in Greece Protest The Government’s Bid For Privatization in the Energy Sector 2019-03-09 [NewsClick]

Health Ministry under fire as deadly flu virus spreads 2019-02-09 [Kathimerini]

Unions on Lesbos will strike to demand closure of the island's Moria refugee camp 2019-02-05 [Info Migrants]

Thousands of workers to benefit from expected wage hike 2019-01-29 [Devidiscourse]

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