Trade Union Congress Lashes At Government Stance On Businesses

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Labour Laws Must be Upheld 2020-07-07 [Fiji Times]

ILO works with unions and employers to support redundant workers in Fiji 2020-07-06 [Radio New Zealand International]

Fiji unions, employers agree to help redundant workers amid 'dire situation' 2020-07-03 [Radio New Zealand International]

Fiji unions slam layoff of almost 300 workers at ATS 2020-06-23 [Radio New Zealand International]

Trade Union Congress Lashes At Government Stance On Businesses 2020-06-03 [The Sun]

Fiji union sees no point in govt-run talks on labour issues 2020-02-24 [Radio New Zealand International]

Fiji workers face closed doors for addressing labour issues 2020-02-24 [Radio New Zealand International]

Fiji govt criticized for weakening the country's unions 2020-02-19 [Radio New Zealand International]

Fiji govt accused of weakening trade union movement 2020-02-19 [Radio New Zealand International]

Governmentt suspends five unions 2020-02-04 [Radio New Zealand]

Fiji govt suspends five unions 2020-02-03 [Radio New Zealand International]

Suspended unions can be reinstated: Cawaru 2020-02-02 [FBC]

Fiji urged by UN members to protect freedom of expression 2019-11-09 [Radio New Zealand International]

Former Fiji PM criticizes UN for not helping country's workers 2019-09-04 [Radio New Zealand International]

Fiji union leader pleads not guilty to malicious conduct charge 2019-09-03 [Radio New Zealand International]

Trade Unionist pleads not guilty to charges 2019-09-02 [FBC]

Fiji unions to continue to fight for protest permit 2019-08-14 [Radio New Zealand International]

Human rights group speaks out for Fiji workers 2019-08-13 [Radio New Zealand International]

Fiji police decline unionists' permit for protest march 2019-08-09 [Radio New Zealand International]

ACTU wants urgent ILO mission to Fiji 2019-07-04 [Radio New Zealand International]

Application of permit for march, public rally 2019-07-02 [FTUC]

ITUC shocked to learn of Anthony's arrest just two weeks after ILO urged it to refrain from anti-union practices 2019-07-02 [FTUC]

Stop harassment against unionist-FTUC 2019-06-28 [FTUC]

Fijian union leader arrested again 2019-06-28 [Radio New Zealand International]

Fijian government seeks to undermine collective bargaining 2019-06-26 [PSI]

International labour Organization puts Fiji on notice 2019-06-24 [Radio New Zealand International]

L’inquiétante dérive des autorités des Fidji vers un État policier qui cible les syndicats 2019-06-19 [Equal Times]

Has Fiji’s democracy decayed into a police state? 2019-06-10 [Equal Times]

L’inquiétante dérive des autorités des Fidji vers un État policier qui cible les syndicats 2019-06-10 [Equal Times]

¿Ha degenerado la democracia de Fiji en un Estado policial? 2019-06-10 [Equal Times]

ANZ Pacific Operations staff receives pay increment of 6% 2019-06-07 [FBC]

Bank Employees’ Union Strives to Survive 2019-05-16 [UNI Global Union]

Требуем прекратить репрессии против профсоюзных активистов на Фиджи 2019-05-09 [IndustriALL]

Les Fidji doivent arrêter la répression exercée à l’encontre des syndicalistes 2019-05-09 [IndustriALL]

Pongan fin a represión contra sindicalistas en Fiji 2019-05-09 [IndustriALL]

PSI Statement Following the Detention of Trade Unionists in Fiji Whilst ADB Watches On 2019-05-09 [PSI]

Denial of Democratic space; Defeats the spirit of Social Dialogue 2019-05-09 [UNI Global Union]

End the repression of trade unionists in Fiji 2019-05-09 [IndustriALL]

ILO negotiated for release of Fiji union leader 2019-05-08 [Radio New Zealand International]

Appeal for funds to help Fiji WAF workers 2019-05-06 [Radio New Zealand]

Anthony says prospects low for labour talks after arrest 2019-05-06 [Radio New Zealand International]

Three unionists are being questioned by the police 2019-05-06 []

Union leaders arrested by Fijian authoities 2019-05-06 [NZCTU-te Kauae Kamahi]

Fiji workers still hope to overturn limits on their rights 2019-05-06 [Radio New Zealand International]

Fiji union leader released ; members charged with unlawful assembly bailled 2019-05-03 [Radio New Zealand International]

Fiji union leaders left with no option but to defer protests 2019-05-03 [Radio NZ]

Australian union body condemns interrogation of Fijian unionists 2019-05-03 [The Fiji Times]

Police enter Fiji Times offices as it investigates unionist 2019-05-03 [The Fiji Times]

Fiji union unhappy with outcome of tribunal hearing 2019-05-03 [Radio NZ]

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