Gig workers should be able to form unions, says EU commissioner

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The European Parliament debates on the end of impunity of crimes against journalists 2019-11-14 [EFJ]

Journalism is not a crime, Julian Assange must be released, says IFJ 2019-11-14 [IFJ]

Tide power, in difesa dei lavoratori in distacco 2019-11-11 [RS]

Macroeconomic Dialogue at Political Level 7th November 2019 - Speech of Luca Visentini, ETUC General Secretary 2019-11-11 [ETUC]

EESC report points out decline of media freedom in Europe 2019-11-11 [EFJ]

Acciaio, anno di crisi per tutti i player europei: produzione giù, migliaia di lavoratori a rischio tra Spagna, Francia, Germania, Polonia e Uk 2019-11-10 [Il fatto quotidiano]

L’Europa potrebbe fare di più per fermare l’invasione turca in Rojava, ma gli stati temono una rivoluzione democratica 2019-11-10 [MicroMega]

A civil society response to the whistleblower protection directive 2019-11-09 [EFJ]

EU corporate leaders worsening conditions for workers in the US South 2019-11-08 [Morning Star]

ETUC on Autumn Economic Forecast 2019-11-08 [ETUC]

Silence Hate final conference – Changing words, change the world, 18 November, Brussels 2019-11-08 [EFJ]

Leading education event in Nordic countries welcomes international participants 2019-11-06 [EI]

Strabag unions strengthen coordination for negotiations 2019-11-06 [BWI]

Mange klager til ELA om sosial dumping 2019-11-05 [LO]

EU-kommisjonen har ingen plikt til å gjøre om en avtale mellom arbeidslivets parter til bindende direktiv 2019-11-05 [LO]

Ryanair holds firm on job cuts as grounded aircraft delays worsen 2019-11-04 [Irish Examiner]

V congreso de EFFAT (Sindicatos de la Alimentación, la Agricultura y el Turismo): Por una EFFAT más fuerte For more info 2019-11-04 [Servicios CCOO]

“Cum-Ex-Files”: Angriff auf Europas Steuerzahler 2019-11-01 [LabourNet Germany]

הפגנות המוניות בברצלונה ושביתה כללית: הקומוניסטים בספרד והשאלה הקטלאנית 2019-11-01 [המפלגה הקומוניסטית הישראלית]

Workers' voice - La newsletter de la CES - Octobre 2019 2019-11-01 [ETUC]

Workers' voice - The ETUC newsletter - October 2019 2019-11-01 [ETUC]

EFJ invites journalists’ organisations and media outlets to endorse the ‘Charter on Working Conditions’ 2019-11-01 [EFJ]

How to make journalists’ unions more diverse and inclusive? 2019-11-01 [EFJ]

SATSE y sindicatos europeos abordan el grave problema de la violencia en el trabajo 2019-10-31 [SATSE]

Kamp i fagbevegelsen om minstelønn 2019-10-30 [YS]

Google is not above the law 2019-10-30 [EFJ]

Parents in 7 countries to get new rights to paid leave 2019-10-29 [ETUC]

'Johnson's do or die Brexit on 31 October just one of his many lies' 2019-10-28 [TSSA]

Faites payer les entreprises qui refusent la transparence des rémunérations 2019-10-28 [CES]

Fine companies who refuse gender pay transparency, unions tell Von der Leyen 2019-10-28 [ETUC]

Parlamento europeo: Migranti, il voto Ue un'occasione sprecata 2019-10-26 [RS]

Parita' di genere: Una via europea per la conciliazione tra vita e lavoro 2019-10-26 [RS]

FT reported prime minister was willing to consider diverging from EU standards on the environment and workers’ rights 2019-10-26 [Guardian]

Gig workers should be able to form unions, says EU commissioner 2019-10-26 [Personnel Today]

Nå økes pensjonsalderen i Sverige, Danmark og Finland 2019-10-25 [Fri fagbevegelse]

ETUC response to EU Court ruling 2019-10-25 [ETUC]

Déclaration de la CES à propos de l’accord sur le Brexit 2019-10-23 [CES]

ETUC tells Spanish government not to sacrifice workers’ health 2019-10-23 [ETUC]

В Испании профсоюзные лидеры отказываются покидать офисы Endesa 2019-10-22 [IndustriALL]

Det nye arbeidsvilkårsdirektivet styrker ansattes rettigheter 2019-10-22 [LO]

How a Tory Brexit could finally unite Britain’s workers 2019-10-22 [Guardian]

The Double Standard at Work: European Corporate Investment and Workers' Rights in the American South 2019-10-22 [AFL-CIO]

UGT no Seminário da Campanha Europeia 2018-19 2019-10-21 [UGT]

« Un Brexit sans accord serait un désastre pour les travailleurs » 2019-10-21 [Force Ouvriere]

EU varsler ny minstelønn – LO, NHO og regjeringen sier blankt nei 2019-10-21 [Fri fagbevegelse]

UNI Global Union of Graphics and Packaging to hold its Global and European conferences 2019-10-21 [UNI Global Union]

Forward together — UNI Europa Commerce ready to organise 2019-10-21 [UNI Global Union]

Brexit: What does the deal say about workers' rights? 2019-10-21 [BBC]

What is the Working Time Directive that Boris and Gove are plotting to scrap? 2019-10-21 [TUC]

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