The state of labour relations in China, 2019

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Focus on hospital violence obscures basic problems of pay and working conditions 2020-01-13 [CLB]

The state of labour relations in China, 2019 2020-01-13 [CLB]

Unions fear for 4,000 staff if Chinese company buys loss-making steelmaker 2020-01-10 [Guardian]

China ends forced labour for sex workers 2019-12-29 [BBC]

They Said #MeToo. Now They Are Being Sued. 2019-12-28 [The Times]

Rights Monitor Group Tracking 60,000 North Korean Workers in Northeastern China 2019-12-24 [Radio Free Asia]

Tesco Christmas card contains cry for help from China prisoners who made it 2019-12-23 [Deutsche Welle]

After report prison labour used for Christmas cards, U.K. retailer suspends Chinese supplier 2019-12-23 [CBC]

Well known labour activist detained in Guangzhou 2019-12-22 [CLB]

GMB responds to reports British Steel deal 'close to collapse' 2019-12-16 [GMB]

Situation for journalists continues to decline 2019-12-06 [IFJ]

Una delegación de alto nivel de la ITF firma en China un memorando de entendimiento mejorado 2019-12-05 [ITF]

Reports on Australian writer being tortured 2019-12-04 [IFJ]

Signature d’un protocole d’accord renforcé suite à une visite d’une délégation de l’ITF de haut niveau 2019-12-02 [FIOT]

High level ITF delegation signs enhanced MoU in China 2019-12-02 [ITF]

Squeezed on all sides, China’s retail workers respond with collective action 2019-11-25 [CLB]

Shanxi coal mine explosion leaves 15 dead and nine injured 2019-11-25 [CLB]

Government slams lack of safety training in high-risk industries 2019-11-25 [CLB]

Government fails to ensure the safety of journalists and uphold rights 2019-11-22 [IFJ]

Educators stand with democracy defenders 2019-11-18 [Education International]

Increasing police violence as crisis deepens 2019-11-13 [BWI]

IFJ urges the Hong Government to apologise for assaults on journalists 2019-11-13 [IFJ]

Understanding worker protests at Chinese enterprises in Vietnam 2019-11-11 [China Labour Bulletin]

CTU concerned with 'upgrade' of China Free Trade Agreement 2019-11-05 [NZCTU-te Kauae Kamahi]

Las madres que trabajan en China afirman que las despiden o las marginan 2019-11-03 [infobae]

Chinese #MeToo journalist detained for reporting on Hong Kong protests 2019-10-25 [IFJ]

Veteran labour activist Meng Han released from detention 2019-10-20 [CLB]

Workers stage multiple protests over forced layoffs at YTO Express 2019-10-20 [CLB]

Lee Cheuk-yan of the HKCTU: “When you beat, arrest, prosecute and shoot at protestors, social dialogue is very difficult” 2019-10-18 [Equal Times]

Lee Cheuk-yan, de la HKCTU: “Cuando se golpea, se arresta, se procesa y se dispara a los manifestantes, el diálogo social es muy difícil” 2019-10-18 [Equal Times]

State-owned enterprises pushed to boost pension fund 2019-09-29 [CLB]

Anti-discrimination activists detained for two months in widening crackdown 2019-09-29 [CLB]

IFJ condemns the government exam for press credentials 2019-09-28 [IFJ]

HUF Yantai: Protest gegen die Verstöße des deutschen Autozulieferers gegen das Arbeitsgesetz 2019-09-25 [LabourNet Germany]

Minor league football players take collective action over wage arrears 2019-09-21 [CLB]

Apple admits it used too many temporary workers in China 2019-09-10 [The Hill]

WSJ journalist visa renewal denied following critical report 2019-09-06 [IFJ]

Labor Reforms Dwindle After Government Crackdown 2019-09-04 [The News Lens]

הסכם בנמל חיפה: מחלקת המים לא תופרט; באשדוד העובדים רוצים להישאר עובדי נמל 2019-08-30 [המפלגה הקומוניסטית הישראלית]

Flight Attendant Union Leader Sacked for Expressing Political Views White Terror Looms Over Hong Kong Workplaces For more info 2019-08-28 [HKCTU]

The end of China’s labour reform? 2019-08-27 [East Asia Forum]

Cathay Pacific's crisis just got even uglier 2019-08-24 [CNN]

As Hong Kong Firms Fall in Line Over Protests, Some Workers Push Back 2019-08-24 [NYTimes]

Cathay Dragon fires flight attendant union chief amid pressure from China 2019-08-23 [The Free Press]

China Pressures Business Over Hong Kong. Workers Get Caught in the Middle 2019-08-19 [NYTimes]

China state media journalist attacked at airport protests 2019-08-16 [IFJ]

nemployment rate jumps in July as graduates enter the job market 2019-08-16 [CLB]

Skoleelever lager Amazons høytalere og lesebrett under ulovlige arbeidsforhold 2019-08-15 [Fri fagbevegelse]

UNI joins calls for the protection of democracy in Hong Kong as protests continue 2019-08-15 [UNI Global Union]

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