Government blocks trade union congress again

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Government blocks trade union congress again 2020-09-09 [ITUC]

Journalists injured in roadside bomb explosion 2020-09-01 [IFJ]

Government drops controversial media law amendment 2020-07-19 [IFJ]

Iran security forces kill 3 Afghan migrants in car blaze 2020-06-29 [Iran News Wire]

Journalist and TV station employee killed in targeted bombing 2020-05-31 [IFJ]

Television journalists wounded in deadly Kabul attack 2020-03-15 [IFJ]

Journalist injured in deadly military convoy blast 2019-12-06 [IFJ]

Journalist killed in election attack 2019-09-28 [IFJ]

Radio journalist found murdered after disappearance 2019-07-16 [IFJ]

Deadly day for Shamshad TV with one dead and seven injured 2019-07-03 [IFJ]

Mena Mangal: Journalist and women's rights campaigner shot dead in broad day light in Kabul 2019-05-19 [The Independent]

Former TV presenter shot dead 2019-05-16 [IFJ]

Killers of Abdul Manan Arghand sentenced to death 2019-04-20 [IFJ]

Journalist killed on his way to work 2019-03-18 [IFJ]

Journalist survives assassination attempt 2019-03-13 [IFJ]

Soutien aux familles des mineurs afghans décédés et aux mineurs blessés 2019-01-08 [CGT]

Gold mine collapse leaves several dead 2019-01-07 [Deutsche Welle]

At least 30 gold miners killed in tunnel collapse in northern Afghanistan 2019-01-06 [Yahoo]

END IMPUNITY CAMPAIGN 2018 : Afghanistan country report 2018-10-31 [IFJ]

Photojournalist killed in targeted attack on election rally 2018-10-15 [IFJ]

Global labour movement condemns seizure of union property by government of Afghanistan 2018-10-11 [IndustriALL]

Глобальное профдвижение осуждает изъятие профсоюзной собственности правительством Афганистана 2018-10-10 [IndustriALL]

Le mouvement syndical mondial condamne la saisie d'avoirs syndicaux par le gouvernement en Afghanistan 2018-10-10 [IndustriALL]

El movimiento sindical internacional condena el embargo de los bienes del sindicato por el Gobierno de Afganistán 2018-10-10 [IndustriALL]

Attaque meurtrière d'une école : « Ma fille voulait devenir enseignante... » 2018-08-28 [IE]

AFP driver killed in suicide attack 2018-07-30 [IFJ]

El “día más mortífero” de los medios afganos pone de manifiesto la determinación, la resiliencia y la vulnerabilidad de sus periodistas 2018-05-21 [Equal Times]

Afghan media’s “deadliest day” exposes the resolve, resilience and vulnerability its journalists 2018-05-21 [Equal Times]

Meurtris par un attentat ciblé, les journalistes afghans veulent continuer d’informer, malgré les risques et l’impunité 2018-05-21 [Equal Times]

Le gouvernement doit cesser sa campagne antisyndicale 2018-05-17 [CSI]

Government Must Cease Anti-Union Campaign 2018-05-17 [ITUC]

Ten journalists killed in a single day, after gunmen shot dead BBC reporter 2018-05-01 [IFJ]

Unidentified gunmen shoot TV journalist dead in Kandahar 2018-04-30 [IFJ]

Des hommes armés non identifiés tuent un journaliste TV à Kandahar 2018-04-27 [FIJ]

Afghan unemployment rate rises: local media 2018-02-19 [Xinhua]

Deadly weekend in Afghanistan, journalist safety under attack 2018-01-23 [IFJ]

Journalist killed, 9 injured in Kabul suicide attacK 2018-01-10 [IFJ]

Female journalists’ presence in media on decline: Survey 2017-11-22 [Pajhwok ]

TV cameraman killed in suicide attack 2017-11-21 [IFJ]

TV network attacked, anchor returns with hands bandaged 2017-11-08 [The Day]

Du sang contre des minéraux ? Les États-Unis retournent en Afghanistan à la poursuite de profits miniers 2017-10-24 [Equal Times]

¿Soldados por minerales? EEUU regresa a Afganistán atraído por prometedores recursos mineros 2017-10-24 [Equal Times]

Blood for minerals? The US returns to Afghanistan in search of mining profits 2017-10-24 [Equal Times]

Migrant workers in Iran from Afghanistan face exploitation, struggle 2017-07-30 [Radio Zamaneh]

Les Afghanes brisent les barrières avec une chaîne de télévision exclusivement féminine 2017-07-18 [Equal Times]

Las mujeres afganas rompen barreras con un canal de televisión solamente de mujeres 2017-07-18 [Equal Times]

Afghan women break barriers with all-female TV station 2017-07-18 [Equal Times]

Florida מסע ירי בארה'ב: פוטר לפני כחודש - והרג חמישה עובדים כנקמה 2017-06-09 [וואלה]

Kabul attack: BBC workers among victims in Afghanistan suicide bombing 2017-05-31 [The Independent]

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