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It's simple -- just click on the title! In most cases, this will be enough. But if this doesn't work, click on the link showing you the type of video file which appears to the right of the title. It will look something like this: Real or MPEG. By clicking on that, you will be taken to a site where you can download the necessary software to view this video. This software is always free of charge. We recommend that you have at least two video viewers on your computer -- such as Real Player, QuickTime or Windows Media Player. Many of these shows are designed for people with broadband (high-speed) connections to the net. This is particularly the case with streaming multimedia (Real format, for example). If you are having difficulty viewing some of the videos, try the ones that allow you to download entire files to your disk, such as MPEG and QuickTime.

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If you're a LabourStart correspondent, you can add videos directly. See the instructions on your login page. If you're not a LabourStart correspondent, apply here to become one. But if you think you've only got the one video and no more, send us the URL (web address) and we'll have a look. Please do NOT send us attachments or videos by post. We can link to videos that already appear on the web -- and that's it.

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A good place to start is the BBC's Video Nation. If you have other suggestions, please let us know.

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There are more and more places on the web where you can post your video -- and then tell us about it so LabourStart TV can link to it. One of the most popular is YouTube and another is Google Video. Both are free of charge.

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Want these videos on your union website? You can show a list of the latest labour videos on your website by simply copying one line of code -- full details here. The most recent 15 labour videos are also available as an RSS feed.

France: Continuation de grève des agents de sécurité Securitas à Airbus [BFMTV] 2014-04-15
Indonesia: VIDEO: Foreign workers struggle in Malaysia [Al Jazeera] 2014-04-14
USA: AFT launches Reclaiming the Promise of Higher Education [AFT] 2014-04-13
Iran: Letter from jailed labouractivist Sharokh Zamani about the background to his ongoing hungerstrike (34 days !) [Mission Iran] 2014-04-12
Iran: Solidarity with Shahrokh Zamani ! [Facebook Göran Gustavsson] 2014-04-12
USA: ATU Pres Larry Hanley On The Attack On Public Transit, Transit Workers And The ATU [LVP] 2014-04-11
Hong Kong: Hong Kong Dockers Strike and Struggles: Report By Stephan Chan and Wong Yu Loy [LVP] 2014-04-11
France: La première prise de contact de Manuel Valls avec les syndicats [FO] 2014-04-11
USA: Ryker Shannon IAM 751Boeing Rosies Machinists, Union Democracy, Tech and Concession Bargaining [LVP] 2014-04-09
France: [Vidéo] “Sur les économies, tout nous inquiète” [CFDT] 2014-04-09
USA: APWU Pres Mark Dimondstein Calls For Defense Of The People's Post Office [LVP] 2014-04-08
USA: The Fight For Railway Safety and The Case Of BLET BNSF Railway Worker Jen Wallis [LVP] 2014-04-07
USA: Chicago Teachers Union Pres Karen Lewis and IBT 804 Pres Tim Sylvester At Labor Notes Convention [Labor Video Project] 2014-04-05
USA: Ruben Jones and Why We Need a $10.10 Minimum Wage [AFL-CIO] 2014-04-04
France: Houplines : deuxième jour de grève, en chantant, chez Hacot&Colombier (VIDÉO) [Voix du Nord] 2014-04-04
France: Hacot&Colombier à Houplines: le jugement du tribunal mis en délibéré, la grève votée (VIDEO) [Voix du Nord] 2014-04-03
France: Calais : le piquet de grève est levé au port, une réunion organisée vendredi avec les dockers et la Région (VIDÉO) [Voix du Nord] 2014-04-03
France: Chasseneuil-du-Poitou : grève chez Federal Mogul (+ vidéo) [Presse] 2014-04-03
France: Santé/Sociaux. Quimper « Les difficultés sont croissantes » (Vidéo) [Coté] 2014-04-02
USA: Introducing Anti-Unionol: A New Long-Lasting Anti-Worker Suppository [AFSCME] 2014-04-01
Canada: Kiefer Sutherland sends message of support for Medicare [NUPGE] 2014-04-01
USA: Watch two former McDonald's managers break down how they were ordered to cheat their employees out of their pay [Robbed on the Job] 2014-04-01
Taiwan: Taiwan Parliament Occupied By Students Protesting Trade Deal With China-Thousands Including Workers Surround Parliament [LVP] 2014-03-31
Belgium: Investir dans l’économie durable créera 60 000 emplois [CSC] 2014-03-29
Global: Comité de la liberté syndicale: protéger les droits, sauver des vies [OIT] 2014-03-28
USA: P Diddy speaks to Nissan workers in MS [YouTube] 2014-03-26
Canada: This union just clobbered Target in the video outreach department [Press Progress] 2014-03-25
USA: Target's anti-union video [You Tube] 2014-03-21
France: La Redoute : la CFE-CGC signe l’accord, entre 550 et 700 salariés manifestent (VIDÉO) [Voix du Nord] 2014-03-21
South Africa: Numsa’s Joburg jobs march [IOL] 2014-03-20
France: Tourcoing : 100 % des sages-femmes en grève mais... heureuses (VIDEO) [Voix du Nord] 2014-03-20
Europe: Les syndicats tirent la sonnette d’alarme : la relance est remise en cause par la baisse des salaires [CES] 2014-03-20
France: [Vidéo] 6 bonnes raisons de manifester à Bruxelles le 4 avril [CFDT] 2014-03-20
France: Vidéo : Manifestation parisienne du 18 mars 2014 contre le Pacte de Responsabilité [FO] 2014-03-19
France: Pacte de responsabilité : FO mobilise contre le 'pacte de complaisance' [FO] 2014-03-19
USA: Walmart Welfare [USW] 2014-03-17
USA: Crunching the Costs and Benefits of Overtime Pay Reform [USW] 2014-03-17
France: Décès de Marc Blondel : « Les militants se sentent orphelins », dit Jean-Claude Mailly [FO] 2014-03-17
Australia: VIDEO: Leah explains why she deserves weekend rates [Unions Australia] 2014-03-12
South Africa: Amcu asks for Shabangu’s head [Business Day] 2014-03-11
Australia: VIDEO: Workers and community supporters use the human microphone [NUW] 2014-03-11
USA: The Men of Atalissa [NYTimes] 2014-03-10
USA: The ‘Boys’ in the Bunkhouse: Toil, abuse and endurance in the heartland [NYTimes] 2014-03-09
France: Biscuiterie Jeannette. Non au pillage de l’outil industriel [CGT] 2014-03-07
UK: VIDEO: Age Immaterial - Josune's story [TUC] 2014-03-05
USA: Stronger Together [USW] 2014-03-05
France: Les secrétaires médicales en grève à l’hôpital d’Avignon [Matin] 2014-03-03
France: Assédics : intermittents et chômeurs répondent au Médef [Plus belles les luttes] 2014-03-03
USA: Randi Weingarten on Union Issues and Education Policy [C-SPAN] 2014-03-02
USA: 'Defend The Right To Strike For Korean Workers' SF Rally For Korean Feb 25 General Workers Strike [LVP] 2014-02-27