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It's simple -- just click on the title! In most cases, this will be enough. But if this doesn't work, click on the link showing you the type of video file which appears to the right of the title. It will look something like this: Real or MPEG. By clicking on that, you will be taken to a site where you can download the necessary software to view this video. This software is always free of charge. We recommend that you have at least two video viewers on your computer -- such as Real Player, QuickTime or Windows Media Player. Many of these shows are designed for people with broadband (high-speed) connections to the net. This is particularly the case with streaming multimedia (Real format, for example). If you are having difficulty viewing some of the videos, try the ones that allow you to download entire files to your disk, such as MPEG and QuickTime.

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If you're a LabourStart correspondent, you can add videos directly. See the instructions on your login page. If you're not a LabourStart correspondent, apply here to become one. But if you think you've only got the one video and no more, send us the URL (web address) and we'll have a look. Please do NOT send us attachments or videos by post. We can link to videos that already appear on the web -- and that's it.

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A good place to start is the BBC's Video Nation. If you have other suggestions, please let us know.

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There are more and more places on the web where you can post your video -- and then tell us about it so LabourStart TV can link to it. One of the most popular is YouTube and another is Google Video. Both are free of charge.

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Want these videos on your union website? You can show a list of the latest labour videos on your website by simply copying one line of code -- full details here. The most recent 15 labour videos are also available as an RSS feed.

Australia: VIDEO: Power in a union - Victorian Unions taking action! [Victorian Trades Hall] 2014-09-20
Spain: ¿Realmente necesitamos ir de compras los domingos? Horarios Comercilales [ccooontigo TV] 2014-09-18
USA: Golden Gate Bridge Workers Strike To Protect Their Healthcare And Fight Cost Shifting [Labor Video Project] 2014-09-17
Canada: Hey Baristas! [Halifax DLC] 2014-09-15
Bahamas: Bahamas customs and immigration ,nurses unions take strike action [Tribune 242] 2014-09-11
UK: Mohammad Taj speech to TUC Congress 2014 [TUC] 2014-09-09
USA: Missourians Back $11 an Hour for Home Care Attendants [AFSCME] 2014-09-09
Asia: Lutter contre le travail des enfants [OIT] 2014-09-08
Canada: Locked Out - Voices on the Line [Don Kossick] 2014-09-06
USA: 'Jail The Real Criminals' Oakland Fast Food Workers March & Protest For $15 Wage & Union [Labor Video Project] 2014-09-05
USA: NYSUT: Watch our new back-to-school ad! [NYSUT] 2014-09-03
South Africa: Farlam Commission to visit Marikana [The Citizen] 2014-09-02
France: [Vidéo] “La stigmatisation des chômeurs est scandaleuse !” [CFDT] 2014-09-02
South Africa: COSATU and NUM to report back to Aurora workers [Cosatu] 2014-09-01
USA: Songs for Labor Day: Union tunes & working man blues [Tucson Sentinel] 2014-08-31
Global: International Labour News Headlines on 30th August 2014 by Vishnu, Incharge, NFIR Media Centre, India [NFIR Media Centre] 2014-08-30
USA: Ten little-known facts about American labor and Labor Day [KPCC] 2014-08-30
USA: AFGE Labor Day Video Shows Why Unions Are Needed Now More than Ever [AFGE] 2014-08-30
USA: What does Labor Day mean to a union police officer? [Nassau PBA] 2014-08-30
South Africa: Formscuff workers down tools to demand decent wages and better conditions [Cosatu] 2014-08-29
USA: Salinas Farm Workers, The UFWA And The Filipino Farmworkers In The 1930's [Labor Video Project] 2014-08-29
France: [Vidéo] “Les Français attendent des résultats” [CFDT] 2014-08-28
Canada: Largest Union Protests Pension Cuts [The Real News Network] 2014-08-25
USA: Unions, Labor And Single Payer-Speakers At Labor Campaign For Single Payer Meeting [Labor Video Project] 2014-08-25
France: Ebola : le personnel d'Air France fait grève [RTL] 2014-08-19
France: [Vidéo] Reprise en vue pour l’abattoir Gad de Josselin [CFDT] 2014-08-19
USA: UESF Teachers And Education Workers Demand Living Wages At Strike Vote [Labor Video Project] 2014-08-16
USA: Berkeley High Teacher And BFT Member Brian Crowell On (B-PAR) Program & The Attack On Public Education [Labor Video Project] 2014-08-14
Africa: Des jeunes qui créent leur entreprise: le fonds «pour les jeunes et par les jeunes» [OIT] 2014-08-12
USA: UMWA Pres talks about single-payer health insurance [Unions for Single Payer] 2014-08-12
USA: Biotech Dangers, Biotech Workers, Industry And Our Health & And Safety With Becky McClain [LVP] 2014-08-09
USA: Life And Death! The Attack On OSHA, Workers Health And Safety And Injured Workers [IWNN] 2014-08-02
Reunion: L’intersyndicale manifeste malgré tout devant la préfecture [Clicanoo] 2014-07-26
France: [Vidéo] Une histoire belge au coeur de la campagne saisonniers [CFDT] 2014-07-25
USA: Taxi Tech, Rideshare And The Struggle Of Taxicab Workers [LVP] 2014-07-24
USA: Railroad Worker Jen Wallis On Health And Safety, Rail Labor, One Man Crews And Warren Buffet [Labor Video Project] 2014-07-22
USA: Watch a farm representative punch a union organizer right In the face [Buzzfeed] 2014-07-18
---: Day Of Action Against IKEA [S.I.Cobas Italy] 2014-07-17
France: Ajaccio › VIDÉO. Grève de La Poste: les forces de l'ordre mobilisées [Corse Matin] 2014-07-16
USA: Conflicts Of Interest, Public Education, The AFT-NEA Corruption Through Non-Profits [Labor Video Project] 2014-07-14
Canada: Work, Labour, and Democracy [Rank and File] 2014-07-13
USA: WorkWeek Radio ILWU Bloody Thursday-Child Refugees, Immigration and The Unions [WWR] 2014-07-11
France: LE GCM vers la liquidation ? Résistance [Plus Belles Les Luttes] 2014-07-11
France: Accident de Brétigny Le rapport à charge contre la direction de la SNCF [CGT] 2014-07-10
South Africa: Numsa close to agreement to end strike [Business Report] 2014-07-09
USA: Port drivers on strike day 2 [Justice for Port Drivers] 2014-07-09
USA: 'Remembering Bloody Thursday' At SF ILWU Local 10 On July 5, 2014 [LVP] 2014-07-08
France: [Vidéo] Le dialogue social paye à la conférence sociale [CFDT] 2014-07-08
USA: Archie Bunker’s Brilliant (?) Summary of What Equal Pay Would Do to America [AFL-CIO] 2014-07-07
Iran: Urgent call for saving Reza Shahabis life [] 2014-07-07