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It's simple -- just click on the title! In most cases, this will be enough. But if this doesn't work, click on the link showing you the type of video file which appears to the right of the title. It will look something like this: Real or MPEG. By clicking on that, you will be taken to a site where you can download the necessary software to view this video. This software is always free of charge. We recommend that you have at least two video viewers on your computer -- such as Real Player, QuickTime or Windows Media Player. Many of these shows are designed for people with broadband (high-speed) connections to the net. This is particularly the case with streaming multimedia (Real format, for example). If you are having difficulty viewing some of the videos, try the ones that allow you to download entire files to your disk, such as MPEG and QuickTime.

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If you're a LabourStart correspondent, you can add videos directly. See the instructions on your login page. If you're not a LabourStart correspondent, apply here to become one. But if you think you've only got the one video and no more, send us the URL (web address) and we'll have a look. Please do NOT send us attachments or videos by post. We can link to videos that already appear on the web -- and that's it.

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A good place to start is the BBC's Video Nation. If you have other suggestions, please let us know.

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There are more and more places on the web where you can post your video -- and then tell us about it so LabourStart TV can link to it. One of the most popular is YouTube and another is Google Video. Both are free of charge.

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Want these videos on your union website? You can show a list of the latest labour videos on your website by simply copying one line of code -- full details here. The most recent 15 labour videos are also available as an RSS feed.

USA: VIDEO: One Woman Discovers The Pay Gap [Women's Agenda] 2015-04-18
USA: Minimum-wage activists bring Fight for $15 to staffing agency [Iowa City Press-Citizen] 2015-04-16
USA: 'No Justice No Peace' Bay Area Workers & Unions Rally for $15 & A Union On April 15, 2015 [Labor Video Project] 2015-04-16
Cape Verde: En route vers la couverture universelle des régimes de retraite [OIT] 2015-04-15
Global: Ce que la question de l’âge signifie pour la population active [OIT] 2015-04-15
USA: Teachers Plan Rally Amid Labor Dispute: Teachers have been working without a contract for nearly a year [NBC] 2015-04-15
USA: SEIU USWW Local 1877 SF Park Merced Janitors Picket After Terminations [Labor Video Project] 2015-04-14
USA: Workers’ deaths go uncounted: Dozens of on-the-job-deaths are not investigated by the state [News&Observer] 2015-04-12
USA: Unions picket pension-change meeting in Sacramento [Sacramento Bee] 2015-04-11
France: Grèves et manifestations contre l’austérité, la loi Macron, pour la hausse des salaires [FO] 2015-04-09
USA: Militant Trade Unionism Or Business Unionism-Which Way For The ILWU? [LVP] 2015-04-08
USA: Leaders weigh in on 'Right To Work' bill [WMDT] 2015-04-04
USA: SEIU Targets BMO Harris Bank Over Treatment Of Contracted Janitors [Progress Illinois] 2015-04-04
USA: Full Bins Litter Streets in LA City Worker Sickout's Third Day [NBC] 2015-04-04
France: Jean-Claude Mailly : « Le patronat se mord la queue » [FO] 2015-04-03
USA: OSHA EPA Coverup of Criminal Conspiracy By TestAmercia H.I.G. Capital? OSHA Whistleblower Michael Madry Speaks Out [LVP] 2015-03-30
Global: ONU FEMMES + UBER = Une certaine idée du travail précaire [ISP] 2015-03-29
Indonesia: The Burmese slaves forced to catch fish that ends up in supermarkets, restaurants and pet shops [Daily Mail] 2015-03-26
USA: Work On Weekends: GOP Bill Takes Away Right To Weekend Day Off In Wisconsin [Inquisitr] 2015-03-25
USA: Union election at Boeing South Carolina set for April 22 [WCSC] 2015-03-25
USA: Victory! Brooklyn Cablevision workers win big with CWA [Youtube] 2015-03-25
Israel: En 2014, le conflit de Gaza a provoqué de lourdes pertes d’emplois [OIT] 2015-03-24
Mauritania: La grève des mineurs de la SNIM [RFI] 2015-03-23
USA: Labor Musicians Sing Out At Richmond, CA Railroad Meeting [LVP] 2015-03-23
Spain: Vídeo: Visión socio laboral de la RSE [Servicios CCOO] 2015-03-20
USA: Space Needle workers, labor activists rallying for higher pay [KIRO] 2015-03-19
USA: USW5 Tesoro Pacheco Oil Strikers 'All Or None' Fight Union Busting [LVP] 2015-03-19
New Zealand: Why Wendys workers are striking [Unite] 2015-03-16
USA: The Fight For Health And Safety And USW Oil Workers-Tesoro Carson USW 675 Member Eli Green Speaks Out [LVP] 2015-03-15
USA: ‘No Show!’: Ed Schultz Lashes Out At Obama For Abandoning Unions [VIDEO] [Daily Caller] 2015-03-11
USA: Korea Sewol Mothers Attend And Speak At San Francisco Labor Council [LVP] 2015-03-11
Belgium: Le combat continue [SETCa] 2015-03-11
USA: OSHA Protested Over Failure To Protect Health And Safety Whistleblowers [NBC] 2015-03-09
Burkina Faso: JIF: Entretien avec Pafadnam Fatou comité femmes de SNTBB [IBB] 2015-03-09
Canada: Striking TA's and Part-time Staff Frozen Out of a Living Wage at University of Toronto [The Real News Network] 2015-03-08
Namibia: JIF: Entretien avec Luzaena April du comité des femmes de MANWU [IBB] 2015-03-07
South Africa: JIF: Entretien avec CEPPAWU [IBB] 2015-03-07
Switzerland: JIF: Entretien avec Rita Schiavi de UNIA [IBB] 2015-03-07
Latin America: JIF: Entretien avec UOCRA [IBB] 2015-03-07
Zimbabwe: JIF: Entretien avec Dorothy Kavamba et Auxilia Sanyangare de ZCATWU [IBB] 2015-03-07
Ukraine: JIF: Entretien avec Ekaterina Klimenko et Ludmila Salo de profbud [IBB] 2015-03-07
Curacao: JIF: Entretien avec Lucille Alberto de SEBI Curaçao [IBB] 2015-03-07
USA: OSHA Whistleblower: I Was Interviewed by D.C. Officials After NBC Bay Area Investigation [NBC] 2015-03-06
Europe: Congé de maternité : L’UE doit mettre fin à 7 ans d’impasse ! [CES] 2015-03-06
USA: GOP-controlled Senate votes to kill labor board rule backed by unions; Obama veto threatened [USNews&WorldReport] 2015-03-05
USA: Postal Unions Deliver a Strong Message as Contract Talks Ensue [Direct Marketing] 2015-03-04
USA: The Growing Number Of Right To Work States And The Future Of Unions [Diane Rehm] 2015-03-01
USA: Hands Off OSHA Lawyer and AFGE Member Darrell Whitman-Defend Health And Safety Whistleblowers [LVP] 2015-02-28
USA: On The Daily Show-Federal OSHA Lawyer Darrell Whitman And Whistleblowing At The Agency [Daily Show] 2015-02-27
France: [Vidéo] “Le dialogue social c'est d'abord dans les entreprises qu'il fonctionne” [CFDT] 2015-02-25