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It's simple -- just click on the title! In most cases, this will be enough. But if this doesn't work, click on the link showing you the type of video file which appears to the right of the title. It will look something like this: Real or MPEG. By clicking on that, you will be taken to a site where you can download the necessary software to view this video. This software is always free of charge. We recommend that you have at least two video viewers on your computer -- such as Real Player, QuickTime or Windows Media Player. Many of these shows are designed for people with broadband (high-speed) connections to the net. This is particularly the case with streaming multimedia (Real format, for example). If you are having difficulty viewing some of the videos, try the ones that allow you to download entire files to your disk, such as MPEG and QuickTime.

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If you're a LabourStart correspondent, you can add videos directly. See the instructions on your login page. If you're not a LabourStart correspondent, apply here to become one. But if you think you've only got the one video and no more, send us the URL (web address) and we'll have a look. Please do NOT send us attachments or videos by post. We can link to videos that already appear on the web -- and that's it.

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A good place to start is the BBC's Video Nation. If you have other suggestions, please let us know.

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There are more and more places on the web where you can post your video -- and then tell us about it so LabourStart TV can link to it. One of the most popular is YouTube and another is Google Video. Both are free of charge.

Latest labour news videos

Want these videos on your union website? You can show a list of the latest labour videos on your website by simply copying one line of code -- full details here. The most recent 15 labour videos are also available as an RSS feed.

Canada: Weekend Video: Migrant workers speaking tour [Rank and File] 2014-11-23
USA: AA chief meets employees who rejected contract [WFAA] 2014-11-22
Israel: The Hatem Affair - short documentary on Palestinian workers' struggle [WAC Maan] 2014-11-20
Australia: VIDEO: Shattered TV election advert [ETU VIC] 2014-11-20
USA: U.S. Labor Secretary Tom Perez: How to Fix Inequality in America [NBC] 2014-11-20
Canada: Manifestation historique contre le démantèlement de Radio-Canada/CBC [SCFP] 2014-11-18
USA: Postal workers protest planned mail facility closings [Lansing State Journal] 2014-11-15
South Africa: Watch to find out exactly why Cosatu expelled Numsa [News24] 2014-11-14
USA: Reports From Fast-food Worker Strike at McDonald's in NYC [Democracy Now / Youtube] 2014-11-14
El Salvador: Assassinated American/Salvadoran Union Organizer [Talking Union] 2014-11-14
El Salvador: Memorial for AssassinatedAmerican/Salvadorean Union Organizer [Talking Union] 2014-11-14
USA: Union County College adjuncts petition school for living wage as contract is negotiated [] 2014-11-11
USA: Trumka: 'Americans Are Desperate for a New Economic Life' [AFL-CIO] 2014-11-09
USA: Striking FairPoint workers march in Portland [WMTW] 2014-11-09
South Africa: Cosatu is in a mess [Fin24] 2014-11-06
Canada: One Minute Video: How Safe Staffing Saves Lives [UNA] 2014-11-03
France: [Interview] “Voter CFDT, c’est élire un collègue engagé au quotidien” [CFDT] 2014-11-03
USA: The Attacks On LA Teachers UTLA NEA VP Cecliy Myart-Cruz [LVP] 2014-11-02
France: Saint-Amand-les-Eaux : fin de la grève, retour à la normale pour la collecte des ordures (VIDÉO) [Voix du Nord] 2014-10-31
USA: We Are Not Prepared For Ebola! NNU CNA UCSF Nurses Demand Mandatory Protocols [LVP] 2014-10-29
USA: The Koch Sisters on Paid Sick Days [AFL-CIO] 2014-10-29
Spain: ¿En qué consiste el permiso de lactancia? Pilar responde a una de vuestras dudas, mientras Laura resume las conclusiones del informe de la comisión investigadora del uso de las tarjetas opacas por parte de afiliados de CCOO. Además, tras conocer dicho [CCOOntigo TV] 2014-10-28
France: [Vidéo] “Le chômage n’est pas une question statistique, mais une question humaine [CFDT] 2014-10-28
Global: VIDEO: Voices on fair labour migration [ILO] 2014-10-27
Global: La courte vidéo d’Al Jazeera appelle à la fin de l’impunité [FIJ] 2014-10-27
USA: Education, Technology, MOOC and Privatization [LVP] 2014-10-26
USA: Stop Lying To Us-Uber Workers Protest At World Headquarters In SF [Labor Video Project] 2014-10-23
USA: Illinois unions ask Wisconsin union members to tell anti-Walker stories [WISC] 2014-10-23
USA: Union files charges claiming unfair labor practices in Lebanon lockout [Dayton Daily News] 2014-10-23
USA: Trump Entertainment: No immediate plan to announce Taj closure [Press of Atlantic City] 2014-10-23
France: Démocratie sociale 2014 [CGT] 2014-10-21
France: VIDEO. Abattoir Gad : la CFDT espère casser le plan de sauvegarde [franceTVinfo] 2014-10-21
USA: Why Dan Sullivan Is Wrong for Alaska's Workers [AFL-CIO] 2014-10-19
USA: Just the Facts? Not from Rick Snyder [AFL-CIO] 2014-10-19
UK: VID: Britain Needs a Pay rise [The artist taxi driver] 2014-10-18
USA: 11 Great Reasons to Vote: There's a showdown at the polls [AFL-CIO] 2014-10-18
Belgium: [VIDEO] La grève se poursuit chez Delhaize [RTBF] 2014-10-18
UK: Why the UK public sector needs a pay rise -TUC's Kevin Rowan [Telegraph] 2014-10-17
Australia: VIDEO: Chevron we need to talk [MUA] 2014-10-16
Canada: The Teamsters launch TV campaign on rail safety [Teamsters] 2014-10-15
Canada: Les Teamsters lancent une publicité télé sur la sécurité ferroviaire [Teamsters] 2014-10-15
USA: Nurses union: Health care workers need better Ebola training [CNBC] 2014-10-15
USA: SF SEIU 1021 Court Workers ULP Strike For Wage Increases And Against Workplace Bullying [Labor Video Project] 2014-10-15
USA: When I Hear, If You Don't Like It Here, Leave! I Respond With: Nah, Bro, I'll Do This Instead [AFL-CIO] 2014-10-13
USA: Lewis Black: Elected Officials Shouldn’t Get to Choose Who Chooses Elected Officials [USW] 2014-10-13
France: Grève dans le service public de santé, un évènement inédit depuis 1982 [Express] 2014-10-13
Canada: We have a better plan for Canada Post [rabble] 2014-10-12
UK: Midwives walkout in row over pay [ITV] 2014-10-11
Belgium: Transatlantique arnaque - La casse du siècle [FGTB] 2014-10-10
USA: UMWA Miners Protest EPA In DC Over Jobs [Labor Video Project] 2014-10-08