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A good place to start is the BBC's Video Nation. If you have other suggestions, please let us know.

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France: Soutien à un délégué syndicale CGT des ' 3 Brasseurs' - Partie 001 : 'Ambiance saloon' [CGT] 2017-02-24
USA: San Francisco ILWU Local 10 Honors Herb Mills Secretary Treasurer Retired [LVP] 2017-02-24
Spain: CCOOntigo TV: La brecha salarial nos niega la igualdad a todas y todos [ccoo servicios] 2017-02-23
South Africa: Labour Wrap: A Budget by any name would smell the same [Fin24] 2017-02-23
USA: BA Air Quality Management District Workers Fired For Exposing Destruction of Records [LVP] 2017-02-23
USA: Sanctuary restaurants vow to protect undocumented workers [CNN] 2017-02-21
France: VIDEO. Brexit: Les travailleurs étrangers en grève à Londres pour défendre leurs droits [20 Minutes] 2017-02-21
France: En grève, les salariés de Ford Europe manifestent à Bercy pour les emplois de Blanquefort [FR3] 2017-02-21
France: SAINT-LOUIS [Vidéo] Grève et barrage filtrant chez Trench [DNA] 2017-02-16
India: सरकार के खिलाफ आंगनवाड़ीकर्मियों ने भरी हुंकार, उग्र आंदोलन की दी चेतावनी [Patrika news network] 2017-02-13
India: Caught on cam: Congress leader thrashes Kherki Daula toll staff [HT] 2017-02-13
USA: Time To Fight Back! National Day Of Action For CWA AT&T/Mobility/Direct TV Workers [LVP] 2017-02-12
Kazakhstan: Голодовка протеста - Эскпертная дискуссия [Exclusive] 2017-02-10
USA: Right-to-work court case could have national impact on unions [FOX] 2017-02-10
Australia: Australian unions take on work-related cancer, the workplace's biggest killer. [Hazards magazine] 2017-02-09
France: [Vidéo] Le film d'hommage à François Chérèque [CFDT] 2017-02-09
France: 'Nous ne sommes pas des Penelope': les collaborateurs parlementaires au Sénat protestent [bfmtv] 2017-02-08
USA: UBER Stop Screwing The Drivers And Profiting Off Trump! Protest Trump & UBER CEO At SF UBER World HQ [LVP] 2017-02-04
France: 'Un quart des salariés des TPE a choisi la CGT' [CGT] 2017-02-03
USA: Bay Area Teachers, Parents & Public Education Supporters Rally Against Trump Betsy DeVos Appointment As Education Secretary [LVP] 2017-02-01
Kazakhstan: Ситуация обостряется: Нефтяников увольняют после голодовки [Радио Азаттык] 2017-01-31
France: Grève historique pour les salariés du Seramm à Marseille [provence] 2017-01-26
France: Qualiduck : la crise aviaire se double d'un conflit social [Dépeche] 2017-01-25
USA: Labor president on Donald Trump: Not an existential threat [Newsweek] 2017-01-24
USA: La Unión Nacional de los Trabajadores (UNT) Tijuana Conferencia Internacional del Trabajo discute TLCAN, Privatización, Represión y Crisis Económica [LVP] 2017-01-23
USA: CWA Local 1168 Protests Trump's Agenda, Not The Man, in D.C. [TWC] 2017-01-22
USA: ILWU 10 Members Speak Out On Trump, Capitalism and The Need For Workers Party [LVP] 2017-01-21
USA: On J20 SEIU 1021 SF General Hospital Healthcare Workers And Docs Protest Trump Agenda [LVP] 2017-01-21
Kazakhstan: Hunger Strike Protests By Oil Workers Growing [RFERL] 2017-01-19
USA: IBT2010 UCSF Teamster Workers Strike For Living Wages And Against Unfair Bargaining [LVP] 2017-01-11
United Arab Emirates: VIDEO: Meet the Migrant Workers Building Trump International Golf Club in Dubai [VICE] 2017-01-06
USA: Union issues persist in opening days of Connecticut General Assembly [NBC Connecticut] 2017-01-06
USA: Legislature looking for state union concessions [NBC Connecticut] 2017-01-05
USA: Re-elect Herb to the San Francisco Employees’ Retirement System Board [SEIU 1021] 2017-01-01
USA: No More Hedgefunds: SFPOA, IFPE 21 Muscat and MEA Stop The Power Grab For SFERS! [Labor Video Project] 2016-12-29
Spain: Quand les ouvrières de Coca-Cola Madrid font mentir les pubs de Noël de Coca-Cola [révolution] 2016-12-27
USA: Caregivers protest in Hartford [Fox 61 News] 2016-12-22
USA: San Francisco City Worker Pension Funds Under Threat [LVP] 2016-12-20
Spain: Vivir en precario. Camareras de Pisos [ccoo servicios] 2016-12-19
Spain: Vivir en precario. Restauración Colectiva [ccoo servicios] 2016-12-19
USA: Union workers, retirees prepare for pension fight in 2017 with unified front: National Unified Committee to Protect Pensions [NBC] 2016-12-19
France: Documentaire Travailleurs migrants : 'D’une victoire à l’autre' [CGT] 2016-12-19
France: VIDEO. William Saurin : 'C’est scandaleux et atterrant' selon la CFDT [franceinfo] 2016-12-16
USA: Union Leaders Call for Better Safety Regulations After Construction Worker Plunges to Death from Brooklyn Factory [NY1] 2016-12-11
France: Brest. Plus de 600 personnes pour défendre le statut d’ouvrier d’État [Ouest France] 2016-12-09
USA: Rexnord Workers Worry Trump’s Feud With Union President Could Cost Jobs [Huffington Post] 2016-12-09
USA: Teachers union considers strike after Fresno Unified officials walk out of negotiations [Fresno Bee] 2016-12-05
USA: Low Paid Workers March, Rally And Demand $15 And A Union At SFO [LVP] 2016-12-01
USA: Hundreds Of O’Hare Workers To Join “Fight For $15” Protest [CBS] 2016-11-30
USA: Union workers unhappy following negotiations, Gov. Branstad's health-insurance master proposal [ABC] 2016-11-25