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It's simple -- just click on the title! In most cases, this will be enough. But if this doesn't work, click on the link showing you the type of video file which appears to the right of the title. It will look something like this: Real or MPEG. By clicking on that, you will be taken to a site where you can download the necessary software to view this video. This software is always free of charge. We recommend that you have at least two video viewers on your computer -- such as Real Player, QuickTime or Windows Media Player. Many of these shows are designed for people with broadband (high-speed) connections to the net. This is particularly the case with streaming multimedia (Real format, for example). If you are having difficulty viewing some of the videos, try the ones that allow you to download entire files to your disk, such as MPEG and QuickTime.

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If you're a LabourStart correspondent, you can add videos directly. See the instructions on your login page. If you're not a LabourStart correspondent, apply here to become one. But if you think you've only got the one video and no more, send us the URL (web address) and we'll have a look. Please do NOT send us attachments or videos by post. We can link to videos that already appear on the web -- and that's it.

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A good place to start is the BBC's Video Nation. If you have other suggestions, please let us know.

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There are more and more places on the web where you can post your video -- and then tell us about it so LabourStart TV can link to it. One of the most popular is YouTube and another is Google Video. Both are free of charge.

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Want these videos on your union website? You can show a list of the latest labour videos on your website by simply copying one line of code -- full details here. The most recent 15 labour videos are also available as an RSS feed.

USA: On The Daily Show-Federal OSHA Lawyer Darrell Whitman And Whistleblowing At The Agency [Daily Show] 2015-02-27
France: [Vidéo] “Le dialogue social c'est d'abord dans les entreprises qu'il fonctionne” [CFDT] 2015-02-25
Australia: VIDEO: March 4 What Matters [VTHC] 2015-02-24
Europe: Interviewée par NewEurope Bernadette Ségol, Secrétaire générale de la CES réclame la fin de l'austérité [CES] 2015-02-23
USA: Issues Facing The ILWU-Local 10 Member Anthony Leviege [Labor Video Project] 2015-02-21
Belgium: Le droit de grève est un droit de l'homme [CSC] 2015-02-19
Lebanon: Une nouvelle étude fait la lumière sur le sort des enfants des rues qui travaillent [OIT] 2015-02-18
Global: #18Feb - Pas touche au droit de grève [CES] 2015-02-18
Belgium: Marc Goblet: «Si on met le droit de grève en cause, on met la démocratie en cause» (vidéo) [Soir] 2015-02-18
USA: How Will Rauner's Union Plans in Illinois Impact National Law? [Huffington Post] 2015-02-18
USA: Report: Mediator for port labor dispute calls for 48-hour blackout [KING5] 2015-02-14
USA: USW Oil Workers Strike For Health And Safety-USW 5 Workers & Community Rally At Tesoro Refinery [Labor Video Project] 2015-02-13
South Africa: Labour Wrap: Nationalisation not an answer [Fin24] 2015-02-12
France: Oui on peut financer les retraites complémentaires ! [CGT] 2015-02-12
USA: CEO-worker pay gap matters to investors: AFL-CIO [NBC] 2015-02-11
Global: Bilan: Les syndicats entre politique monétaire et inégalités [UNI] 2015-02-10
France: VIDEO. Complément d'enquête : 'Quand Moulinex embauchait le militant CGT Thierry Lepaon pour contrer la CFDT' [franceTVinfo] 2015-02-09
USA: BP Oil Workers Join National Labor Strike [NBC] 2015-02-08
USA: Tesoro Workers in Mandan Support Nationwide Strike [WDAZ] 2015-02-08
France: Point de presse de Philippe Martinez, secrétaire général Une CGT rassemblée et mobilisée [CGT] 2015-02-04
Global: Why youth employment matters beyond 2015 [ILO] 2015-02-03
Australia: Hymix workers rally QLD 30 Jan [Channel Nine] 2015-02-01
Australia: VIDEO: Ratios save lives [QNU] 2015-01-30
USA: Shut It Down Now! Former Humboldt PG&E IBEW 1245 Nuclear Plant Technician Bob Rowen On Nuclear Power [LVP] 2015-01-30
South Africa: At the Center of a Storm - Irvin Jim, General Secretary of NUMSA [The Real News Network] 2015-01-29
Spain: Lesiones por movimientos repetitivos. La RSE en CCOO [Servicios CCOO] 2015-01-29
France: [Vidéo] “Dialogue social : les conservatismes ont été plus forts que la volonté d’avancer” [CFDT] 2015-01-29
UK: Barnet care workers strike - video [UNISON] 2015-01-24
USA: American Labor Movement At A Crossroads: New Thinking, New Organizing, New Strategies: Conference Videos [AFSCME] 2015-01-21
USA: 'Shooting Great Video with Your Smartphone' CWA Pacific Media Workers Guild Class [LVP] 2015-01-20
USA: Justice Now-MLK Oakland Rally/Workers & Community Demand Justice And An End To Privatization [LVP] 2015-01-20
Spain: La brecha salarial, un problema social de primer orden [SERVICIOS CCOO] 2015-01-19
USA: Solidarity Across State Lines [USW] 2015-01-17
South Africa: 2015: Time for a reality check [Fin24] 2015-01-16
USA: Labor union focused on improving working conditions [WWLP] 2015-01-16
USA: What Do America's Workers Want to Hear in President Obama's 2015 State of the Union Address? [AFL-CIO] 2015-01-16
USA: Karen Lewis to return to CTU [WLS-TV] 2015-01-15
USA: Kaiser NUHW Healthcare Workers Strike Against Short Staffing Threatening Health In SF [LVP] 2015-01-13
Spain: CCOO propone un código deontológico para el sector financiero [CCOOntigo TV] 2015-01-13
Canada: Weekend Video: Defending home mail delivery [Rank and File] 2015-01-11
USA: Here's more proof that labor unions work [Ring of Fire] 2015-01-11
USA: Labor talks between dockworkers, operators at ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach grow more heated [Daily Breeze] 2015-01-03
Israel: Conference discusses unemployment and poverty among Arab women in Israel [video] [WAC Maan] 2015-01-02
Colombia: Bogotá: Habitantes de Sumapaz quieren reunión con MinJusticia [Canal Capital] 2014-12-22
USA: Supreme Court Says Amazon Doesn’t Have To Pay Workers For Waiting In Security Lines [Time] 2014-12-21
USA: No Reporters Allowed By CA DIR Director Christine Baker At Meeting On Cal-Osha & Workers Comp 'Private Event' Funded By Insurance Industry [Labor Video Project] 2014-12-17
USA: Last Thursday fast food, home care, airport and convenience store workers across the country made HISTORY! [SEIU / FB] 2014-12-14
Colombia: Tercerización laboral en Avianca [Colectivo Brecha] 2014-12-14
Colombia: Le dirigeant syndical colombien Huber Ballesteros se voit décerner le Human Rights Award [Stop the Killings] 2014-12-10
USA: FairPoint strike enters 50th day [ABC] 2014-12-06