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A daily selection of news stories and articles affecting the labour movement in South Africa. Many of the items are sourced from Today's News, a daily e-mail bulletin of South African labour news compiled and distributed by SAMWU, an affiliate of COSATU. To subscribe, click here. Daily Labour News from South Africa is a service provided to COSATU by LabourStart, a project of Labour and Society International.

South Africa paralysée par une grève contre la hausse des prix [AFP] (in French) 13-Aug-2008

South Africa La grève générale, un avertissement pour le pouvoir [AFP] (in French) 13-Aug-2008

South Africa Les syndicats sud-africains contents de la réaction à la grève [APA] (in French) 13-Aug-2008

South Africa SA workers strike to protest power prices [AP] 07-Aug-2008

South Africa One-day strike cripples SA [IOL] 07-Aug-2008

South Africa Cosatu's energy-price protest could deepen SA's economic slowdown [Engineering News] 07-Aug-2008

South Africa Cosatu strike sweeps across the country [M&G] 07-Aug-2008

South Africa 'Govt must intervene in curbing high food prices' [SABC] 07-Aug-2008

South Africa Mass Cosatu strike grips South Africa [M&G] 06-Aug-2008

South Africa SA hit by nationwide strike over price rises [AFP] 06-Aug-2008

South Africa National strike: 'It's a huge success' [IOL] 06-Aug-2008

South Africa Durban march swells to 4 000 [IOL] 06-Aug-2008

South Africa Thousands gather for marches [News24] 06-Aug-2008

South Africa Mines hit by national labour strike [Mining Weekly] 06-Aug-2008

South Africa Strike: Volkswagen SA shut down [IOL] 06-Aug-2008

South Africa Workers strike in masses [IOL] 06-Aug-2008

South Africa 'Minister must resign if workers lose jobs' [IOL] 06-Aug-2008

South Africa S Africa braced for mass strike [BBC] 06-Aug-2008

South Africa En dags proteststreik [Fri Fagbevegelse] (in Norwegian) 06-Aug-2008

South Africa Over 80 Percent of Farmers in KZN Comply With Labour Laws [Bua] 06-Aug-2008

South Africa Strike leaves commuters stranded [News24] 06-Aug-2008

South Africa Cosatu expects 2m to strike [News24] 05-Aug-2008

South Africa 'Strike to paralyse SA' [News24] 05-Aug-2008

South Africa urban businesses warn against Cosatu stayaway [SABC] 31-Jul-2008

South Africa / Zimbabwe COSATU confident talks between MDC and Zanu (PF) will bear fruit [The Zimbabwean] 31-Jul-2008

South Africa World cup stadium strike over [SABC] 31-Jul-2008

South Africa Cosatu slams media on Zuma judge' s credentials [SABC] 31-Jul-2008

South Africa Ousted union leader blames 'imbeciles' [IOL] 31-Jul-2008

South Africa COSATU confirms "unwavering support" for Zuma [PoliticsWeb] 31-Jul-2008

South Africa Sadtu acts to halt mass exodus of teachers [SABC] 31-Jul-2008

South Africa Assmang ex-workers file case of unfair dismissal [Business Report] 31-Jul-2008

South Africa Telkom workers on three-day strike [Daily Dispatch] 31-Jul-2008

South Africa Madisha vows to fight [IOL] 31-Jul-2008

South Africa Clothing industry agreement 'a first' [Business Report] 31-Jul-2008

South Africa Telkom unions to strike [iAfrica] 30-Jul-2008

South Africa Stressed employees raise absenteeism levels [M&G] 30-Jul-2008

South Africa Striking world cup stadium workers demand bonus payments [SABC] 30-Jul-2008

South Africa Telkom workers to strike [Reuters] 30-Jul-2008

South Africa Broadcasting workers receive 11,5% wage increase [M&G] 28-Jul-2008

South Africa Wage agreement prevents strike at De Beers [M&G] 27-Jul-2008

South Africa Striking workers bring business, mines to a halt [Business Report] 27-Jul-2008

South Africa Workers all poorer this year , had reason to strike [The Sowetan] 24-Jul-2008

South Africa Ditsobotla municipality strike enters third week [SABC] 24-Jul-2008

South Africa Cosatu warns of even bigger strike [Business Day] 24-Jul-2008

South Africa Millions lost as Cosatu takes to the streets [The Herald] 24-Jul-2008

South Africa Threats of general strike [Afrik] 24-Jul-2008

South Africa Striking workers bring business, mines to a halt [The Business Report] 24-Jul-2008

South Africa Harmony hit by strike [iAfrica] 23-Jul-2008

South Africa Volkswagen says factory shut after strike [Reuters] 23-Jul-2008

South Africa Another strike hits, brings country to a standstill [Radio Netherlands] 23-Jul-2008

South Africa Thousands march in Jo'burg price protest [The Mail and Guardian] 23-Jul-2008

South Africa AngloGold says four mines hit by strike [Reuters] 23-Jul-2008

South Africa Eskom prices drive Cosatu to strike [The Independent] 23-Jul-2008

South Africa De Beers in talks to avert strike [Reuters] 23-Jul-2008

South Africa Cosatu strike grows [The Cape Argus] 23-Jul-2008

South Africa Tens of thousands march over rising prices [Monsters and Critics] 23-Jul-2008

South Africa Protesters pour in Joburg's city centre [The Independent] 23-Jul-2008

South Africa Protesters show 'disgust' about rising prices [The Independent] 23-Jul-2008

South Africa Strike Shuts Carmakers, Hits Miners [Bloomberg] 23-Jul-2008

South Africa Help swept under the carpet [The Times] 22-Jul-2008

South Africa Nehawu response on Minister Manto Tshabalala statement undermining the ANC process on National Health Insurance [COSATU] 16-Jul-2008

South Africa / Zimbabwe Zwelinzima Vavi on Zimbabwe and Swaziland [PoliticsWeb] 16-Jul-2008

South Africa COSATU report on protest marches for all areas [COSATU] 16-Jul-2008

South Africa COSATU embarks on strike action over rising costs [SABC] 16-Jul-2008

South Africa Gold Fields mine hit by Cosatu strike [Reuters] 16-Jul-2008

South Africa Harmony gold mine employee dies as 6 500 strike [SABC] 16-Jul-2008

South Africa SA unemployment a challenge for economy [M&G] 16-Jul-2008

South Africa Cosatu expects to 'shut down' three provinces [M&G] 16-Jul-2008

South Africa COSATU strike leaves many stranded [SABC] 16-Jul-2008

South Africa Clothing Bosses: 'Unions Warned of All Job Losses' [Cape Argus] 16-Jul-2008

South Africa / USA General Motors staff could face retrenchment [SABC] 16-Jul-2008

South Africa CEPPWAWU Settles Some Industrial Sector Contracts; Furniture Workers' Strike [icem] (More info) 14-Jul-2008

South Africa Axed Cosatu president Willie Madisha goes before an SA Democratic Teachers Union disciplinary committee on Tuesday which is expected to confirm his sacking as president of the teachers union. [Sapa] 14-Jul-2008

South Africa Mineworkers' Union Targets 3 Companies in Pay Dispute; Gold Fields in Safety Strike [ICEM] (More info) 14-Jul-2008

South Africa Cosatu adamant in call for axing of Balindlela [SABC] 14-Jul-2008

South Africa Wage battle with mines looming [M&G] 14-Jul-2008

South Africa COSATU's Vavi sends South African Human Rights Commission a letter, but no apology [SABC] 14-Jul-2008

South Africa The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) says it will meet with Cosatu General-Secretary next week on 'Zuma' remarks [SABC] 14-Jul-2008

South Africa Unions protest over prices, Mbeki policies [InfoShop] 13-Jul-2008

South Africa Bombela workers return to work [BWI] 12-Jul-2008

South Africa Les travailleurs de Bombela retournent au travail [IBB] (in French) 10-Jul-2008

South Africa Parties involved in the construction of stadiums for 2010 develop an accord in respect of labour relations for duration of projects [BWI] 09-Jul-2008

South Africa Cosatu promises strike will be a peaceful one [Daily News] 09-Jul-2008

South Africa 'Cosatu protest could lead to higher prices' [SABC] 09-Jul-2008

South Africa Solidarity wants ILO convention ratified [Sapa] 09-Jul-2008

South Africa Xenophobia: Solidarity to go to ITUC for help [Sapa] 09-Jul-2008

South Africa Cosatu changes Cape Town march to rally [Sapa] 09-Jul-2008

South Africa Unions protest over prices, Mbeki policies [Reuters] 09-Jul-2008

South Africa Unions Strike Over Power Prices [Bloomberg] 09-Jul-2008

South Africa Overwhelming support for Cosatu strike [The Mail and Guardian] 09-Jul-2008

South Africa Cosatu march in Durban in full swing [SABC] 09-Jul-2008

South Africa Les parties concernées dans la construction des stades pour 2010 développent un accord pour la durée des projets [IBB] (in French) 09-Jul-2008

South Africa Strike leaves KwaZulu- Natal commuters stranded [SABC] 09-Jul-2008

South Africa Durban businesses shut down [Sapa] 09-Jul-2008

South Africa Strike expected to bring Durban to a halt [Daily News] 08-Jul-2008

South Africa Strike action on the electricity crisis [COSATU] 08-Jul-2008

South Africa Mass action on electricity issue [COSATU] 08-Jul-2008

South Africa Cosatu warns of stayaway [The Mercury] 07-Jul-2008

South Africa Licenciements suite à une joint-venture au stade Mbombela - une honte pour la coupe du monde 2010! [IBB] (in French) 07-Jul-2008

South Africa NUM plans safety strike at Gold Fields [Reuters] 07-Jul-2008

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