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Farm Labor Org Cte sues state over law stripping rights from 100,000 workers 2017-11-20 [FLOC]

The State Is Trying to Destroy the State’s Only Farmworkers Union 2017-11-17 [ACLU]

Suit seeks to stop new union limits around farm operations 2017-11-15 [The Eagle]

Building Bridges: Rev Barber on Creating a Fusion Movement to Defeat Trump and Move Forward Together For more info 2017-10-26 [WBAI Radio]

 VIDEO Raleigh city workers push for promised pay raises 2017-10-18 [News&Observer]

Chapel Hill University Workers Union hosts graduate grade-in to highlight their work 2017-10-18 [Daily Tarheel]

Denicia Montford Wiliams Wants to Make the Labor Movement a More Welcoming Place for LGBTQ People 2017-09-27 [Indy Week]

Farmworkers union launches boycott of RJ Reynolds e-cigarette 2017-09-21 [Facing South]

Union organizer reflects on war in the workplace 2017-09-10 [Greensboro]

The Boss: N.C. AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer MaryBe Millan on Shattering Stereotypes and Organizing in an Antiunion State 2017-09-06 [Indy Week]

Alamance Co. Commissioner Claims Slaves ‘Workers' Comment Was Out Of Context 2017-08-24 [WFMY]

Gov Signs Law Creating Division to Investigate and Prosecute Employee Misclassification Claims 2017-08-22 [JDSupra]

Misclassification news: A rare bit of good news for North Carolina workers 2017-08-17 [Progressive Pulse]

Gov Roy Cooper Signs Worker Misclassification, Tax Bills Into Law 2017-08-13 [USNews]

 VIDEO Brazilians funneled as slaves by US church, ex-members say 2017-07-24 [Albany Times Union]

Court Says Uber Drivers Can Proceed With National Misclassification Class Action 2017-07-20 [JDSupra]

Farm Workers Demand Governor Veto Racist Bill 2017-07-18 [AFL-CIO]

Union Organizers, Supporters Gather to Criticize Farm Law 2017-07-18 [AP]

Gov. Coopers signs anti-worker, anti-immigrant bill in NC 2017-07-14 [FLOC]

Farm bill with anti-union language signed by Gov Roy Cooper 2017-07-14 [ID Statesman]

Defend US farmworkers' right to organize!  ActNOW!  2017-07-10 [IUF]

Adjunct faculty reach tentative collective bargaining agreement with Duke University 2017-07-10 [Chronicle]

FedEx drivers in Charlotte vote for decertification from union 2017-07-10 [Post&Parcel]

Lawmakers push for end to loophole that benefits foreign workers 2017-07-08 [Charlotte Obserer]

Legislature Advances Crackdown on Worker Misclassification 2017-07-07 [Construction Citizen]

Legislature - Stingy with teachers and state workers, generous with fat cats 2017-07-07 [WRAL]

Sign the petition! To NC Gov Roy Cooper: Veto Farm Bill S615, a bill designed by farmers elected to the legislature to stop farm worker union progress 2017-07-06 [FLOC / AFL-CIO]

Sign letter to NC Gov Cooper: Veto Farm Bill S615, a bill designed by farmers elected to legislature to stop farm worker union progress 2017-07-06 [FLOC / AFL-CIO]

FLOC joins fight against measure that would curtail farmworker union organizing 2017-07-03 [Blade]

From the departments of overkill and “what are they afraid of?”: Lawmakers advance anti-union constitutional amendment 2017-05-01 [Progressive Pulse]

Legislature moves to stifle farmworkers unions 2017-06-30 [News&Observer]

Construction workers, union seek more protection from wage theft, abuses in Charlotte For more info 2017-06-27 [Charlotte Observer]

After nine months of talks, Duke and its adjunct-faculty union are split on two issues 2017-06-23 [Herald-Sun]

Call for Fixes to NC Unemployment Insurance Benefits 2017-06-17 [NC AFL-CIO]

Solar’s rise lifted these blue-collar workers. Now they’re worried about Trump 2017-06-06 [Washington Poat]

Kale Workers in Show How Immigrants Can Win in the Trump Era 2017-06-02 [Payday Report]

Costs per Workers’ Compensation Claim Have Remained Steady since 2009, WCRI Study Indicates 2017-05-24 [WCRI]

Anti-union project at NC State Assembly 2017-05-11 [Citizen-Times]

FLOC pushes Philip Morris Intl to help blacklisted workers 2017-05-07 [FLOC, AFL-CIO]

Bell tolls 150 times for NC’s fallen workers, killed on the job 2017-04-29 [News&Observer]

“Right to Work” Constitutional Amendment About Politics, Not People 2017-04-22 [NC AFL-CIO]

Bill would enshrine ‘right-to-work’ law in state constitution 2017-04-21 [CBS]

Harvesting Union Rights in the Field 2017-04-18 [Labor Notes]

Farmers to Congress: We need foreign workers 2017-02-27 [News&Observer]

Results unclear in Duke Univ graduate student union election 2017-02-25 [Chronicle]

Greensboro Workers Form City’s First Union 2017-02-23 [WUNC]

Palmetto Politics: S.C. politicians, parties near silent on North Charleston Boeing union vote 2017-02-12 [Post and Courier]

Bernie Sanders releases letter to graduate students voting in union election 2017-02-08 [Duke Chronicle]

Protesters criticize Nissan for civil rights abuses against African-American workers 2017-01-29 [WSOC]

Building Bridges: Rev. William Barber II Fighting for Justice and Against Poverty & Discrimination For more info 2017-01-04 [WBAI Radio]

This month in labour history

1-11-1835 Philadelphia - first general strike in US history - for a 10 hour. [more]

1-11-1919 Some 400,000 soft coal miners strike for higher wages and shorter hours. [more]

2-11-1909 150 arrested in IWW free speech fight, Spokane, Washington [more]

2-11-1920 SPUSA and railway workers' union leader Eugene V. Debs receives nearly one million votes for Presidency of the United States. [more]

5-11-1885 Eugene V. Debs, leading figure in the railway workers unions, the IWW and the American Socialist Party, was born. [more]

9-11-1935 The Committee for Industrial Organization is formed, breaking away from the American Federation of Labor. [more]

10-11-1933 America's first Depression-era sit-down strike occurs at the Hormel food plant in Austin, Minnesota. [more]

12-11-1892 Workers in New Orleans win a 10 hour day and overtime pay, after a four-day general strike led by racially integrated unions [more]

18-11-1938 The Congress of Industrial Organisations elects John L. Lewis as its first president [more]

19-11-1915 Joe Hill, a Swedish-American organiser for the Industrial Workers of the World, is framed and executed for murder in Utah. [more]

26-11-1913 Wobblies Joe Ettor Arturo Giovannitti and Joseph Caruso acquitted for murdering picket Anna LoPizzo during the Lawrence textile [more]

27-11-1884 Anarchist A.R. Parsons addresses a Thanksgiving Day hunger march in Chicago. [more]

29-11-1980 Dorothy Day, suffragist, Christian anarchist, and founder of the Catholic Worker movement, dies today in New York City aged 83. [more]