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Deal with Hudson Yards Developers Frustrates Union Members 2019-03-16 [NYC Lens]

Farmworkers deserve basic labor rights 2019-03-16 [Albany Times Union]

A planned memorial for victims of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire just cleared a major hurdle in New York City government—now who’s going to pay for it? 2019-03-13 [Tablet]

In Memory of the Victims of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire 2019-03-08 [Philadelphia Jewish Exponent]

Study finds unions boost area workers' wages 2019-03-12 [Buffalo News]

Why we stood up to Amazon 2019-03-12 [Amsterdam News]

Workers rally in Syracuse to stop call center job cuts 2019-03-09 [syracuse.com]

Transit union blasts de Blasio as ‘fauxgressive’ ahead of primary season 2019-03-09 [NYPost]

NYC eyes required paid vacation time 2019-03-04 [Albany Times Union]

An interview with RWDSU’s Camille Rivera, on the labor and community organizing behind the defeat of the Amazon HQ2 deal in Queens 2019-03-03 [Dissent]

Cuomo is said to still woo Amazon, promising personal support 2019-03-01 [Albany Biz Jrnl]

NLRB judge rules Wendt Corp. violated labor laws in Buffalo 2019-03-01 [Buffalo News]

Sign here! Fund educational justice, racial justice and wage justice. Fund CUNY 2019-03-01 [PSC-CUNY]

New York Democrats Want To Decriminalize Sex Work 2019-02-25 [HuffPost]

Amazon and New York Unions Had ‘Productive Meeting,’ Then Came a Shock 2019-02-14 [New York Times]

New York Labor Didn't Shrink from Confronting Amazon 2019-02-18 [The American Prospect]

Statement of Solidarity with #NoNewJails against Mass Incarceration 2019-02-20 [GWC-UAW Local 2110]

Tell Lawmakers: CUNY needs funding to stop paying adjuncts poverty wages 2019-02-20 [PSC-CUNY]

After early divisions, organized labor laments loss of Amazon HQ2 deal in Long Island City 2019-02-20 [QNS]

Amazon abandons New York headquarters rather than respect worker rights 2019-02-19 [ITF]

32BJ SEIU Pres Hector Figueroa: Amazon pullout will be bad for the very workers that opponents of the deal claim to care about 2019-02-17 [NYDaily News]

 VIDEO So Why Did Amazon Withdraw From the NYC Deal? 2019-02-17 [NTD]

Fired for not smiling enough? US fast-food workers fight unfair dismissals 2019-02-17 [The Guardian]

Amazon held last-minute negotiations with union and local officials before canceling New York HQ2 plans 2019-02-15 [CNBC]

Amazon, unions were in talks for neutrality agreement before company pulled the plug 2019-02-15 [NY Times]

Asbestos contamination closes Adirondack mineral plant 2019-02-15 [Adirondack Explorer]

UPDATES: Amazon Cancels Plan To Open NYC Campus In Queens 2019-02-15 [Gothamist]

Amazon will not build new HQ in NYC 2019-02-15 [Wired]

New Era reaches severance deal with CWA union workers 2019-02-13 [WGRZ]

Nurses Open Contract Campaign With Calls for Upgraded Care for the Poor 2019-02-12 [The Chief]

Sign here! Fight Austerity! Help Ensure Full Funding for SUNY & CUNY! 2019-02-12 [NYS United Teachers]

Actors' Equity and Broadway League end five-week strike; agreement gives actors and others share in profits when they workshop 2019-02-09 [NY Times]

Norman Seabrook, long-time head of 20,000 member Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association, jailed on corruption charges 2019-02-09 [NY Times]

Report: Amazon reconsidering Long Island City HQ 2019-02-09 [Long Island Business News]

De Blasio Believes New York Will Turn Amazon Into Union-Friendly Company 2019-02-05 [Wall Street Journal]

Force labor-busting Amazon to change course: Their hostility to unions should be the last straw breaking the back of this rotten deal 2019-02-06 [Daily News]

NY Joins Movement to Abandon Use of Student Tests in Teacher Evaluations 2019-02-02 [NYTimes]

Amazon Is Dividing (and Conquering?) New York City's Unions 2019-02-01 [Splinter]

No union, no deal, NYC labor leaders tell Cuomo and de Blasio about Amazon's new HQ 2019-01-28 [Daily News]

The experts tell us what’s wrong with the Amazon deal 2019-02-01 [The Amsterdam News]

City Council Grills Amazon On Runaway Subsidies And Anti-Union Stance 2019-02-01 [Gothamist]

New York labor leaders join mounting resistance to Amazon HQ2 2019-01-31 [GeekWire]

No union, no deal, NYC labor leaders tell Cuomo and de Blasio about Amazon's new HQ 2019-01-31 [NYDaily News]

Amazon boss tells City Council the company will oppose unionization bids in New York City 2019-01-31 [NYDaily News]

NYC City Council Attacks Amazon as Anti-Union Ahead of Arrival 2019-01-31 [Bloomberg]

Construction in NYC safer than statewide, union-backed study finds 2019-01-31 [Crain's NY Biz]

Teamsters join union forces opposing Amazon’s $3B HQ deal 2019-01-30 [New York Post]

Stanely Hill, African American who led NYC's largest public union for 12 years, dies 2019-01-30 [NY Times]

No union, no deal, NYC labor leaders tell Cuomo and de Blasio about Amazon's new HQ 2019-01-29 [Daily News]

Syracuse TSA airport screeners receive 5,000 pounds of food, supplies while they wait for their checks 2019-01-29 [Syracuse]

This month in labour history

6-03-1913 Joe Hill's song "There is Power in a Union" first appeared in the @_IWW union's Little Red Song Book. [more]

7-03-1932 Unemployed workers stage a hunger march to the Ford complex at Dearborn, demanding workers be rehired. Police shoot at the demonstration, killing 4 and injuring 60 [more]

8-03-1942 Lucy Parsons, founding member of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), and powerful orator for women, working people, and political prisoners died. [more]

8-03-1926 Fur & Leather Workers Union (mostly women) went on strike in NYC, enduring beatings by police. They won a 10% raise and a five-day week. [more]

9-03-1910 Westmoreland County Coal strikes begins, ending in 1911. It is known as the 'Slovak strike', as 70% of the miners are Slovakian. 16 people are killed. [more]

11-03-1950 TWU members at American Airlines win 11-day national strike, gaining what the union says was the first severance pay clause in industry. [more]

12-03-1929 Lupe Anguiano, women's rights activist and labour organizer, is born. [more]

12-03-1912 The Bread and Roses strikers won all their demands. The strike was organized by mostly women workers and the Industrial Workers of the World and included 20,000 workers. [more]

13-03-1830 The term “rat,” referring to a worker who betrays fellow workers, first appears in print in the New York Daily Sentinel [more]

18-03-1937 New York City police arrested striking Woolworth's store clerks - mostly women - who had occupied stores demanding a 40-hour workweek. [more]

31-03-1927 Cesar Chavez, Mexican-American labour leader, is born. [more]