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Today's news - New York

New York City Council Passes Major Workplace Reforms For Fast Food & Retail Workers 2017-05-26 [JDSUPRA]

Uber to Repay Millions to Drivers, Who Could Be Owed Far More 2017-05-24 [NYT]

Buffalo nursing home union workers call off picket 2017-05-24 [Buffalo Biz First]

Uber admits that it has underpaid tens of thousands of drivers in New York since late 2014 2017-05-24 [Recode]

Farm workers rally for the right to unionize 2017-05-21 [Daily Star]

Beer distributor, Clare Rose, in midst of strike, to hire scabs 2017-05-17 [Newsday]

Labor Leaders Challenge Subsidies Awarded To Clare Rose 2017-05-17 [Teamsters]

Clare Rose Begins Replacing Long Island Strikers 2017-05-17 [Teamsters]

‘Carwasheros’ strike for living wages in Flushing 2017-05-15 [The Times-Ledger]

Ongoing N.Y. labor strikes hinge on employer benefit contribution 2017-05-13 [NYDaily News]

Six Bronx Cable Workers Wrongly Moved Over Union Ties, NLRB Says 2017-05-13 [Law360]

Striking Long Island union drivers' substitute workers making huge errors, like leaving unhinged truck body on road 2017-05-13 [The Daily News]

Brooklyn: BK construction firm faces manslaughter charge for death of worker 2017-05-11 [The Real Deal]

Jewish Builder Charged With Manslaughter After Brooklyn Construction Death 2017-05-11 [Jewish Daily Forward]

Nonunion Isn’t Kosher, Workers Tell Jewish Theological Seminary 2017-03-01 [LaborPress]

NYS Governor Cuomo signs legislation allowing full union dues to be deducted from taxes 2017-05-11 [New York Amsterdam News]

Construction Companies’ Owner Is Charged in Laborer’s Death 2017-05-11 [NYTimes]

Farms fear immigration arrests will scare off legal migrant workers 2017-05-09 [Buffalo News]

Rabbi criticizes Conservative seminary for not hiring union on construction project 2017-05-08 [JTA]

Chautauqua County Committee Holds 17th Annual Workers’ Memorial Day 2017-05-07 [Post-Journal]

Time Warner Cable union workers continue to strike in Sunset Park 2017-05-06 [The Eagle]

Rabbi criticizes Conservative seminary for not hiring union on construction project 2017-05-05 [JTA]

Orthodox Girls' School Bais Rivkah Strike Ends: Regular School Hours Friday 2017-05-05 [Criown Heights Info]

A Principal Is Accused of Being a Communist, Rattling a Brooklyn School 2017-05-05 [NYTimes]

A March for Climate (and Labor Rights, and Immigration, and …) 2017-05-03 [NYCLens]

Teachers, administrators, in conflict at Bais Rivkah religious school in Crown Heights, NY 2017-05-03 [ChabadInfo]

Bloomingdale’s needs to recognize importance of workers 2017-04-27 [Amsterdam News]

Carwasheros insisten que harán escuchar sus reclamaciones 2017-05-03 [El Diario]

Two strikes off the table as Bloomingdale’s inks deal with workers, Writers Guild members finalize contract 2017-05-02 [New York Daily News]

Workers at Bloomingdale's flagship store narrowly avoid a strike 2017-05-02 [CNN]

Strike Possible This Week at Bloomingdale’s Main Store 2017-05-01 [New York Times]

Workers Are Still Protesting Outside of B&H Photo Video for Better Treatment 2017-05-02 [Phoblographer]

Brooklyn B & H Warehouse Workers Call May Day Strike Against Warehouse Closing 2017-05-02 [Forward]

B & H Warehouse Workers Call May Day Strike Against Warehouse Closing 2017-05-02 [Jewish Daily Forward]

B & H Warehouse Workers Call May Day Strike Against Warehouse Closing 2017-05-02 [Jewish Daily Forward]

Labor protest says Conservative Judaism's seminary violating its own ethical standards with building project 2017-05-02 [JTA]

Bronx car washers walk off job as workers around city suffer labor woes 2017-04-30 [NYDaily News]

Three Manhattan hotel closings signal layoffs for union employees 2017-04-30 [NYDaily News]

Long Island beer distributor Clare Rose threatens to replace striking delivery truck drivers 2017-04-30 [The Daily News]

Bernie Sanders supports New School student employees’ push to unionize 2017-04-29 [New School FP]

Court says its OK to call boss 'nasty motherf-ker' during union battle 2017-04-28 [New York Post]

Fordham faculty voted No Confidence in the president by an 88% margin in response to draconian health care cuts and reductions 2017-04-26 [#WeAreWorkers]

Niagara Falls Water Board OKs raises for union workers 2017-04-26 [Buffalo News]

Protesters Chain Themselves To Bakery Truck In Solidarity With Tom Cat Immigrant Workers 2017-04-22 [Gothamist]

2000 Bloomingdales workers demanding e-commerce payments be part of new contract 2017-04-20 [RWDSU]

VIDEO: Bloomingdales retail worker protest demanding fair contract 2017-04-20 [RWDSU]

Bloomingdale's store clerks demand commissions for online sales 2017-04-20 [NBC]

Building Bridges: NYC Bakery Workers threatened by Homeland Security For more info 2017-04-20 [WBAI Radio]

JLC Supports Bloomingdale's Workers' at Rally for Fair Contract 2017-04-20 [Jewish Labor Committtee]

Car Wash Workers Deserve Fair Wages 2017-03-31 [Huffington Post]

This month in labour history

4-05-1886 A bomb is thrown during a demonstration against police violence in Haymarket Square, Chicago. The ensuing police riot and trials of anarchists, known as the Haymarket affair, eventually give birth to May Day as international workers' day. [more]

5-05-1886 Nine striking workers are shot dead by the National Guard at the Rolling Mills Steel Factory in Bay View, Milwaukee [more]

6-05-1935 The Works Progress Administration is established by executive order - it will provide work for millions of Americans. [more]

6-05-1937 Four hundred tobacco workers, earning just $3 per week, stage a walkout in Richmond, Virginia [more]

8-05-1926 A. Philip Randolph founds the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters. [more]

9-05-1913 The garment workers strike at Cohoes could become an international incident after it emerges that Italian migrant workers are being forced to break the strike. [more]

11-05-1894 Three thousands Pullman railroad workers in Chicago begin a wildcat strike. [more]

12-05-1902 John Mitchell of the UMWA cals for a national strike, beginning the Anthracite Coal Strike which will last five months. [more]

13-05-1893 Western Federation of Miners formed in Butte, Montana. [more]

13-05-1980 Douglas Fraser of the UAW becomes the first union representative on the board a major US corporation after Chystler's stockholders vote him on. [more]

19-05-1920 A gun battle between the people of Matewan and Baldwin Felts detectives leaves ten people dead. [more]

22-05-1942 In Cleveland the Steelworkers Organizing Committee voted to become a union: the United Steelworkers of America [more]

25-05-1946 President Truman comes within three minutes of drafting the nation's railroad workers into the army to suppress a proposed strike, but the union leaders and employers settle just before the presiden't ultimatum comes into effect. [more]

26-05-1937 UAW organisers are attacked and beaten by Ford security men in Dearborn, Michigan, in an incident which greatly increases support for the union. [more]

28-05-1946 Workers in Rochester, New York, stage a successful one day general strike for the right to form unions. [more]

29-05-1990 The Justice for Janitors strike of ISS cleaners in Los Angeles begins. [more]

30-05-1937 Ten workers are shot dead by Chicago police during a strike at the Republic Steel Mill. [more]

31-05-1921 The Sacco and Vanzetti trial begins in Dedham, Massachusetts. [more]