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Today's news - New Jersey

Building Bridges: The Newark Rebellion - 50 Years Later For more info 2017-07-19 [WBAI Radio]

Manischewitz to close Newark plant, lay off 169 workers 2017-07-18 [JTA]

Union pickets company building Jersey City luxury condo tower 2017-07-18 [NJ]

Lawmakers act to pay workers furloughed during shutdown 2017-07-14 [Philly]

IBEW pickets appear Sunday morning on quiet Glen Rock street 2017-07-10 [North Jersey]

Art of the steal: hundreds flock to liquidation sale at Trump’s casino For more info 2017-07-08 [Guardian]

Back pay for furloughed state workers still an open question 2017-07-07 [NJ]

Efforts on behalf of collective bargaining spark debate among Princeton graduate students 2017-07-06 [Princeton Alumni Weekly]

Three years later, nursing home workers get SEIU contract 2017-06-27 [McKnight's]

Layoffs of county police officers to begin this afternoon, union says 2017-06-26 [North Jersey]

Nursing home workers settle contract disputes in Union City, Teaneck, Perth Amboy 2017-06-26 [NJ]

Strike Averted at Teaneck Nursing Center 2017-06-24 [North Jersey]

14 Kearny teachers laid off as officials blame charter school 'intrusion' 2017-06-20 [Jersey Journal]

Lakewood fires more than 100 teachers, staff 2017-05-09 [Asbury Park Press]

Lakewood rejects teacher layoffs, but state monitor overrides vote 2017-05-09 [NJ.com]

Paterson reportedly plans to lay off 85 teachers 2017-05-17 [NJ.com]

Public worker unions not sold on Christie's lottery-pension fix 2017-06-16 [NJ]

This Firefighter Took A Doctor’s Advice To Use Medical Marijuana — Now He Could Be Fired 2017-06-11 [BuzzFeed]

As lockout nears 6 weeks, N.J. workers struggle with no pay, health benefits 2017-06-09 [NJ.com]

Shore Point won't be at Jersey Pride on Sunday but not because of lockout 2017-06-01 [Asbury Park Press]

Radium Girls improved workers rights in 1917 2017-05-29 [Trib Live]

Locked-out Sunrise House staff rallies over working conditions, contract talks 2017-05-25 [The Herald]

Dry cleaner sentenced for harboring workers, avoiding taxes 2017-05-15 [Washington Times]

Linden’s Laminated Inc. hit with OSHA fines 2017-05-11 [Union News Daily]

Princeton Students Demonstrate in Support of Campus Dining Workers 2017-05-03 [Princeton Alumni Weekly]

How many N.J. jobs are held by workers with tech visas targeted by Trump 2017-04-19 [NJ.com]

Taj Mahal closes in Atlantic City in bitter dispute with unions 2016-10-10 [The Washington Post]

Facing a potential trial for violating workers' rights, the owner of Laminated, agrees to a fair contract 2017-04-04 [RWDSU]

Laminated Inc. owner finally signs contract on eve of trial 2017-04-04 [Union News Daily]

Labor and Community Allies Fight for Jobs and Public Safety in Atlantic City 2017-03-29 [AFL-CIO]

Atlantic City unions protest state cuts at City Hall 2017-03-18 [Press of AC]

Unions seek control of own pension plan 2017-03-12 [Philly]

Sen. Shirley Turner speaks to local women about equal pay for equal work 2017-03-01 [Central Jersey]

Lowe’s settles worker misclassification charges: Will pay $2.9m to 450 installers 2017-02-03 [Biz Insurance]

Activists rally for Gateway drivers 2017-01-26 [RWDSU]

Gannett announced more layoffs at The Record, community newspapers 2017-01-25 [Star-Ledger]

Airport Workers Honor Martin Luther King During Newark Rally 2017-01-17 [Observer ]

Atlantic City workers to return to bi-weekly pay 2016-12-23 [Press of AC]

Casino Bill Would Prevent Closed Properties from Reopening Without Honoring Existing Labor Agreements 2016-12-21 [Casino.org]

New Jersey & New York: A Historic Deal for Airport Workers! 2016-12-15 [SEIU 32BJ]

Black Friday protesters demand $15 minimum wage outside Kearny Walmart 2016-11-27 [NJ.com]

Union Benefits Targeted in NJ-PA Reciprocal Tax Agreement 2016-11-23 [NJ Pen]

Christie vetoes unemployment benefits for striking workers 2016-11-17 [nj.com]

Princeton grad workers vote to join AFT 2016-10-28 [Amsterdam News]

State senate passes anti-Icahn casino shutdown bill 2016-10-21 [Wash Times]

Bill would bar Icahn from keeping Taj Mahal casino license 2016-10-12 [Daily Progress]

How the Taj Mahal might re-open in a few months? Union busting! 2016-10-11 [Press of AC]

Trump Taj Mahal Casino Closes Amid Ongoing Worker Strike 2016-10-11 [Snopes]

Trump Taj Mahal closes after labor deadlock 2016-10-11 [Politico]

Trump Taj Mahal Closes After Breakdown Of Talks With Union Workers 2016-10-10 [IBT]

This month in labour history

4-07-1840 Tenants in upstate New York issue a 'Declaration of Independence', beginning a five-year Anti-Rent War [more]

5-07-1934 Two strikers are killed fighting police, scabs, and the National Guard during the San Francisco longshoremen's strike [more]

6-07-1892 Striking workers defeat and force the surrender of Pinkerton agents during the Homestead Strike in Pennsylvania [more]

8-07-1966 The largest strike in aviation history begins, shutting down 60 per cent of the US airline industry for six weeks [more]

10-07-1902 112 miners die in an explosion in the Rolling Mill Mine in Pennsylvania [more]

12-07-1933 The Screen Actors Guild holds its first meeting. Among those attending: future horror movie star and union activist, Boris Karloff. [more]

15-07-1959 Half a million steelworkers across the country strike for a pay increase in their new contract [more]

16-07-1934 The San Francisco Labor Council calls a city-wide general strike in support of longshoremen, which succeeds in winning most of the workers' main demands after four days. [more]

18-07-1969 African American hopsital workers in South Carolina win union recognition after a 113-day strike [more]

20-07-1899 Newsboys in New York go on strike against press giants Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst [more]

21-07-1877 The government attempts to violently suppress the great railroad strike in Pennsylvania [more]

22-07-1916 A bomb was is set off during a parade in San Francisco, killing 10 and injuring 40. Labour organizer Tom Mooney,and Warren Billings, a shoe worker, were convicted of the crime, but both were pardoned 23 years later [more]

25-07-1907 Trotskyist labor organizer and leader of the 1934 Minneapolis teamsters' strike Farrell Dobbs is born [more]

26-07-1877 Thirty workers are killed in the Battle of Halsted Street Viaduct during the railroad strike in Chicago. [more]

29-07-1970 The United Farm Workers sign their first collective bargaining agreement with California grape growers [more]

30-07-1975 Teamsters leader Jimmy Hoffa disappears from a parking lot in Oakland County and is never seen again [more]