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Today's news - District of Columbia

Celerating DC minimum wage increase 2017-07-06 [DC AFL-CIO]

Building a new generation of women*s labor leaderhsip 2017-06-26 [Metro Council AFL-CIO]

For the first time, a D.C. charter school has voted to create a teachers union 2017-06-17 [Washington Post]

Teachers at D.C. charter school launch campaign to unionize 2017-05-31 [Washington Post]

Report Back from DC: Standing in Solidarity with Fellow Worker Julia Flores 2017-05-30 [IWW]

Fired track workers sue Metro for discrimination, hostile work environment 2017-05-05 [Washington Post]

Metro Workers Form Human Chain Outside Board Meeting 2017-04-29 [NBC]

Union: WMATA workers aren't planning sick out; president calls Metro absentee policy asinine 2017-04-27 [FOX]

Labor board rules GW Univ RAs are employees, can unionize 2017-04-22 [GW Hatchet]

Airport workers at Reagan, Dulles getting pay bump 2017-04-19 [WTOP]

American University Graduate Student Workers Win Historic Union Election 2017-04-12 [SEIU]

Amer Univ grad students first in DC area to greenlight private university unionization with SEIU 2017-04-12 [Eagle]

D.C. among first in nation to require child-care workers to get college degrees 2017-04-01 [Washington Post]

Another Contractor Stiffed by Trump 2017-03-11 [AFL-CIO]

D.C. police union head stole $180,000 of officers’ dues, nearly emptying account 2017-03-10 [Washington Post]

Women teachers strike causes D.C. suburb to call off school Wednesday 2017-03-08 [USA Today]

Women Workers To Surround Labor Department Wednesday On 'Day Without A Woman' 2017-03-07 [WIN]

D.C. charter school teachers seek union electioin 2017-02-23 [Washington Post]

Charter Teachers Seek to Unionize 2017-02-23 [Am Prospect]

Manager who stole $1.7 million from laborers union Local 657 sentenced to prison 2017-02-08 [Washington Post]

Workers at Trump-owned Washington hotel vote to join union 2017-02-02 [Durango Herald]

Workers at Trump's Washington Hotel vote to join union, casting spotlight on potential conflicts 2017-02-01 [Washington Post]

Uber's drive to be a DC powerhouse 2017-01-25 [The Hill]

CWA Local 1168 Protests Trump's Agenda, Not The Man, in D.C. 2017-01-22 [TWC]

N.Y. labor leader joins small group of men asked to speak at Women's March on Washington 2017-01-21 [NYDaily News]

'We'll Shatter The Ceiling And Break On Through' Women's March 2017-01-20 [WIN]

Labor Department: Metro union had ‘alternate, secret’ policies for election eligibility 2017-01-19 [Washington Post]

AFL-CIO Among 80 National Groups Opposing HHS Nominee Tom Price 2017-01-18 [WIN]

U.S. Supreme Court Takes Employee Mandatory Arbitration Case 2017-01-17 [WIN]

D.C. police union riven by faction 2017-01-05 [Washington City Paper]

Union Women Urge Women To March At Inauguration 2017-01-04 [WIN]

Massive women's march planned around Trump inaugural 2017-01-03 [Workday MN]

Feds Go After Concessions Company That Shorted Senate Workers $1 Million 2016-12-31 [Huffington Post]

Unite Here workers take on Trump and win 2016-12-30 [AFL-CIO]

Whole Foods accused of cheating workers out of bonuses 2016-12-26 [NYPost]

WIN talks with Ullico CEO Ed Smith about how infrastructure investment models can benefit working people instead of Wall St. (WINCast) 2016-12-14 [Workers Independent News]

Students seize office of Georgetown University president in Nike labor protest 2016-12-09 [Georgetown Voice]

D.C. Council Advances Expansive Paid Family and Medical Leave Rules 2016-12-08 [AFL-CIO]

Nurses Join Democrats To Defend Medicare and Social Security 2016-12-07 [WIN]

D.C.’s expansive family and medical leave policy advances 2016-12-07 [Washington Post]

RAs push to be first union at private university 2016-12-05 [GW Hatchet]

Washington Teachers Union asks city council to censure the mayor 2016-12-02 [Washington City Paper]

Woman sexually assaulted at bizarre party thrown by open-shop construction kingpin 2016-11-28 [Washington Post]

Heil The People! Heil Victory! (White Supremacist Trump Supporters In DC Rally) 2016-11-22 [WIN]

Sen. Warren Vows Strong Fight For Workers, Against Bigotry 2016-11-22 [WIN]

The wild card in Metro’s budget talks: Union negotiations 2016-11-10 [Wash Post]

AFL-CIO President Trumka on 'Why Hillary for workers' 2016-10-28 [Workers Independent News]

Protesters outsmart Trump, stake out sidewalk in front of his D.C. hotel's grand opening 2016-10-27 [Daily Kos]

Trump opens his new D.C. hotel, met with protest 2016-10-27 [Wash Post]

Donald Trump plans to cut the ribbon on his D.C. hotel. Protesters will be there too 2016-10-26 [Wash Biz Jrnl]

This month in labour history

4-07-1840 Tenants in upstate New York issue a 'Declaration of Independence', beginning a five-year Anti-Rent War [more]

5-07-1934 Two strikers are killed fighting police, scabs, and the National Guard during the San Francisco longshoremen's strike [more]

6-07-1892 Striking workers defeat and force the surrender of Pinkerton agents during the Homestead Strike in Pennsylvania [more]

8-07-1966 The largest strike in aviation history begins, shutting down 60 per cent of the US airline industry for six weeks [more]

10-07-1902 112 miners die in an explosion in the Rolling Mill Mine in Pennsylvania [more]

12-07-1933 The Screen Actors Guild holds its first meeting. Among those attending: future horror movie star and union activist, Boris Karloff. [more]

15-07-1959 Half a million steelworkers across the country strike for a pay increase in their new contract [more]

16-07-1934 The San Francisco Labor Council calls a city-wide general strike in support of longshoremen, which succeeds in winning most of the workers' main demands after four days. [more]

18-07-1969 African American hopsital workers in South Carolina win union recognition after a 113-day strike [more]

20-07-1899 Newsboys in New York go on strike against press giants Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst [more]

21-07-1877 The government attempts to violently suppress the great railroad strike in Pennsylvania [more]

22-07-1916 A bomb was is set off during a parade in San Francisco, killing 10 and injuring 40. Labour organizer Tom Mooney,and Warren Billings, a shoe worker, were convicted of the crime, but both were pardoned 23 years later [more]

25-07-1907 Trotskyist labor organizer and leader of the 1934 Minneapolis teamsters' strike Farrell Dobbs is born [more]

26-07-1877 Thirty workers are killed in the Battle of Halsted Street Viaduct during the railroad strike in Chicago. [more]

29-07-1970 The United Farm Workers sign their first collective bargaining agreement with California grape growers [more]

30-07-1975 Teamsters leader Jimmy Hoffa disappears from a parking lot in Oakland County and is never seen again [more]