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Northern Ireland
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Today's news - Northern Ireland

Education budget cuts will make system 'unsustainable' 2017-03-12 [BBC]

Derry factory girls' sculpture given council lifeline 2017-03-11 [BBC]

Ulster Bank to close nine branches 2017-03-10 [BBC]

Suspension of early retirement scheme leaves teachers ‘reeling’, say UTU 2017-03-09 [Belfast News Letter]

Newly-qualified teachers scheme is suspended 2017-03-09 [BBC]

Alliance calls for emergency law to protect jobs 2017-03-08 [Irish Times]

Ulster Bank to shut up to 10 of its branches in restructuring move 2017-03-08 [Belfast Telegraph]

Workers putting in nine hours a week in unpaid overtime 2017-03-04 [Irish News]

Asperger's syndrome: Employers need awareness of challenges 2017-03-01 [BBC]

£10,000 award for man who didn't get Derry job due to political opinions 2017-02-26 [Belfast Telegraph]

Financial Services Union warns jobs at risk due to political instability 2017-02-26 [BBC]

Top union boss Len McCluskey slams austerity cuts during Belfast visit 2017-02-24 [irishnews.com]

Stormont urged to act in wake of First Trust's branch closures blow 2017-02-24 [Belfast Telegraph]

First Trust to close half its branches 2017-02-23 [BBC]

Businesses 'named and shamed' for underpaying staff 2017-02-18 [BBC]

Avoca cafe found to have discriminated on basis of gender 2017-02-16 [Irish Times]

Trade union attacks rise in civil service agency workers 2017-02-10 [BBC]

Unmarried woman wins pension battle 2017-02-08 [BBC]

Unemployed, seeking work and over 50 2017-02-07 [BBC]

New levy on training of apprentices 'unwelcome' 2017-02-01 [Belfast Telegraph]

NUJ condemns online intimidation of female journalist 2017-01-25 [Belfast News Letter]

Hospital staff protest over ‘gap in wages’ 2017-01-25 [Fermanagh Herald]

Teachers urged to end co-operation with school inspections 2017-01-21 [BBC]

SIPTU President expresses regret at retirement of Martin McGuinness from public office 2017-01-20 [SIPTU]

Schivo NI: 30 workers lose jobs at Derry-based aerospace firm 2017-01-20 [BBC]

NI journalist quits union ruling body over Jamie Bryson membership 2017-01-20 [Belfast News Letter]

Teachers strike in NI over pay dispute 2017-01-18 [RTÉ]

INTO teachers stage half-day strike over pay dispute 2017-01-18 [BBC]

Recruitment freeze 'puts police at risk' 2017-01-16 [BBC]

GPs resignation from NHS 'inevitable' 2017-01-16 [BBC]

De La Salle teachers told to 'consider positions' 2017-01-12 [BBC]

INTO teachers begin industrial action over pay dispute 2017-01-07 [BBC]

INTO teachers begin industrial action over pay dispute 2017-01-06 [BBC]

Over 80 workers affected as Londonderry firm goes into administration 2017-01-06 [Belfast News Letter]

Builders losing work over cross-border safety issue 2017-01-04 [BBC]

Civil service agency workers cost £10m 2016-12-21 [BBC]

IFA pays out £28k to unfairly dismissed manager 2016-12-21 [BBC]

Northern Ireland braced for strikes by Post Office and airport workers 2016-12-19 [Belfast Telegraph]

Strike threatens to disrupt Christmas travel at airports 2016-12-17 [BBC]

Teachers stage one-day strike over pay 2016-11-30 [BBC]

Minimum wage hike could hurt businesses 2016-11-25 [Belfast Telegraph]

Lidl supermarket workers awarded higher minimum hourly wage 2016-11-25 [Belfast Telegraph]

Ilex redundant workers take case against NI Executive 2016-11-16 [BBC]

NASUWT teachers to strike in move that could close schools 2016-11-11 [BBC]

NASUWT teachers to stage series of one-day strikes in Northern Ireland 2016-11-08 [BBC]

Teachers at 130 schools set to strike over pay 2016-11-07 [Union News]

Industrial action at Maghaberry high-security prison 2016-11-04 [BBC]

Bombardier turbulence sees redundancies ramp up in Belfast 2016-10-28 [Silicon Republic]

Wages have risen by 2% - survey 2016-10-27 [BBC]

Antrim bike retailer jobs threat down to cynical asset stripping says MP 2016-10-27 [BBC]

This month in labour history

1-03-1912 The Miners Federation of Great Britain commences the first national coalminers' strike, for a minimum wage. [more]

3-03-1985 A Special Delegate Conference of the NUM votes by 98-91 for a return to work after the year-long miners' strike. [more]

11-03-2014 Bob Crow - RMT leader died [more]