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Costa threatens to quit over teachers’ pay dispute 2019-05-04 [Politico]

UGT garante que não aceita “mexidas na Lei da Greve” 2019-05-02 [Observador]

Fuel truck bosses, union agree to complete negotiations by year's end 2019-04-20 [The News]

Truck drivers to meet essential supplies as fuel dries up 2019-04-17 [Yahoo]

UPS workers gain first-ever contract with the company 2019-04-12 [UNI Global Union]

Professores em greve a todas as atividades nas escolas nas férias da Páscoa 2019-04-11 [Observador]

Raising minimum wage reduces gender inequality - Workers' union 2019-03-06 [The News]

Largest workers’ union launches week of initiatives for equal employment 2019-03-04 [The News]

Public sector strike disrupts schools, hospitals 2019-02-17 [AFP]

New nurses' protests may be that they miss work or stop doing overtime 2019-02-08 [MNA]

Sindicato diz que greve da Polícia Judiciária fez paralisar vários departamentos 2019-02-05 [SAPO]

Thousands to continue protesting and striking into the new year 2019-01-15 [The Journal]

Dockworkers about to launch new six-month strike 2019-01-04 [Fresh Plaza]

Around 90 pct of Registry and Notary Services employees go on strike 2018-12-27 [Business]

Skeleton rail service with almost 190 trains in CP strike 2018-12-24 [The News]

Strike finally ends at Setúbal 2018-12-21 [Port Strategy]

Government increases minimum wage 2018-12-21 [News 1130]

Strike lowers production at Portugal refineries – union 2018-12-18 [The News]

Stevedores end strike, unblocking VW car shipments 2018-12-14 [Euronews]

Dozens of strikes set for festive season 2018-12-14 [The News]

ITF, ETF and ver.di stand in solidarity with the dockers from the port of Setubal 2018-11-29 [ITF]

Solidarity with STAD and Portuguese cleaners on strike 2018-11-09 [UNI Global Union]

Public companies at standstill as employees strike 2018-11-03 [Infosurhoy]

Public services at standstill as workers strike 2018-10-27 [Xinhua]

Nurses call national strike for 20-21 September 2018-08-23 [The Portugal News]

Railway maintenance workers go on strike from Saturday 2018-08-17 [The News]

Four-week overtime strike at ports starts 2018-08-13 [The News]

Railworkers to strike on 3 October 'against lack of rail investment' 2018-08-02 [The News]

Ryanair told striking cabin crew in Portugal their actions would affect their promotion prospects 2018-08-02 [The Journal]

Portugália cancels airline strike 2018-07-11 [The Tribune]

Galp Says Little Impact From Refineries Strike 2018-06-15 [Rig Zone]

Thousands of workers march in Lisbon for better living, working conditions 2018-06-10 [Xinhua]

Port of Lisbon dock workers begin two-week overtime strike 2018-05-25 [The News]

Workshop: Robot Journalism – Should we be afraid? 2018-05-07 [EFJ]

Lidl workers strike 2018-04-30 [The News]

Lidl workers strike 2018-04-30 [The News]

State-Owned Enterprises Ministry, union explain leaked conversation 2018-04-29 [The Post]

Human trafficking 'out of control' - Border agency union 2018-04-22 [The News]

Ryanair Forced Cabin Crew Based In Other Countries To Break A Strike By Portuguese Flight Attendants 2018-04-05 [Paddle Your Own Kanoo]

Ryanair 'could face Europe-wide strikes' in ignoring local law - union 2018-04-05 [The News]

Leaked recordings: Ryanair crew warned of 'serious consequences' if they joined strike action 2018-04-02 [Irish Independent]

Disruption following Ryanair cabin crew strike 2018-04-02 [RTÉ]

Three flights cancelled as Ryanair's Portugal cabin crew strike 2018-03-30 [The News]

Monument, palace, museum staff striking today and tomorrow 2018-03-30 [The News]

Portugal’s doctors have announced a three-day national strike set for 8, 9 and 10 May 2018-03-24 [theportugalnews]

Country among nine EU states where wages still lower than in 2010 2018-03-23 [The News]

Teachers' strike sees 60-70% turnout - unions 2018-03-17 [theportugalnews]

Ryanair: new strikes announced 2018-03-01 [Airline Geeks]

Ryanair cabin crews set three one-day strikes around Easter 2018-02-27 [Business World]

Thousands of postal workers strike to renationalise the CTT 2018-02-27 [UNI Global Union]

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