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[2.20] KMWU opened its 2019 'struggle season' 2019-02-21 [CINA]

Hyundai Heavy Industries union votes to go on strike against Daewoo Shipbuilding merger 2019-02-21 [Hankyoreh]

Discontent rises over flexible work hour deal 2019-02-20 [Korea Times]

Social dialogue on labor issues at the threshold this week 2019-02-20 [Labor Today]

DSME union votes to strike on planned takeover by HHI 2019-02-20 [JoongAng Ilbo]

Unionized workers of Kumho Tire reject the tentative collective agreement 2019-02-18 [Labor Today]

Workers call for crackdown on undocumented foreign colleagues 2019-02-18 [K. Times]

Renault still at odds with union 2019-02-13 [koreajoongangdaily]

Naver struck by double blows 2019-02-12 [K. Times]

HHI union demands job guarantees 2019-02-12 [JoongAng Ilbo]

[2.09] Funeral ceremony for Kim Yong-gyun... 2019-02-10 [CINA]

Renault Issues Stern Warning to Striking Workers 2019-02-08 [Chosun Ilbo]

Contract worker’s funeral held two months after death 2019-02-07 [K. Herald]

Power plant workers to be hired full-time 2019-02-07 [JoongAng Ilbo]

Government responds to workers’ demands for justice for young worker Kim Yong-gyun 2019-02-05 [PSI]

An 'agreement' reached... But the struggle goes on! 2019-02-05 [CINA]

KPTU Statement on Government Measures Concerning Kim Yong-gyun’s Death 2019-02-05 [KPTU]

KPTU Statement on Government Measures Concerning Death of Kim Yong-gyun 2019-02-05 [KPTU]

'Let me die with my mother': Samsung to compensate sick workers, but many will never recover 2019-02-02 [CBC]

Monks and labor community unite in march against laws on irregular subcontract workers 2019-02-01 [Hankyoreh]

Stop the Outsourcing of Danger! Justice for Kim Yong-gyun!  ActNOW!  2019-02-01 [PSI]

Gimhae Airport announces strike ahead of Lunar New Year 2019-01-31 [The Herald]

MBK Partners accused of exploiting Homeplus workers 2019-01-31 [K. Times]

KPTU wins termination of contract for Seoul metro Line 9 2019-01-31 [PSI]

City OKs revised plan for low-wage carmaking JV with Hyundai 2019-01-30 [Reuters]

Hynix workers criticized for being 'too greedy' 2019-01-29 [The Times]

Social dialogue on labor policy losing momentum 2019-01-29 [The Times]

Labor groups to skip presidential committee, again 2019-01-29 [JoongAng Ilbo]

KCTU congress fails to adopt a resolution of its ESLC participation 2019-01-29 [Labor Today]

[1.27] 6th Collective mourning in central Seoul... 2019-01-28 [CINA]

[1.26] After 510 days of sit-in struggle in front of Jeonju City Hall... 2019-01-27 [CINA]

Union to decide whether to join gov't-led talks 2019-01-27 [The Times]

KCTU to decide whether to join gov't-led talks 2019-01-27 [K. Times]

Moon meets two union chiefs 2019-01-25 [K. Times]

Pernod Ricard Korea to dismiss 60% of its staff 2019-01-24 [Labor Today]

European Commission sets the Korean gov't a deadline for the ratification of core ILO conventions by April 2019-01-23 [Labor Today]

 VIDEO Metro workers win in ownership battle 2019-01-22 [ITF]

Gov't, civil servant unions sign first collective bargaining agreement since 2007 2019-01-22 [Yonhap]

KB union withdraws plans for 2nd strike 2019-01-21 [The Times]

[1.19] KCTU's Nat'l Workers' Rally& 5th Collective Mourning... 2019-01-20 [CINA]

Naver workers poised to strike for 1st time 2019-01-18 [K. Times]

Subcontract workers' rally 2019-01-18 [Yonhap]

We'll actively conduct the struggles against establishment of the for-profit hospital in Jeju 2019-01-17 [KHMU]

Contingent electrical workers to go on a strike 2019-01-16 [Labor Today]

KB non-regular employees face difficulties amid regular workers’ strike 2019-01-15 [The Dong-a Ilbo]

Jeonju taxi driver approach 500 days of sit-in demonstration 2019-01-15 [Hankyoreh]

Moon wants to meet KCTU leaders 2019-01-15 [K. Times]

FineTek workers end their smokestack sit-in after 426 days 2019-01-14 [CINA]

KB, union fail to agree on major issues after strike 2019-01-13 [JoongAng Ilbo]

Down to the ground after 426-day smokestack protest 2019-01-11 [K. Times]

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