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KCTU stages nationwide strike over next year's minimum wage 2019-07-18 [K. Herald]

South Korea hit by strikes after minimum wage hike slowdown 2019-07-18 [Nikkei Asian Review]

KCTU to Stage General Strike Thursday over Minimum Wage 2019-07-18 [KBS World Radio]

Militant labor group to stage one-day strike over key labor policies 2019-07-18 [Yonhap]

Major umbrella labor group requests re-deliberation on minimum wage decision 2019-07-17 [Yonhap]

KCTU representatives to step down from minimum wage panel 2019-07-15 [Yonhap]

Moon apologizes for failure to keep campaign pledge on minimum wage 2019-07-14 [Yonhap]

Umbrella unions oppose 2.9% minimum wage hike next year 2019-07-12 [K. Herald]

Korea to raise minimum wage for 2020 by 2.9% 2019-07-12 [K. Times]

Concerns rise over South Korea’s dual labor market 2019-07-12 [The Diplomat]

Busan subway workers end strike after pay raise deal 2019-07-12 [Yonhap]

KPWU reaches new agreement with Korea Post, averting unprecedented strike action 2019-07-11 [UNI Global Union]

Busan subway union goes on strike 2019-07-10 [K. Times]

Moon gov't's labor policy put to test amid massive labor strikes 2019-07-10 [Yonhap]

Korean Postal Workers’ Union scraps strike plans 2019-07-09 [Hankyoreh]

Korean Postal Workers’ Union narrowly avoids all-out strike 2019-07-08 [The Korea Herald]

School contract workers end 3-day strike 2019-07-07 [JoongAng Ilbo]

Teacher unionists stand in solidarity with striking education support workers 2019-07-06 [EI]

S. Korea plagued by back-to-back nationwide strikes by public sector workers 2019-07-05 [Korea Herald]

'For a world without precarious work'... KCTU General Strike (D2) 2019-07-05 [CINA]

Parcel delivery drivers declare solidarity with postal workers’ strike 2019-07-05 [Hankyoreh]

S. Korea plagued by back-to-back nationwide strikes by public sector workers 2019-07-05 [Yonhap]

Record 52,000 non-regular school workers join strike for 3 days: ministry 2019-07-05 [YNA]

'I worked 20 years, but only earn 2 million won a month' 2019-07-04 [Kyunghyang Shinmun]

'For a world without precarious work'... KCTU General Strike (D1) 2019-07-03 [CINA]

Irregular workers’ strike disrupts school operations 2019-07-03 [K. Herald]

Strike forces 3,500 schools to suspend lunch meals 2019-07-03 [K. Times]

Non-regular public employees stage general strike to protest Moon's labor policy 2019-07-03 [Yonhap]

Non-regular school workers to stage joint strike this week 2019-07-02 [Yonhap]

Shorter workweek brings seismic change to overtime culture 2019-07-01 [Yonhap]

Illegal protest tents near presidential office removed by authorities 2019-07-01 [The Dong-a Ilbo]

Toll collectors demonstrate for permanent position 2019-07-01 [K. Times]

Temporary school workers to go on strike this week 2019-07-01 [K. Times]

Korea Post Workers Union to strike if dangerous working conditions continue 2019-06-28 [UNI Global Union]

Labor leader released on bail 2019-06-27 [Yonhap]

Trade union leader arrested 2019-06-26 [ACTU]

Postal workers vote to strike over lethal hours 2019-06-26 [JoongAng Ilbo]

SsangYong Motor workers reinstated by still face state lawsuits 2019-06-25 [Hankyoreh]

South Korean labor leader arrested after clashes over working hours 2019-06-25 [Labor Notes]

KCTU is planning its next 'General Strike'...(#1) 2019-06-24 [CINA]

KCTU warns of general strike following arrest of its chief 2019-06-24 [Yonhap]

KCTU to take on Moon after chairman’s arrest 2019-06-24 [JoongAng Ilbo]

Doubts rise over S. Korea’s willingness to ratify ILO conventions 2019-06-23 [K. Herald]

Union leader's arrest deepens rift between labor, Moon administration 2019-06-23 [K. Times]

KCTU leader Kim Myeong-hwan arrested in probe on violent rallies 2019-06-21 [Yonhap]

GM workers to strike as wage talks stall 2019-06-21 [JoongAng Ilbo]

Labor leader attends arrest warrant hearing over violent rallies 2019-06-21 [Yonhap]

LKP leader triggers stir with remark against migrant workers 2019-06-20 [K. Times]

Unions pitch in to buy new car for Unification Research Institute director 2019-06-19 [Hankyoreh]

[6.17] KCTU protest demo in central Seoul 2019-06-18 [CINA]

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