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CE supervisors announce five-days of strike action at rally outside Dáil Éireann 2019-04-16 [SIPTU]

Disturbing questions arise in case against civilian member of gardaí over sick certs 2019-04-18 [Irish Examiner]

Ambulance union backs plans to increase strike action 2019-04-18 [Irish Examiner]

Talking about the time workers shook an empire 2019-04-15 [Irish Examiner]

Irish crew force Stobart Air to the negotiating table 2019-04-16 [ITF]

How to win a pay rise and a better life 2019-04-15 [Mandate.ie]

Delay, deny, and die: The official response to Air Corps chemical exposure fears 2019-04-14 [Irish Examiner]

Hospitals countrywide face strike action by support staff 2019-04-15 [Irish Times]

‘Alarming levels’ of child poverty linked to low pay 2019-04-15 [Irish Times]

Garda group defends role in alleged double-jobbing row 2019-04-15 [Irish Times]

 VIDEO Centenary of Limerick strike against British army 2019-04-15 [RTÉ]

Two senior AGSI members opt out of conference 2019-04-15 [RTÉ]

Union chiefs warn almost 60 FAI jobs at risk due to axed grants from Sport Ireland as third ODCE probe launched into the Association 2019-04-14 [Irish Sun]

PFAI: 'Something is rotten in the state of the FAI' 2019-04-12 [RTÉ]

Stobart Air seeks to avert strike action by cabin crew 2019-04-12 [Irish Times]

ASTI to seek extra pay benefits for members following nurses deal 2019-04-12 [irishexaminer.com]

Local county councils tweet praise for hard-working unsung staff 2019-04-12 [Irish Examiner]

Brexit brings concerns about workers to fore 2019-04-12 [Belfast Telegraph]

Study finds communication between management and workforces is poor 2019-04-12 [Irish Times]

Naval Service member paid €125 for 40 hours’ overtime, Dáil told 2019-04-12 [Irish Times]

Some poorer single parents may be forced to give up work due to childcare reforms 2019-04-12 [Irish Times]

Fine Gael Dublin Mid-West team called on to support pension claim 2019-04-11 [Dublin Gazette]

SIPTU members continue to have concerns over Gender Pay Gap bill 2019-04-11 [SIPTU]

SIPTU demands that the livelihoods of FAI workers do not become a ‘political football’ 2019-04-11 [SIPTU]

Ambulance staff to consider proposals for 24-hour strikes 2019-04-11 [Irish Times]

Demonstration aims to highlight housing shortage in Galway 2019-04-09 [RTÉ]

Farm manager with MS wins €31,000 after unfair dismissal 2019-04-09 [AgriLand]

SIPTU: freeze on health service recruitment will impact services 2019-04-09 [Kfm]

School secretaries uniquely disadvantaged – Fórsa 2019-04-09 [Fórsa]

Just as the US had its undocumented Irish, so now Ireland has its own ‘illegals’ 2019-04-09 [Irish Examiner]

Government may force companies to reveal pay differences of employees 2019-04-09 [Irish Examiner]

SIPTU says it would be ‘premature’ to ballot nurses on proposed new contract 2019-04-09 [Irish Times]

Majority of nurses see contract as ‘good deal’ 2019-04-05 [Irish Examiner]

Nurses will move onto a higher pay scale in less than two years - but face curbs on double jobbing 2019-04-03 [Irish Independent]

SIPTU representatives demand Department of Public Expenditure and Reform fund job evaluation scheme 2019-04-05 [SIPTU]

New €400,000 initiative to tackle sexual harassment at universities 2019-04-05 [Irish Examiner]

SIPTU says hospital strikes likely this summer after pay talks end 2019-04-05 [Irish Times]

Ryanair asked the EU to use its 'influential voice' to pressure Finance Minister in a tax law dispute 2019-04-03 [Fora]

Stobart Air cabin crew ballot for industrial action 2019-04-03 [Fórsa]

Government to make changes to work permit system ahead of Brexit 2019-04-03 [RTÉ]

INMO says 81 patients on trolleys at University Hospital Limerick 2019-04-03 [RTÉ]

Trade unions start network at building materials multinational CRH 2019-04-02 [IndustriALL]

A voice at board level for all who work in racing and breeding 2019-03-30 [Irish Field]

Hospital chefs ballot for strike action, say they are ‘a forgotten group’ 2019-03-30 [Irish Times]

SIPTU calls for increase of minimum wage to €10.20 in 2020 at public hearing on low pay 2019-03-29 [SIPTU]

SIPTU condemns cuts to childcare services in areas of disadvantage 2019-03-29 [SIPTU]

SIPTU members employed as support staff in major hospitals to ballot for strike action 2019-03-29 [SIPTU]

15 years of the smoking ban - ‘None of us dreamed it would ever happen’ 2019-03-29 [Irish Examiner]

Over 7,000 hospital support staff to ballot for strike action in pay dispute 2019-03-29 [RTÉ]

 VIDEO PNA Ambulance personnel protest outside Leinster House 2019-03-28 [The Irish Independent]

This month in labour history

10-04-1919 Union militant and IRA volunteer Robert Byrne was buried in Limerick. His funeral became a grand show of defiance with over 10,000 people joining the cortege. Later a general strike and soviet was declared [more]

12-04-1920 Unions launched a general strike in support of pro-independence prisoners who were on hunger strike in Mountjoy prison, Dublin. After two days, the British government caved and released all the prisoners. [more]

14-04-1919 In Limerick, Ireland, a general strike was declared in protest against the declaration by the British military of a ‘Special Militarised Zone’ in the area. The general strike saw the creation of the short-lived Limerick Soviet. [more]

17-04-1920 Dockers in Dublin refused to load foodstuffs destined for England. The action helped relieve severe food shortages in Dublin, which had been dire since 1917, while huge quantities of food were shipped to Britain. [more]

23-04-1918 A massive general strike was held in Ireland in protest at the threat of conscription to the UK army, shutting down the country. Conscription was introduced but not one person was actually conscripted. [more]

26-04-1998 A monument to Jim Connell, writer of 'The Red Flag', is unveiled in the village of Crossakiel. [more]

27-04-1894 The founding conference of the Irish Trade Union Congress gets underway at the Trades Hall in Dublin. [more]