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Domestic workers demand fair and minimum wages 2018-06-16 [The Hindu]

Employees protest demanding disbursal of arrears 2018-06-09 [TNN]

Sanitation workers stage onsite protest in Rippon building complex for 2 days in a row 2018-06-08 [tnlabour]

Tea workers seek protection from leopard attack 2018-06-04 [TNN]

Two workers killed, many others severely injured as wall collapses at upcoming restaurant in Chennai 2018-05-31 [Express News Service]

Strangled by wild roots, abode of labour rights dies a silent death 2018-05-18 [The Times]

Denied 2.57 wage increment, state transport workers protest high court judgement and unlawful wage agreement 2018-05-14 [tnlabour]

7,516 teachers arrested 2018-05-13 [The Express]

Garment Workers Offered Counselling After Spate of Deaths Related to Sexual Harassment 2018-05-11 [The Globe]

May Day Events - A report from Workers Unity Movement 2018-05-11 [tnlabour]

Labour Day: Tamil Nadu salt pan workers fight low wage, temporary employment 2018-05-02 [The Hindu]

Workers rally on May Day across the district 2018-05-02 [The Hindu]

On May Day, worker killed in fireworks factory explosion in Tamil Nadu 2018-05-01 [New India Express]

PRESS RELEASE: Demonstration by informal sector workers against Draft Social Security Code 2018-04-26 [tnlabour]

GKN DriveLine Workers on sit-in protest, 4 workers fainted 2018-04-21 [tnlabour]

Sanmina workers question safety as unwelcome visitors intrude factory shop floor 2018-04-14 [tnlabour]

JK Tyres workers end strike 2018-04-13 [tnlabour]

Chennai transport comes to standstill over Metropolitan Transport Corporation 2018-04-06 [The Express]

JK Tyres workers claim management shifting goalpost; strike again 2018-04-01 [TN Labour]

Salt Corporation workers launch indefinite strike 2018-03-28 [The Hindu]

எந்தப் பயமுமின்றி ஒப்பந்தத் தொழிலாளர்களைச் சுரண்டும் ம்யூங்குவா ஆட்டோமேட்டிவ் 2018-03-23 [tnlabour]

113 workers left in limbo as Dongsan Automotive India shuts shop at Irrungatukottai 2018-03-22 [tnlabour]

Reinstate 11 suspended staff: TNSTC workers 2018-03-07 [The Hindu]

Women from unorganised sector protest for wages 2018-03-06 [The Hindu]

Suicide at TN spinning mill sparks child labour investigation 2018-02-10 [The News Minute]

SICAL Coffeeday workers on protest 2018-02-08 [tn]

Victimization of Transport Workers in Tamilnadu 2018-02-08 [tnlabour]

IT union protests TN bus fare hike, demands accessible public transport for all 2018-02-02 [The News Minute]

Protesting students, union workers court arrest in city 2018-01-26 [The Times]

Toll-free number brings legal aid to Indian garment workers 2018-01-22 [Reuters]

State Transport workers go on a flash strike as talks with government fails 2018-01-05 [tnlabour.in]

Successful One-day strike by Ola and Uber drivers 2018-01-08 [tnlabour.in]

After yet another anti-worker judgement from judiciary, transport workers strike called off 2018-01-13 [tnlabour.in]

NEEM – A mission to deny labour rights – Ashok Leyland Workers protest 2018-01-17 [tnlabour.in]

Transport workers call off strike 2018-01-12 [The Hindu]

Madras High Court leaves it to conscience of protesting union workers to ply buses in view of Pongal 2018-01-11 [First Post]

E Palaniswamy denies wage hike to Tamil Nadu transporters but MLAs plan to give themselves 100% pay hike 2018-01-10 [First Post]

Transport workers stage protest 2018-01-10 [The Hindu]

Transport workers stage protest 2018-01-10 [The Hindu]

Transport strike: CM refutes Stalin’s charge 2018-01-08 [The Hindu]

Transport Unions' Indefinite Strike Enters 5th Day Today 2018-01-08 [India.com]

Ola and Uber drivers in Chennai protest against pricing and regulation 2018-01-07 [The News]

Minister warns of action against transport workers 2018-01-07 [The Hindu]

High Court tells transport workers on strike in Tamil Nadu get back to work or 'face consequences' 2018-01-05 [New India Express]

Buses Go On Strike From Midnight As Salary Woes Unaddressed 2018-01-05 [NDTV]

TN accounts for 45% of manual scavenger deaths in India: Report 2018-01-03 [The Times]

AICCTU Convention seeks justice for Pricol 2 2017-12-31 [TN Labour]

Talks between transport unions and State government inconclusive 2017-12-28 [The Hindu]

Sanmina Corp workers to continue protest on Dec 29 2017-12-25 [The Business Standard]

200 Verizon Employees Escorted Out With Security In Chennai 2017-12-18 [NDTV]

This month in labour history

3-06-1977 Police opened fire on a workers' demonstration, killing 12. Thousands of workers from the Bhilai Steel plant and mines had been demonstrating at the police station where strike leader Shankar Guha Niyogi was being held following his arrest. [more]

29-06-1928 The South Indian Railway strike begins. The bosses respond with a lock-out and the colonial government unleashes severe, violent repression. [more]