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Pricol workers besiege labour office 2018-09-13 [TNN]

MTC workers’ flash strike leaves commuters in lurch 2018-09-08 [The Times]

Nutritious meal workers for job regularisation 2018-08-31 [The Hindu]

Seven bonded labourers rescued in TN 2018-08-27 [TNN]

Worker falls to death 2018-08-27 [The Hindu]

‘Attempts to draw wedge within trade unions’ 2018-08-18 [The Hindu]

NTC workers to go on indefinite strike 2018-08-15 [The Hindu]

LIC agents for minimum wages 2018-08-11 [The Hindu]

Trade unions meet Textile Minister on NTC workers’ wage revision 2018-08-11 [The Hindu]

For sanitary workers, it’s always a cesspool 2018-08-10 [TNN]

Wages for sanitary guards sought 2018-08-01 [The Hindu]

‘Corpus not used for welfareof construction workers’ 2018-07-31 [The Hindu]

Greater Chennai corporation warned on non-payment of wages 2018-07-24 [TNN]

583 persons have been arrested for bid to lay siege to office 2018-07-24 [The Hindu]

Tea leaf pickers in Valparai demand better wages 2018-06-25 [TNN]

Agri workers seek job under MGNREGS 2018-06-24 [The Hindu]

Retired state transport workers demand timely pension and dues 2018-06-24 [TN Labour]

Domestic workers demand fair and minimum wages 2018-06-16 [The Hindu]

Employees protest demanding disbursal of arrears 2018-06-09 [TNN]

Sanitation workers stage onsite protest in Rippon building complex for 2 days in a row 2018-06-08 [tnlabour]

Tea workers seek protection from leopard attack 2018-06-04 [TNN]

Two workers killed, many others severely injured as wall collapses at upcoming restaurant in Chennai 2018-05-31 [Express News Service]

Strangled by wild roots, abode of labour rights dies a silent death 2018-05-18 [The Times]

Denied 2.57 wage increment, state transport workers protest high court judgement and unlawful wage agreement 2018-05-14 [tnlabour]

7,516 teachers arrested 2018-05-13 [The Express]

Garment Workers Offered Counselling After Spate of Deaths Related to Sexual Harassment 2018-05-11 [The Globe]

May Day Events - A report from Workers Unity Movement 2018-05-11 [tnlabour]

Labour Day: Tamil Nadu salt pan workers fight low wage, temporary employment 2018-05-02 [The Hindu]

Workers rally on May Day across the district 2018-05-02 [The Hindu]

On May Day, worker killed in fireworks factory explosion in Tamil Nadu 2018-05-01 [New India Express]

PRESS RELEASE: Demonstration by informal sector workers against Draft Social Security Code 2018-04-26 [tnlabour]

GKN DriveLine Workers on sit-in protest, 4 workers fainted 2018-04-21 [tnlabour]

Sanmina workers question safety as unwelcome visitors intrude factory shop floor 2018-04-14 [tnlabour]

JK Tyres workers end strike 2018-04-13 [tnlabour]

Chennai transport comes to standstill over Metropolitan Transport Corporation 2018-04-06 [The Express]

JK Tyres workers claim management shifting goalpost; strike again 2018-04-01 [TN Labour]

Salt Corporation workers launch indefinite strike 2018-03-28 [The Hindu]

எந்தப் பயமுமின்றி ஒப்பந்தத் தொழிலாளர்களைச் சுரண்டும் ம்யூங்குவா ஆட்டோமேட்டிவ் 2018-03-23 [tnlabour]

113 workers left in limbo as Dongsan Automotive India shuts shop at Irrungatukottai 2018-03-22 [tnlabour]

Reinstate 11 suspended staff: TNSTC workers 2018-03-07 [The Hindu]

Women from unorganised sector protest for wages 2018-03-06 [The Hindu]

Suicide at TN spinning mill sparks child labour investigation 2018-02-10 [The News Minute]

SICAL Coffeeday workers on protest 2018-02-08 [tn]

Victimization of Transport Workers in Tamilnadu 2018-02-08 [tnlabour]

IT union protests TN bus fare hike, demands accessible public transport for all 2018-02-02 [The News Minute]

Protesting students, union workers court arrest in city 2018-01-26 [The Times]

Toll-free number brings legal aid to Indian garment workers 2018-01-22 [Reuters]

State Transport workers go on a flash strike as talks with government fails 2018-01-05 [tnlabour.in]

Successful One-day strike by Ola and Uber drivers 2018-01-08 [tnlabour.in]

After yet another anti-worker judgement from judiciary, transport workers strike called off 2018-01-13 [tnlabour.in]

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