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“Words That Matter” – glossary by Cyprian journalists to address local issues 2018-07-12 [EFJ]

IFJ welcomes steps towards building understanding through journalism 2018-07-12 [IFJ]

Municipality criticises strike by rubbish collectors 2018-06-29 [The Mail]

Union accuses employers of class hate 2018-06-24 [The Mail]

Strovolos binmen go on strike 2018-05-21 [Cyprus Mail]

Hospital staff suspend labour shortage strike 2018-04-25 [The Mail]

Larnaca bus strike over unpaid wages 2018-03-31 [The Mail]

Forestry workers issue SOS for green areas 2018-03-22 [The Mail]

Etyk threatens with strike, says not informed over co-op sale 2018-03-21 [The Mail]

Limassol bus drivers on 48-hour strike from Tuesday 2018-03-20 [The Mail]

Waste plant workers on strike over pay 2018-03-20 [The Mail]

How the bank workers clawed back their 2013 losses 2018-03-19 [The Mail]

Lanitis planned strike for Tuesday called off 2018-03-05 [Cyprus Mail]

Co-op workers give union green light to call strike 2018-03-02 [The Mail]

Journalists are not conspirators 2018-02-22 [IFJ]

Limassol bus strike postponed 2018-01-31 [The Mail]

Bank workers union to demonstrate over provident funds 2018-01-03 [Cyprus Mail]

Can a new journalism initiative in Cyprus help “encourage dialogue rather than promote violence”? 2017-11-21 [Equal Times]

President tries to avert electricity strike 2017-11-03 [The Mail]

Unions call off threatened strike 2017-10-21 [The Mail]

Unions to decide on strike action on Tuesday 2017-10-08 [The Mail]

Healthcare workers strike over security concerns 2017-09-28 [The Mail]

Cyprus is 68th country to endorse the Safe Schools Declaration 2017-08-09 [Education International]

Etyk calls off bank strike early 2017-07-26 [The Mail]

Labour body hears employers not protecting workers in heatwave 2017-07-07 [The Mail]

Workers on strike at desalination plant 2017-06-07 [Cyprus Mail]

Greek and Turkish Cypriot journalists sign joint agreement 2017-04-27 [IFJ]

Dubai Ports to resume talks with unions on Tuesday to resolve labour dispute 2017-04-04 [Cyprus Mail]

Pensions need to be put on a more equitable basis 2017-03-18 [cyprus-mail]

Nurses to get higher entry-level wages, unions’ in-fighting 2017-03-04 [The Mail]

Cyprus government signs agreement with civil servants' trade union 2017-02-08 [Famagusta Gazette]

Lessons from a strike 70 years ago 2017-01-29 [The Mail]

Port pilots on strike over employment of foreign nationals 2017-01-12 [The Mail]

North Cyprus airport workers set for strike action tomorrow 2016-12-28 [The Gazette]

Desalination plant workers on strike over collective agreement 2016-09-13 [The Mail]

Airport workers do not rule out more strike measures 2016-07-08 [The Mail]

Paphos airport strikes a ‘ heart attack’ for a bumper tourist season 2016-07-07 [The Mail]

Labour unions calls for heat wave changes 2016-06-24 [In-Cyprus]

Ground services at airports could go on strike 2016-05-31 [In-Cyprus]

Port workers strike during disciplinary hearing for union boss 2016-05-30 [The Shipping News]

Port workers announce two-hour stoppage for Friday 2016-05-27 [The Mail]

Port pilots stage two-hour wide strike 2016-05-18 [The Mail]

Furious Pamboridis tells doctors: you are not above the law 2016-05-17 [The Mail]

Attractive bonus for port workers who call it quits 2016-04-24 [In-Cyprus]

Attorney-general unimpressed with progress on bill governing strikes 2016-04-12 [The Mail]

FBME Bank staff in Cyprus go on indefinite strike 2016-04-11 [In-Cyprus]

OEB seeks to end crippling strikes 2016-04-10 [In-Cyprus]

North unions wary of utility sell-off 2016-04-03 [In-Cyprus]

Akıncı met trade unions 2016-03-27 [MFA CT]

Crippling port strike lifted for now 2016-03-25 [The Mail]

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