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Unionized workers at IMP’s Amherst plant reject ‘final’ company offer 2018-12-18 [The Chronicle-Herald]

Canada Post facilities 'back to normal' in Halifax  ActNOW!  2018-12-17 [Today]

Majority of Nova Scotians critical of government’s handling of public education 2018-12-16 [NSTU]

Transparency and the Right to Know How Our Money is Spent 2018-12-13 [CUPE]

Halifax Transit union criticizes move to put supervisors in 'race cars' 2018-12-12 [CBC]

Teachers would face criminal checks every 5 years under changes to N.S. law 2018-12-12 [CBC]

Protest in support of postal workers held in Sydney  ActNOW!  2018-12-11 [The Chronicle-Herald]

National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women 2018-12-09 [NSGEU]

I am a small business owner and I support the postal workers 2018-12-06 [The Coast]

Last 2 contracts reached for N.S. health workers, ending complex negotiations 2018-12-05 [CBC]

 VIDEO Halifax labour protesters arraigned, released after weekend postal blockade 2018-12-04 [The Chronicle-Herald]

Halifax police charge 6 people after protest at Canada Post facility 2018-12-04 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Six protestors arrested at Halifax Canada Post demonstration 2018-12-03 [The Examiner]

Union upset by decision to print Cape Breton Post in Halifax 2018-12-01 [CBC]

 VIDEO  Unions protest at Almon Street to support CUPW 2018-12-01 [CTV]

Protesters hold brief blockade at entrance of Canada Post facility in Halifax 2018-12-01 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

 VIDEO  Postal workers stage protest in Halifax and Dartmouth 2018-11-27 [CTV]

Halifax postal workers strike as Senate debates bill to end rotating walkouts 2018-11-27 [The Star]

Union Matters Podcast #5: Weed & The Workplace 2018-11-26 [NSGEU]

Union Matters Podcast #6: Empowering NSGEU Women 2018-11-26 [NSGEU]

Negotiate, don’t legislate says NSFL President Danny Cavanagh to Nova Scotia MPs 2018-11-26 [NSFL]

Halifax Water employees approve strike mandate 2018-11-23 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

First Nova Scotia prosecution under Westray law begins 2018-11-23 [CBC]

Yarmouth online retailer hopes people maintain consumer confidence despite Canada Post labour dispute 2018-11-21 [The Post]

Some logic on why we need a higher minimum wage 2018-11-18 [NSFL]

Halifax postal workers hit the picket lines 2018-11-18 [Rank and File]

Maritime paramedics’ morale at all-time low, says Nova Scotia union rep 2018-11-17 [The Star]

Survey shows most HRM staff feel workplace isn't 'emotionally healthy' 2018-11-16 [CBC]

Council of Nursing Unions to Defer Outstanding Issues to Arbitrator 2018-11-15 [CUPE]

Halifax area without Canada Post service until further notice 2018-11-15 [CBC]

Union Matters Podcast #4: Protecting The Public Blood Supply 2018-11-13 [NSGEU]

PACE minutes lacking in detail 2018-11-12 [The Advocate]

Get Involved in the Fall 2018 Agency, Boards and Commissions Campaign 2018-11-04 [NSGEU]

Formal Complaint Filed Against NSHA/ECFH 2018-11-04 [NSGEU]

Federal Labour Reform OK 2018-11-04 [NSFL]

Halifax students say precarious work for faculty is hurting their education 2018-11-02 [The Star]

More than half of teaching staff at N.S. universities are contract workers 2018-11-02 [CBC]

NSGEU launches podcast: Union Matters 2018-10-28 [NSGEU]

NSGEU Home Care Workers: Bringing Health Care Home 2018-10-28 [NSGEU]

What did corporate tax cuts really deliver? 2018-10-28 [NSFL]

IUOE Local 721 on strike 2018-10-28 [NSFL]

 VIDEO Mainland Nova Scotia crane operators, heavy-equipment operators go on strike 2018-10-26 [Global]

Unionized Nova Scotia crane operators strike 2018-10-25 [CBC]

Province to broaden PTSD benefits for first responders as of next week 2018-10-19 [Benefits Canada]

Halifax council stands behind Irving shipyard workers 2018-10-18 [The Chronicle-Herald]

Province to broaden PTSD benefits for first responders as of next week 2018-10-18 [The National Post]

Irving Shipyard workers say sharing navy contracts with Davie will mean layoffs in Halifax 2018-10-17 [CBC]

Halifax shipyard workers warn of layoffs if maintenance work sent to Quebec 2018-10-17 [The Chronicle-Herald]

Teachers’ mental health merits close examination 2018-10-16 [The Chronicle-Herald]

Union Starts Campaign To Keep Irving Shipbuilding Work In Halifax 2018-10-15 [The Huddle]

This month in labour history

6-12-1917 Wartime miscalculations and naval mismanagement cause unprecedented devastation for working-class neighborhoods in Halifax, Nova Scotia. When two ships collide in the harbour, one of them loaded with tons of explosives, almost 2,000 people are killed. [more]

6-12-1921 J. S. Woodsworth, a Methodist minister arrested during the Winnipeg General Strike of 1919, is elected as the Labour Member of Parliament for Winnipeg Centre. Re-elected five times, he is a founder, in 1932, of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation. [more]

7-12-1970 The Royal Commission on the Status of Women releases its report. Many of the 167 recommendations relate to the status of women in the workplace, including pay equity and access to childcare, education and training. [more]

9-12-1910 Methane gas explodes in the Bellevue, Alberta coal mine in the Crowsnest Pass. The union had warned against gas accumulations more than once that year. There are seventeen survivors and thirty-one casualties, including one rescuer. [more]

9-12-1895 Annie Buller is born in Ukraine, coming to Canada as a child. She becomes an early woman leader of the Communist Party of Canada and one of its most formidable organizers. [more]

11-12-1984 The United Auto Workers Canadian Council decides to separate from the international union and form UAW-Canada, later the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW). [more]

14-12-1965 A small group of women workers at Tilco Plastics in Peterborough, Ontario, go on strike for a union contract, only to face strikebreakers and court injunctions against picketing. The strike is lost but leads to the abolition of ex parte injunctions. [more]

18-12-1910 Ginger Goodwin is elected to his first union leadership position at the foundry in Trail BC. [more]

19-12-1945 The historic 99-day strike at Ford in Windsor, Ontario ends with an agreement to have Supreme Court Justice Ivan C. Rand arbitrate a new collective agreement. His decision leads to adoption of the Rand Formula for union security. [more]

20-12-2001 In a union appeal against an Ontario law, the Supreme Court of Canada rules that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects the right of agricultural workers to trade unionism and collective bargaining. [more]

27-12-1913 Protests by members of the Industrial Workers of the World in Edmonton, Alberta, force the city to provide emergency work and housing for 400 unemployed. [more]

29-12-1876 Grand Trunk Railway workers in eastern Ontario go on strike in support of fired co-workers. The four-day strike is broken by the use of scabs and militia. [more]

31-12-1958 In Newfoundland, members of the International Woodworkers of America go on strike against the Anglo-Newfoundland Development Company. When Premier Joe Smallwood decertifies the union, the struggle draws international attention. [more]