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Federation of Labour Wants Province to Listen Before Budget 2018 2018-02-11 [VOCM]

High-Ranking NAPE Officials Return Through Acclamation 2018-02-10 [VOCM]

FFAW, FISH-NL at odds over what Fisheries Act amendments will mean for N.L.'s inshore fishery 2018-02-07 [The Telegram]

C-NLOPB announces call for new exploration areas, FFAW to submit concerns 2018-02-05 [FFAW/Unifor]

Fishery corporations kick messaging into high gear 2018-02-05 [FFAW/Unifor]

Man Injured on the Job Gets Ready for April Demonstration 2018-02-04 [VOCM]

FFAW Applauds Cn-NLOPB Changes to Include Fish Harvester Input for Land Tenure 2018-02-02 [VOCM]

Still Work to Do to Address All Concerns: NAPE 2018-02-01 [VOCM]

NAPE members say yes to new contract that promises no layoffs 2018-01-31 [CBC]

NAPE ultimatum to companies: support our members or we'll take our business elsewhere 2018-01-31 [CBC]

NAPE Asks Businesses to Declare Support in New Sticker Campaign 2018-01-31 [VOCM]

Portobello’s Owner “Not Picking Sides” After Posting NAPE Sticker 2018-01-31 [VOCM]

Union busting alleged on Bell Island 2018-01-29 [The Telegram]

NAPE to Launch Campaign to Allow Businesses to Show Union Support 2018-01-28 [VOCM]

Fisherman defends 'Jew at a Nazi convention' comment after FISH-NL Facebook post draws ire 2018-01-27 [CBC]

Cleary Apologizes for Controversial Facebook Post 2018-01-27 [VOCM]

Quote From FISH-NL supporter Draws Ire 2018-01-26 [VOCM]

Broad Business Boycott Bypassed, NAPE Launching New Campaign 2018-01-26 [VOCM]

Unifor labour tiff could have repercussions for FFAW 2018-01-24 [The Telegram]

NLTA Campaign Calls for Province to ‘Invest in Our Kids’ 2018-01-24 [VOCM]

‘Don’t Poke the Bear’: NAPE Fires Back at BoT Over Tentative Deal 2018-01-22 [VOCM]

War of words ramps up over tentative NAPE contract as finance minister weighs in 2018-01-20 [CBC]

Lack of ‘Sunset Clause’ for NAPE’s No Layoff Clause Concerns Board of Trade 2018-01-20 [VOCM]

Suspension of Husky's offshore platform sends right message 2018-01-19 [Unifor]

NAPE Responds to Questions on Collective Agreement 2018-01-19 [VOCM]

FFAW-Unifor Members at Beothic Fish Processors Donate to Women’s Shelter 2018-01-14 [FFAW/Unifor]

Living life with crab asthma 2018-01-14 [FFAW/Unifor]

Board of Trade Plans Meeting with Finance Minister on Tentative NAPE Deal 2018-01-13 [VOCM]

No-Layoff Clause ‘Exceedingly Dangerous’: Employers’ Council 2018-01-12 [VOCM]

NLMA, Health Minister Spar Over Increased Nurse Practitioner Care 2018-01-04 [VOCM]

New marine refuges expel fish harvesters while permitting seismic 2017-12-31 [FFAW/Unifor]

Cod Fishery Increasing in Value: FFAW 2017-12-30 [VOCM]

Former N.L. labour leader Frank Taylor dead at 72 2017-12-29 [CBC]

NAPE Ratification Process Begins Hot on Heels of New Year 2017-12-28 [VOCM]

The Ball Freeze 2017-12-23 [CUPE]

Fishermen greatly affected by announced marine refuges, union says 2017-12-23 [The Beacon]

Injured Workers Deserve a Raise Campaign 2017-12-21 [NLFL]

Lumproe rebate of $0.24 to be paid to harvesters 2017-12-21 [FFAW/Unifor]

Extension needed for 4R herring fishery 2017-12-21 [FFAW/Unifor]

Trades NL Announces $120,000 in Support of the Gathering Place 2017-12-21 [VOCM]

Locked-out D-J Composites workers prepare for second Christmas on the picket line 2017-12-20 [The Telegram]

Locked-out D-J Composites employees mark bleak anniversary with rally in St. John's 2017-12-20 [CBC]

DJ Composites Workers Rally at Confed Marking One Year on the Picket Line 2017-12-20 [VOCM]

Second labour board complaint filed against D-J Composites in St. John’s 2017-12-20 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

RNU Angry After Deputy Health Minister Comments on Cuts 2017-12-18 [VOCM]

Rally to support workers locked out for a second Christmas in Gander 2017-12-14 [Unifor]

Herring tolerance increased from 10% to 20% 2017-12-11 [FFAW/Unifor]

Town employees sign new union contract 2017-12-08 [The Advertiser]

Trades NL Contributes $120,000 to School Lunch Association 2017-12-08 [VOCM]

Unifor, Bell Aliant Negotiate Paid Leave for Victims of Domestic Violence 2017-12-07 [VOCM]

This month in labour history

3-02-2005 Ontario's Liberal minister Gerard Kennedy describes 'strike' as 'a bit of a five-letter word' in the education sector [more]

6-02-2012 Eleven farmworkers, including nine migrant workers from Peru, are killed in a highway crash at Hampstead, Ontario. The tragedy highlights unsafe conditions in the sector and the exploitation of seasonal workers. [more]

9-02-1869 Birth of James Bryson McLachlan, at Ecclefechan, Scotland. As a union leader in Canada he becomes the champion of the Nova Scotia coal miners and a leading spokesman for the cause of labour radicalism. [more]

10-02-1928 At the Hollinger Consolidated Gold Mine at Timmins, Ontario, the largest in North America, 39 miners are killed when a fire spreads carbon monoxide through the workings. There is no rescue plan in place and it takes five days to put out the fire. [more]

11-02-1908 Eight workers are killed in an explosion at the Standard Explosive Company works on Île Perrot, near Montreal. [more]

11-02-1963 At Reesor Siding, near Kapuskasing, Ontario, eleven union members are shot, three fatally, in a confrontation over pulpwood supplies for a strikebound mill. Three of the attackers are later fined for possessing dangerous firearms. [more]

14-02-1949 In defiance of provincial laws, asbestos workers in Québec begin a four-month strike for better wages and workplace safety. With strong public support for the miners' cause, the strike becomes a forerunner of the province's Quiet Revolution. [more]

15-02-1982 All 84 crew on board are lost when an oil-drilling rig capsizes and sinks in a storm on the Grand Banks off Newfoundland and Labrador. The Ocean Ranger disaster is attributed to failures in structural design and inadequate safety measures. [more]

17-02-1944 Wartime unrest convinces the federal government to bring in an emergency order, P.C. 1003. It requires employers to recognize and bargain with unions supported by the majority of employees. This sets a standard for postwar labour relations law. [more]

19-02-2017 Labour leader Bob White dies at 81 years of age. He is remembered as a founder of the Canadian Auto Workers and a popular president of the Canadian Labour Congress. [more]

21-02-1891 At Springhill, Nova Scotia an explosion takes the lives of 125 men and boys in the province's largest coal mine disaster. They leave more than 200 widows and children. [more]

25-02-1931 In Toronto more than 500 women dressmakers protest sweatshop conditions in the needle trades and begin a strike for better wages and union recognition. Large numbers of scabs and police are deployed. [more]